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Articles from Mena Report (April 22, 2014)

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"buy vehicle pick up type for use of city traffic police" coban township, department of alta verapaz. 102
(1)-Zone no. 1: All service building. 267
00054285 Capacity Building of SALW Stockpile Management and Security. 189
00071600 Supporting the Republic of Belarus in Addressing Irregular Migration and Promoting Human Rights of Vulnerable Migrants. 183
00076991 Support to the development of a comprehensive framework for international environmental cooperation in the Republic of Belarus. 175
00080822 Local Entrepreneurship and Economic Development project. 175
00082884 Landscape approach to management of peatlands aiming at multiple ecological benefits. 191
00084272 Initial Implementation of Accelerated HCFC Phase Out in the CEIT Region. 187
00084888 Capacity Development to Support Implementation of Public-Private Partnership in Belarus. 197
00085539 Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus 3. 271
1.12 MW Solar Photovoltaic System. 110
1.200m3 of granular base cbr> 100%, put in the field to be placed on track "cross h-115 - h-147"; proposed role-rp 147 h, municipality mostazal o~~higgins region. 125
1/2 inch drain cock (ball type). 171
14nf0001 (G)/ Regravelling Of Unpaved Shoulder/ Surigao-Agusan Road (Km 1128+244 - 1130+000 Rightside), Surigao-Agusan Road (Km 1128+423 - 1130+000 Leftside). 110
15 breakfasts, 80 lunches, 15 dinners, 80 am parts, spares and 40 pm; 04 round tables, 08 round tablecloths, 40 plastic chairs and 04 full skirts; service in antigua guatemala. 118
2 re-living environment, forest composition samgeo Ltd. 108
2 Ring Road (sinbaram seocheongju stations - stations) road maintenance construction waste management services. 113
2 Ring Road (sinbaram seocheongju stations - stations) road maintenance construction. 111
2,200-kilowatt Solar Power Plant. 179
2-Seater Complete For Dmu Jammu And Kashmirdmu/Dpc/Jk2-6-1-203/Item-1 Alt. 187
200 lltrs auxilary reservior suspension arrangement, icf s drawing no icf - std no- 3 - 5 - 008, item 1 to 5, alt - c,or latest. mat. specn. as per drg. specification no-as per drg. 188
2014 Road Transport Corporation in Suncheon superintendent cleaning services. 106
22, No. 1 Lee byeongcheon connection attempt byeongcheonmyeon roads construction. 122
25 kv,50 hz single pole out door type vacuum circuit breaker for railway ac traction sub station with spring mechanism as per rdso specification no. ti/spc/ psi/cb/ 0000 with a and c slip no. 1 to 5 o. 268
3 year rental agreement for premises situation at 7 Kintail Road Applecross WA. 120
30 volts 290 ah heat sealed traction battery ( type ilfs13 ). 166
321 block of East 1417-48 dong 2 weeks nohugwan near government issue replacement construction materials purchased. 107
3D Printer Resin Cartridges. 109
4 mm cutting electode class n1 as per rdso specn. no. irs:m-28/02, amend. no.1 of mar. 2003 and amend. no.02 of sept. 2003. 116
4 re-esque (choice hospital members) living in rural paving road extension. 112
6 Lee seojongmyeon door Waterworks water supply projects in vulnerable areas. 123
6 Line Islands (hwangmaesan entrance - jungdu simgan) access road pavement construction waste management services expansion (general). 115
6 Line Islands (hwangmaesan entrance - jungdu simgan) access road paving accuracy (general). 107
89 books to strengthen sections of the central library, described in the enclosed list. Delivery time is 3 weeks after award of the. 126
A3 Oued Zarga - Boussalem Motorway / LOT 1 Oued Zarga - Rhayette. 208
Abu Hamour Hydraulic Project. 197
Accommodation for adventure training course. 102
Accomodation and meals for ADASA Championships 10-. 118
Accredited training for HR Professionalisation. 109
Acquire 20 tinetas for road marking paint, white paint and 10 tinetas for road marking. Yellow, solvent base. Alkyd resins made with rubber and gold, to be used in road markings. Urban sector coihueco. 113
Acquisition amikacin propofol, national petroleum and albumin huehutetenango hospital. 112
Acquisition clinical supplies, as dsm no. 156 date 02/24/2014, res.exenta2r no. 0352 date 01/24/2014, resoluteness convention program in aps, 2.1 procedures skin component ( minor surgery) health cent. 124
Acquisition healthy living supplies, as dsm no. 167 date 02/28/2014, 2r exempt resolution no. 0389 date 27/01/2014, convention program healthy lifestyle intervention in obesity in children teens, adul. 126
Acquisition of parts for mercedes benz trucks brand model sprinter 313/413, warehouse stock for the department of transportation l.3. By administrative and technical basis. 103
Acquisition of support services for CheckPoint Firewall hardware. 467
Acquisition type pallets nails 10mm galvanised grooved 8 "grooved gemales galvanized nails and 10 mm in 8", for conservation bridge road network of the province of linares, region vii, based on the ca. 129
ACT Teleconferencing Services. 106
Activity Based Workstation Study. 106
Addition alteration and special repairs to ax ay and az blocks at navy nagar colaba mumbai. 125
Additional Data Protection Capacity. 107
Aerostat and Training Support Services. 103
Afghanistan,Tajikistan,Turkmenistan : TURKMENISTAN-AFGHANISTAN-TAJIKISTAN railway commissioned to open in 2015. 189
Agar, sensitivity discs, pipeta glass and testing of tp for regional hospital of the quiche. 119
Air break contactor -45 a. 103
Air break power contactor -9a. 101
Air connection pipe 22 inch long with ferule and nuts on both ends. 115
Air refreshner container to icf drg no. 6-3-440 alt a. 280
Aircraft component repair. 108
Aircraft Maintenance Management Costs. 111
Airport - Management & Contract. 116
Alu inner frame for double sealed window. 143
Aluminium axle body shunt for g-9/p-7 loco. 168
Anacostia River Tunnel in Washington D.C. 230
Angle cock r- 3/4 left design with operated by reversor key. 199
Annual maint of certain otm bldgs. 117
Annual maint of md offrs accn. 126
Annual maint of sf/md, jcos/ors accn in jamania bagh. 120
Annual maint of sf/md, jcos/ors accn. 119
Annual Maintenance To Borewell Pumps, Booster Pumps And Horticulture Pumps. 110
Annual Rate Contract for 200 mm dia tubewell. 108
Annual rate contract for erection of ht/lt line and t/c & maintenance work & earthing work (nd & maint work) under shanala s/dn. (req. no.317795). 128
Annual rate contract for erection of ht/lt line and t/c & maintenance work & earthing work (re work & maint.) under shanala s/dn. (req. no.317814). 128
Annual rate contract for erection of ht/lt line and t/c & maintenance work & earthing work for re work under morbi rural s/dn. (req. no.316943). 132
Annual rate contract for erection of ht/lt line and t/c & maintenance work & earthing work for work under morbi rural s/dn. (req. no.316325). 131
Annunciator box icf/sk 76163/c-i. 122
Anti vibration rubber pad for bogie to cee/ s.E.Rly s. 234
Anti-tracking varnish for traction motor of bg ac locomotive. 367
Apoyo Programa Pais 2012-2015 project. 166
Architecture services for wastewater offices remodel. 106
Argentina : Supporting a Leading Local Food Producer and its Value Chain. 161
Argentina : Sustainable Development of El Impenetrable Program. 155
Arterial Street Reconstruction. 138
Asbestos Removal. 184
Assistance in risk management services and compliance. 125
Assistance with planning the pilot of the employment for veterans initiative. 115
Athletic Playfield Improvements. 197
Attachment wall complete l.H. 132
Attending Steel Repairs To 5000 Dwt Capacity Ship Mooring M.S.Buoy. 121
Audio & visual presentation & composing equipment. 112
Australia : APPEA suggests multi-well pad drilling to reduce environment impact. 133
Australia : BIGAIR to purchase Star-Tech in $1.2 Million deal. Company overview 244
Australia : Cubic and New South Wales Government Complete Opal Card Rollout on Sydney Trains. 364
Australia : GULF MINERALS to raise $2.5M. 154
Australia : IMAN OPERATIONS receives finance package from SVA. 215
Australia : Market access negotiated for banana industry. 357
Australia : NORTON GOLD makes unsolicited offer to ease BULLABULLING GOLD PROJECT's financial challenges. 123
Australia : PANAMA S civil aviation authority launches new Thales-developed radar air traffic control center. 120
Australia : TASMANIAN insurance company contract secured by SSP. 252
Australia : U.S. Navy Awards Harris Corporation Potential $133 Million Broadband Satellite Communication Terminal Contract. 278
Australia,China,New Zealand,Philippines : CEBU PACIFIC seeking CAB nods for piercing into NEW ZEALAND. 177
Australia,Korea Republic of : Roy Hill Mining Project in Australia Succeeds in Project Financing of $7.2 Billion. 375
Axial fan 230volts ac, 50hz. 254
Axle box assembly complete with bearing plain end cover to nei s drawing no.- x 171 or m/s fag s drawing no.- 901-20-101/a2 or latest for wag-7 locos. 220
Axle box front cover to icf drg no.T-0-2-633, alt-q/5, item no-1.Pressure die casting is acceptable. note:- front cover weight vary with minimum dimensions-4.614 kg.With nominal dimensions 4.979 kg, w. 101
Axle damper ( shock absorber) for wag-9- wap-7 locomotives. 325
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN negiotates for cooperation prospects with UN. 159
B1-metal band saw blade, m-42 grade,size 1 inch x 6-10 tpi. 183
Baesan 0 won paving walkways. 107
Bahrain : General Director of TRA Bahrain Receives Award for Leadership Excellence. 279
Ball screw and nut assembly. 113
Basket pilchi (jhakhar) 460mm dia x 200mm deep of good quality pilchi or jhakhar. (as per stock sample). 139
Bi-annual cyber security conference. Conference news 106
Blanket cleaning services. 120
Blower, traction motor. 286
Bm and bc to old m.C.Road 1st reach (sankranthi to ettumanoor) ch.0/000 to 2/400. 109
Board, Lms Dlw. 165
Body side arrangement complete for boxn wagon. 217
Bogie b0lster f0r dmu dpc drg.No.Dmu dpc -04-001 alt m-8 or latest. 191
Bogie frame assly for wag-7 loco,. 214
Bolt haxagonal head size m 12 x 1.75 pitch x 30 mm long full thread. 132
Bottom cover complete for centre pivot arrangement to icf drg.No-t-0-6-605, alt s/16 item no-1 and item no-2. 273
Brake application choke for 12 tripple valve to escorts. 189
Brake head assly. for air brake gear of wam4 and wag5 locos. 113
Branch Business Process Development. 105
Brazil : (N) Support Program for Promoting the Afro Brazilian Market Place. 134
Brazil : Klabin - Puma Project. 182
Brazil,Mozambique : VALE invests US $8 billion in MOZAMBIQUE. 176
Breakthrough Center Knowledge Management System. 104
Brushless auxiliary alternator of 18.5 kw,125 v dc,148 a foot mounted type s. 176
Build Stevens Station And Its Associated Tunnels. 155
Bulk Fuel Installation Works. 111
Burundi : SMART TELECOM BURUNDI re-launches mobile network services. 144
Bush (cover side) to compressor and expressor. 222
Business Process Review. 109
Cable head termination system. 275
Cable Installation services. 109
Cadastral surveying services. 107
Canada : Big Switch Networks Names Shaun Page Vice President of Worldwide Sales. 336
Canada : Biogen IDEC signs license agreement with Amunix for Xtenylated factor VIII. 277
Canada : Cadence to Expand Verification Solution with Acquisition of Jasper Design Automation. 401
Canada : Canada pension plan investment board completes US$596 million secondary private equity transaction. 233
Canada : Christie CTO Paul Salvini Named Chair of GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence for Canadian Digital Media. 451
Canada : CODET INC to add 11,500-square-foot to its COLEBROOK manufacturing facility. 180
Canada : EDGEWORX SOLUTIONS declares strategic partnership with ARYAKA. 289
Canada : Environmental groups oppose new coal export terminal at FRASER SURREY DOCKS. 190
Canada : KWG Announces Proposed Chromium Intellectual Property Acquisition. 489
Canada : NOVA SCOTIA GOVERNMENT plans to terminate tax break agreement with IMPERIAL OIL. 123
Canada : OHIO FUND endows $50Million into REAL ESTATE. 105
Canada : OSISKO MINING announces new $3.9B deal. 132
Canada : QUEBEC SHIPYARD bags $6.5-million deal from FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. 110
Canada : Randall Kostick Appointed President of Zephyr Real Estate. 447
Canada : SILVERMAN Oilfield Services acquired by RTL-Westcan. 152
Canada : TELUS fluctuates in a bid to acquire MOBILICITY for $350 million. 199
Canada,India : TATA STEEL to finalize investment in CANADA. 217
Candle wax ( each candle to weight 50 grams) approved quality to be supplied duly packed to suit rly/road trnsit. 171
Cap screw for tripple valve as per escorts drg. no. 4 a - 56970. 187
Capability Management System Technical Support. 106
Capacity building of local communities and consolidation of experience of GEF SGP in Kyrgyzstan. 309
Capacity building strategy for expanding access to financial services by vulnerable populations. 475
Capacity Development Strategy for Strengthening the rule of law project. 468
Car Chf Programme. 111
Case cover nwr type files size 356 mm x 546 mm. full description and specification and art work as per attached pdf file. 137
Cedar Grove Access Improvements project. 104
Charter Oak School. 243
Cheongju Airport East, and other rooftop waterproofing work force. 109
China : Audio-Enriching HARMAN Clari-Fi Technology to Premiere in the All-New Lexus NX. 420
China : BEIJING: CHERY unveiled the CHERY CONCEPT ALPHA ahead of the auto show. 183
China : CHINA INTL. TRAVEL SERVICE ups net profit. 102
China : CHINA TELECOM installs HUAWEI'S SDN solution in its IDC. 171
China : DEAL to Produce Vehicles in China gained by Jeep. 242
China : Dongfeng nissan unveils venucia R30 at auto china 2014. 315
China : Geely and Chang An Motors Choose HARMAN for Advanced Infotainment in New Vehicles. 433
China : GIANT inks deal with CHINA TELECOM SHANGHAI for Game Big Data. 226
China : HUAWEI and China Mobile verifies multiple core TD-LTE-Advanced technologies. 250
China : Huawei Assists China Mobile Verification of Key TD-LTE-Advanced Technologies in Field Tests. 370
China : Nissan thrills auto china 2014 with world premiere of lannia concept, nismo introduction. 445
China : ORDERS from China Mobile for GPON Equipment secured by ZTE. 225
China : PARAMOUNT PICTURES, CHINA FILM GROUP to co-produce new 3D movie. 132
China : POLYONE CORP. announces plans for new innovation centre in ASIA. 213
China : SHANDONG AIRLINES places order for 50 Boeing 737 aircraft worth $4.65 billion. 129
China : STANDARD CHARTERED BANK gets new CEO for ASEAN markets. 192
China : STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS invests US $14 million in GWO YNG ENTERPRISE. 193
China : World Bank's arm inks cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Emissions Trading Exchange. 201
China : YINGAN AIRLINES joins CHINA'S aviation boom. 173
China : ZTE assists Air China introduce ground-air broadband test. 194
China,France : YINGLI ENERGY, FRENCH PV module manufacturer combines forces. 148
China,Japan : Hitachi to Deliver the World's Fastest Ultra-High-Speed Elevators With a Speed of 1,200 m/min for a Mixed-Use Skyscraper in Guangzhou, China in 2016. 440
China,Korea Democratic peoples Republic of,Korea Republic of,Russian Federation : HEAD of SOUTH KOREA'S rail operator leaves for CHINA. 256
China,Kyrgyzstan : DISCREPANCY on import from China to Kyrgyzstan in surmounts $23 BILLION. 157
China,Norway : NORWAY inaugurates visa application center in SHANGHAI. 246
China,Pakistan,Qatar : PAKISTAN negotiates LNG supply deal with QATAR. 260
China,United States : Acura Exhibits RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD, a China Premiere, at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China 2014). 294
China,United States : Honda Exhibits World Premiere of Concept B, a New-Value Concept Model, at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China 2014). 400
China,Venezuela : CHINA pledges to promote VENEZUELA partnership to new level. 316
Circuit breaker, 30 amps, dlw pt no. 12319417,dlw drg no. el/pt/0187, item-2, sheet 1 of 2, altr3. 127
Circulating air box. 166
City planning road next to the church Nammyeon cheongri glory (Thoreau 2-11, 2-12, 3-14) opened Ltd. 130
Civil maintenance of companies assets for colonies. 105
Civil, structural & electrical work for office building, gf.+ff,security cabin ,strom water drain , ms gate 3nos & rcc road work. 152
Clamp asm drg.No. gm part no. 8108128 alt c. 134
Clamp asm drg.No. gm part no. 8108220 alt b. 134
Clamp drg.No. gm part no. 8108348 alt c. 133
Clamp lifter for cyl. liner assy. drg.No. mt05g40051 alt b. 174
Cleaning and removal of floated materials from G.T. Chambers/Pipe drains/Bell Mouths manually for day to day upkeeping/maintenance of road side drains. 126
Cleaning and removal of floated materials from G.T. Chambers/Pipe drains/Bell Mouths manually for day to day upkeeping/maintenance of road side drains. 126
Cleaning tool for water seal counter bore. 178
Cleaning, sanitary and recycling service. 111
Client Management and Oversight Cost Review. 111
Coach capacity plateal/gs. 122
Communications Infrastructure. 195
Compensating ring od-250 mm,id-174 mm and 5 mm thick for axle box arrangement to drg. no.- crw/sk-433, item-1. 278
Comprehensive Landscape Services. 103
Comprehensive maint under age b/r-iii of ge (south) meerut. 111
Comprehensive maintenance and repair to summer appliances. 105
Comprehensive Maintenance Management Services. 108
Comprehensive Maintenance Of Johnson Make 8 Passenger Lifts Machine Room Less Type. 107
Computer Infrastructure. 212
Concreting of Barangay Road. 116
Configuration and development. 103
Conister assembly for air dryer drg no. ftil no. 029118500. 149
Consider the following: invoicing gendarmerie of chile rut 61,004,011 vallenar cdp-k, 720 home july 14, vallenar. Rates should include freight to this address. You must indicate minimum purchase order. 118
Construct About 11 Kilometres Of Access Roads At The Rio Tinto West Angelas Mine In The Pilbara Region Of Western Australia. 152
Construction and maintenance. 111
Construction of 1st Phase of Administrative Building. 102
Construction of a bridge. 103
Construction of a Bridge. 107
Construction of a building on the site pierre charles merieux benite. 197
Construction of Adiyan Waterworks Phase II. 222
Construction of airmen billets. 106
Construction of Army Facilities. 113
Construction of aruvithara parallel bridge. 102
Construction of bridge. 102
Construction of building for trauma care centre_sskm_emergent restoration of underground sewerage line. 124
Construction of Fountain. 105
Construction of main entrance gate with wing walls and provision of vehicle parking and annoucement tower in sports stadium. 222
Construction of Multi Purpose Pavement. 119
Construction of parallel bridge. 104
Construction of permanent snco mess. 107
Construction of sewerage system. 129
Construction of spectator galleries 02 nos in sports stadium. 212
Construction of stunning Elite Residence. 126
Construction roads entering meta-Provence. 117
Consulting Service to the Australian Army for Equi. 112
Consulting service to The Australian Army for the. 112
Consulting services on research on the effect of the normalized primary and secondary automatic frequency control. 105
Contactor power supply cab consists. 183
Contract for up to 3 months of Web editor to rewrite content. 121
Contract services support for implementation of capital program seed company 2014 in the region of magallanes and chilean antarctica. 108
Contracting company to control sporting events for discipline development judejut 2014 (athletics male and female, male and female swimming, gymnastics and volleyball male and female male and female). 120
Contractor Business administration services. 108
Contractor support to prepare Project documents. 109
Contractors Education and Training Services. 107
contractors Management advisory services. 105
Control panel complete with accessories. 152
Control System re-Programming. 117
Copenhagen Cityringen Metro. 202
Cornerstone Pool Phase 1. 238
Corniche in the Mediterranean seaport of Mersa Matruh in northern Egypt. 125
Corrosion buying a small number of dead of night for middle school meals Quote Announcement. 107
Cost estimates of infrastructure projects. 117
Cotter for center pivot icf drg no.T-0-6-604,alt.P/14. 265
Cotton Wool Absorbent 400 gms net IP. 114
Council roads one won, Jung Power Corporation. 105
Cover plate for anchor link arrangement to icf drg.No.T-0-7-606, alt.N-13. 271
Cover side wear plate. 227
Cover-3 (front closed cover) for axle box of wap-5 locomotive as per abb drg. no. ia-011-00375. 159
Cuba,United States,Venezuela : VENEZUELA joins ALBA in condemning USAIDs CUBAN social network. 242
Current Collector Of 250 Amps Rating With 1 Metre Cable. 108
Customer Service and Consultant Training. 107
Cycle Shelter installation. 104
Cyclotron Turku PET Centre. 147
Cylindrical roller bearing nu 2310 enr m 1 a c3 (brass cage) fag/skf make nu 2310 ecml skf. note:- restricted to oem. in case of authorised distributor to submit letter from oem. 122
D-1 emergency brake valve used in dual brake locos. 224
Daechiri town paving depth. 104
Daegu, Korea Communications junior common room service and a small number of electrons Remodeling Q. 120
Data processing and pharmaceutical obliteration of the recipes. 130
Day to day Materials handling and other Misc, works ,Cleaning of Bushes/tree near Manna village. 123
Day to day upkeeping maintenance and repair and restoration of damaged accidental portion of Footpath,. 126
Decorative thermosetting synthetic resin bonded laminated sheets size-2440 mm. x 1220 mm.X 3 mm. thickness as per rdso s spec. no. c-k514 with amendment slip no.4 of oct .2013 or latest, colour shade. 267
Deep freezer 130 litres capacity. 154
Defence Logistics Transformation Program. 115
Dehumidification for highgate area. 110
Delivery and installation of the building registration. 170
Delivery of Certificate in Goverment training. 109
Delivery of drugs tests. 240
Demolish Various Structures. 108
Departmental Labour Hire. 112
Departmental Labour Hire. 111
Design & permitting of a 6-foot wide concrete sidewalk. 444
Design A High-Speed Vertical Takeoff-And-Landing (VTOL) Aircraft. 181
Design and cost estimate to re-align road. 117
Design and deliver Infiniti Templates. 105
Design service for sprinkler installation work Cheongju Women~~s Prison (urgent). 119
Design Services on Airfields Project. 112
Design supply installation testing and commissioning of 75kwp on grid solar photo voltaic system. 116
Desilting Of Kenthil Nallah No-I Water Source. 119
Desilting Of Kenthil Nallah No-Ii Water Source. 119
Dessicant kit (containing of 5.5 kg. each )to knorr bremse part. 101
Detailed engineering planning and design consultancy services for provision of building and services at various location in assam & arunachal pradesh. 126
Development and fabrication of radiation survey meter. 225

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