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Articles from Mena Report (November 15, 2013)

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"Carry out topographic studies - land in the first subsection" Drama - Agios Athanasios "Section 61.5" Drama - Kavala "of Vertical Axis 61" Serres - Drama - Kavala "- Ref 5241[beaucoup plus grand que]. 122
"City Park" Venice of the Jizera. 338
"insurance fuels representing emergency stocks owned by the state agency" state reserve and war-time stocks "under art. 30 of the "law on oil stocks and oil.". 117
"making public transport of passengers by buses from the local and national transport schemes according to route schedules.". 174
"National Data Centre municipalities" (DCOM). 488
"Promoting operational flexibility and organizational innovation in Greek enterprises". 219
"Selection of a contractor of construction works on the project" Construction of sports complex - Multipurpose Hall in Madan, building playgrounds and outdoor fitness in the settlements of Madan munic. 189
"To organize a seminar for teachers on the issue of refugees and integration of children and workshops to prepare clerical staff to the issue of refugees" in the project "Integration and acceptance. R. 452
"ZSR, Electrification of the line BEinovce over Ondavou - Humen" - project documentation. 238
(13122) 605 SAP Consulting Partnership for the years 2014-2018. 216
(epc) for construction of intermediate pumping station and supplying and laying of twin ms pipeline. 116
, the Department of Forests Ecatalca 241,000 Meters of Barbed Wire To Be Used in the Fields of Industrial Plantations, 1,400 Kg. Construction Wire, 12,025 Pieces of Concrete Poles and Concrete Strut Go. 102
1 to 20 kv power cable, need 2014/15, option 1 2015 / 16th. 109
1 unit Rice Color Sorter ABC: Php 2,340,000.00. 125
1. Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water Manufacturing Plant In Niamey, Niger. 269
1022078 KV Transboundary Water Management in SADC, SADC. 112
11.03200.0068 - Substation fair 400/60 kV - initial installation and 2 . A[bar] transformer 400/60 kV - undertaking civil construction. 556
249 K Seon IO; construction and covering work. 116
319 K KE[micro]lliken AO, construction and covering work. 144
325502 construction of the highway b 243 n,. 121
3D vision robotic laboratory accessories: Autonomous allveerobot. 111
4 automatic flash column chromatography system. Column 106
Accompanying vegetation along roads and bike Micro HustE[degrees]ranka. 254
Acord-cadru furnizare diverse medicamente. 101
Acquisition of equipment and laboratory equipment for investment "Expansion and modernization of research and Development Agricultural Research Station Turda / MODEX SCAT". 338
Acquisition of equipment high voltage HV / EHV - transformers measure current and voltage of 60kV and - PDIRT 400,220,150. 109
Acquisition of long-term financial loan to finance the project of construction of sewerage systems. 103
Acquisition, implementation, integration and maintenance of software or erp business. 240
Adequacy of the data processing center of the hospital. 216
Advertising and marketing services. 128
After installation of air conditioning in urban buses mercedes type conecto ci citaro g. 131
Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system. 137
Agreement for the Transport and Treatment of Compostable Green Waste. 216
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 177
Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services. 140
AIM - Video-Storage-System/Kennziffer: 329/2013/1711110. 151
Air-conditioning installation work. 158
AL - Plantwide Project Program Management. 140
Annual maintenance contract of epabx system. 101
Annual maintenance of Horticulture work at STR quarters premises at WMS compound, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 041. (For the year 2013-14) ( 4TH CALL). 105
Anti-virus software package. 118
Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents. 135
Application maintenance services sinfonia fi irstea. 131
Appointment of a contractor to provide support services in carrying various ancillary works. 178
Appointment of contractors in the food storage depot for a period of two years. 104
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport contractor. 102
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport contractor. 102
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport contractor. 102
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport contractor. 101
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport contractor. 101
Appointment of loading/unloading/handling and transport. 103
Architectural and related services. 122
Architectural and related services. 308
Architectural services for building extensions. 109
Architectural services for buildings. 242
Architectural services for buildings. 117
Architectural services for buildings. 223
Architectural services for buildings. 227
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 238
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 586
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 195
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 239
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services. 205
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 288
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 164
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 170
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 222
Architectural, engineering and planning services. 166
Architectural, engineering and surveying services. 345
Argentina : Apoyo Al Plan De ModernizaciEn De Fondos Documentales. 128
Argentina : Argentina to increase productivity by strengthening human capital in science and technology with IDB support. 260
Argentina : Deals implemented for sale of stake in TELECOM ARGENTINA. 178
Argentina : EvaluaciEn Objetivos Del Milenio Agenda Post 2015. 225
Argentina : Plan De Aprovechamiento ME[bar]ltiple De Los Recursos HE[degrees]drico. 137
Argentina,Italy : TELECOM ITALIA to sell its entire stake in TELECOM ARGENTINA to FINTECH GROUP for US$ 960 million. 133
Armoured weapon carriers. 106
Assistance to recruit employees asip health market. 182
Assistance with project management for the safety of people, property and the environment for aeroports de paris. 169
Attending UGD cutting and Renewal of BT surface. 107
Audits of maintenance work and maintenance of Headquarters. 117
Australia : ABBOTT to cut funding to $3B ARENA. 146
Australia : ACCC to not oppose NBN Co's proposed acquisition of TransACT's fibre to the premises network. 259
Australia : APRA releases discussion paper on publication of superannuation statistics. 354
Australia : ASIC to update its employee share scheme policy and class order. 376
Australia : Better protection for members of registered organisations. 426
Australia : BHP Billiton donates A$500,000 to Red Cross Disaster Relief in the Philippines. 146
Australia : Blackthorn Resources Limited announced Director appointment. 323
Australia : Blue Mountains bush fires: Funding provided for clean-up. 440
Australia : BMC Software and Macquarie Telecom to Deliver Regulatory- Compliant Cloud-based IT Service Management in Australia. 394
Australia : Canine Operations Centre unveiled at Adelaide Airport. 434
Australia : Coalition acknowledges Tassie exists, but still no Action. 371
Australia : Cootamundra to Gain First-Class Theatre Complex. 323
Australia : DibbsBarker guiding Life Science company directors. 298
Australia : Edmonton Gains Activities Centre and Cyclone Shelter. 308
Australia : Edmonton Leisure Centre officially opens. 370
Australia : GEOGRAPHE LEISURE Center partners with BUSSELTON WATER for Geothermal Heating System. 271
Australia : Government to establish Royal Commission into failed home insulation programme. 335
Australia : Government welcomes new president of Diabetes Australia. 239
Australia : Ironshore Australia Enters Fine Art, Specie and Cargo Classes With New Unit. 300
Australia : ITF introduces JIP in Australia to deal with subsea pipeline operational. 420
Australia : Jetstar and the 787 make australian aviation history. 344
Australia : K&S Corporation, SCOTT Corporation agrees to unify in $200m contract. 193
Australia : Liberals play politics with economic stimulus. 164
Australia : Mark Sullivan appointed new WSAA Chair. 355
Australia : Marshall too timid to stand up for South Australia. 318
Australia : NATIONAL BROADBAND NETWORK's rollout begins to recover. 149
Australia : NBN Co announces its New Chief Operating Officer. 140
Australia : NBN proposal gains support. 256
Australia : New programs to drive manufacturing strategy beyond 2014. 397
Australia : New seafood tour seduces Tassie visitors. 368
Australia : PACNET launches SDN technology based PEN. 163
Australia : Penola Southern Bypass to boost South East economy. 427
Australia : Roma races rejuvenate regional Queensland. 463
Australia : SYDNEY sets ambitious target for renewable energy. 132
Australia : The score on South Australia s food and wine. 462
Australia : THIESS to upgrade WARRAGUL RAIL PRECINCT. 115
Australia : Time to discuss Lakes Cooloolabin and Wappa. 379
Australia : Tourism venture creates new jobs for Tasmania. 287
Australia : Walsh Bay arts precinct Master Plan released. 431
Australia : WESTPAC's CEO continues to be one of AUSTRALIA's highest paid executives. 104
Australia : WILD ACRE to establish fundraising go-ahead. 105
Australia,Philippines : Additional $20 million to help the philippines recover from typhoon haiyan. 307
Australia,United States : NETCOMM wireless enters U.S. market with SYNNEX and VERIZON wireless. 218
Austria : Preferred seating also for red/tickets from 26 November. 384
Average lease term of vehicles for municipal services (second procedure). 110
Azerbaijan : AZERBAIJAN's first sterilization plant to be COMMISSIONED. 322
Azerbaijan : BTC exports t186 million barrels 186 million barrels in 1st 9 MONTHS. 109
Azerbaijan : CEREMONY to sign Azerbaijan-Turkey BILATERAL documents held in Ankara. 298
Azerbaijan,Italy : AZERBAIJAN, ITALY talks about views of collaboration in ECOLOGY. 132
Azerbaijan,Russian Federation : AZERBAIJAN making preparations to start warship constructions from next year. 256
Bab a7 wE-rzburg-ulm, betonlos d 693 r and l, replacement of concrete pavement (both carriageways), km 693.000 to km 703.040. 133
Bahrain : BAHRAIN DUTY FREE COMPLEX announces net profit of US$13.5m. Financial report 103
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - frames and doors. 137
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - screed / topsoil. 137
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - stahlbau-/trapezblecharbeiten . 137
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - steel doors. 135
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - surgical doors. 135
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - surgical wallcoverings. 136
Bamberg hospital - 3 phase new op / cssd - trockenbauarbeiten. 134
Bamf hanging files (h 4501 b - 404_13 - rf 53195). 101
Bangladesh : MINISTRY seeks approval to extend three rental power contracts. 134
Basic repair to the buildings. 129
Bbs me, gustav bratke-allee 1, hannover, ventilation systems. 215
Beautification of pavements at different places within ward no.087(k.M.C). 104
Belarus : EDB expands investment portfolio. 112
Belarus : EURASEC ANTICRISIS FUND analyzes whether BELARUS meets conditions to justify new financial program. 147
Belarus : MTS BELARUS launches sale of two new smartphones. 150
Belgium : About initialling of Association Agreement and steps after Vilnius. 207
Belgium : Belgacom Home Control now also with connection to Securitas controlroom. 448
Belgium : EC allows airlines to provide passengers with internet access through 3G, 4G. 164
Belgium : EIB and ProCredit Bank agree EUR 10 million credit line to support SMEs. 348
Belgium : Euro-Mediterranean ministers to boost regional economic integration. 344
Belgium : Globalisation Adjustment Fund provided over 73.5 million to support 15 700 EU workers in 2012. 386
Belgium : Growth Finance Initiative: Belgian company EVS first beneficiary under new pilot scheme by European Investment Bank and EU-Commission. 460
Belgium : Imec Selected as a TSMC Value Chain Aggregator in India. 412
Belgium : Lithuanian Presidency reaches provisional agreement with the European Parliament on Omnibus II directive. 239
Belgium : Lithuanian Presidency: agreement on Single Resolution Mechanism needed. 434
Belgium : Ombudsman calls on Frontex to deal with complaints about fundamental rights infringements. 380
Belgium : PRAVEL Pass b.pass launched by Brussels Airlines. 267
Belgium,Lithuania : Lithuanian Presidency provides forum for new research training and funding schemes. 272
Belgium,South Africa : SatADSL to launch new satellite services in CAPE TOWN. 291
Benefits management, hooking and basing public works establishment of the palace of the golden gate. 145
Benefits of external control work in ile de france. 132
Bermuda : Ironshore's Pembroke Managing Agency Introduces Insurance to Facilitate Satellite Financing. 192
BG - Dual Purpose Rehabilitation. 146
Botswana : Botswana Savings Bank & North East Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS Empowers the Youth on Poverty Eradication. 482
Botswana : Brink's Oversees First International Sight Shipment. 146
Botswana : Policy advocates for Batswana employees protection. 254
BP - Grit Chamber Facilities Phase II. 131
BQ - Primary Treatment Facilities Ph II. 173
BR - Nitrification/Denitrification Fac. 166
Brazil : BRA/11/005 - ConsolidacEuo E ExpansEuo Do Programa Neojiba. 459
Brazil : Brazilian state of Alagoas to develop tourism and encourage fiscal sustainability and investment with support from IDB. 369
Brazil : TGS Announces Its First 3D Multi-client Seismic Survey Offshore Brazil. 344
Brazil,India : NIIT TECH to implement cargo handling system at GRU AIRPORT. 196
Brazil,Sudan : SUDAN, BRAZIL all set to execute its bilateral contracts. 121
BT - Filtration/Disinfection Fac PH II. 144
Building construction work. 137
Building management system (BMS) delivery, installation and supporting services. 120
BV - RWWPS No. 2 Upgrades. 147
Bypasses rE[micro]tgesbE-ttel my, assignment of the object design services for traffic installations,. 114
C.D.R. to Construction of Box Cell Bridge. 113
Call for application to designate a project applicant to build about 25 housing. 135
Call for applications for a market of project management for rural electrification works on the College of bollene, 2014 program. 141
Call for applications for a mission mastery of work on the implementation of a wood-fired boiler and a heat networ. 195
Canada : Banks Island Gold Ltd. Provides Update on Exploration Program at Yellow Giant. 271
Canada : Blackberry announces completion of U.S. $1 billion investment. 235
Canada : Canada announces further measures in response to Typhoon Haiyan. 324
Canada : Canada lifts visa requirement for the Czech Republic. 373
Canada : Canada's jobs minister: With the Canada Job Grant we learn from Polytechnics Canada's success. 247
Canada : CANADA, ONTARIO to make large investments to boost sports facilities. 335
Canada : CANADIAN SOLAR wins module supply agreement in CHINA. 185
Canada : Carillion Canada to Pay $250,000 for Federal Fisheries Act Violations. 461
Canada : Deloitte Awards GuestLogix in the 2013 Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500. 358
Canada : ELLIPTIC TECHNOLOGIES raises $4million funding from investors. 400
Canada : ENBRIDGE pipeline work gets postponed. 376
Canada : FIRST green concept bank that runs on solar and geothermal heating opened by TD. 324
Canada : GENERAL MEETING of TRIOIL RESOURCES LTD. OF CANADA approves PKN ORLEN's bid to acquire TRIOIL stocks. 284
Canada : Government of Canada Celebrates Entrepreneurship in Greater Toronto Area. 392
Canada : Government of Canada confirms support for Unmanned Vehicle Systems industry. 300
Canada : Government of Canada Invests in Research Excellence at Canadian Universities. 423
Canada : Government of Canada strengthens innovation at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. 362
Canada : Government of Canada supports Sous-Traitance Industrielle Quebec's business development mission and Meloche Group. 322
Canada : GuestLogix Inc. Announces $10 Million Bought Deal Financing. 365
Canada : Harper Government announces funding for counter-terrorism research projects. 436
Canada : Harper Government provides more than $10 million to New Brunswick for Disaster Assistance. 446
Canada : Harper Government takes action to help nurses get credential recognition and jobs faster. 258
Canada : Improved assessments of river pilot performance and proficiency needed after a 2012 striking accident in the Port of Trois-Rivieres. 332
Canada : Minister Blaney applauds law enforcement on international child exploitation arrests and Minister MacKay highlights tough new legislation that combats child offences and predators. 243
Canada : Minister Clement Leads Round-Table Discussion on Red Tape Reduction and Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement. 315
Canada : Minister of State Yelich Meets with Filipino-Canadian Community. 274
Canada : NEXEN inks CROWN land deal with B.C. 173
Canada : PASSENGER fees to be increased at Edmonton International Airport. 248
Canada : Sitel Expands Again in St. Catharines. 213
Canada : SNC-LAVALIN to design and build $1B hydro project in BC. 167
Canada : Yellowhead Mining Inc. Reports Financial and Operating Results for the Three and Nine Months Ended September 30, 2013. Financial report 425
Capital Improvement to Increase Water Supply Program. 187
Central African Republic : AfDB approves US$25 million equity investment in Bank's AREF. 132
Central processing units for personal computers. 179
Centre for structural systems biology, earth and structural work. 134
CH - Misc Facility Projects. 146
Charge air compressors. 191
Checking and testing apparatus. 205
Chile : Auditoria a La Democracia. 191
China : CAAC plans new measures to help CHINESE airline set up low-cost subsidiaries. 166
China : CHINA MOBILE selects ALCATEL-LUCENT to supply IP Evolved Packet Core. 237
China : CHINA's Ministry of Commerce publishes iron ore import licenses for 85.746 million tonnes in OCTOBER. 147
China : Clifford Chance advises on Huishang Bank's US$1.19 billion Hong Kong IPO. 256
China : ICBC announces issue of 2bn yuan bonds in LONDON. 108
China : Intertek provides Shandong Fustate Co with Life Cycle Assessment on Xylitol Products. 312
China : JA Solar to supply 70MW solar modules to Shanghai CSET. 139
China : JACOBS ENGINEERING gets HONEYWELL contract for IPMT services. 150
China : MINK oil production receives the go-ahead. 344
China : SECURITY COUNCIL sanctions more troops for African union Mission in SOMALIA. 163
China : WIZZ AIR inks sale and leaseback agreement with CDB. 297
China,Japan : Mitsubishi Corporation and Sinopharm Group Establish Medical Supplies Joint Venture in Shanghai. 429
China,Nigeria : CHINESE company contracted by Nigerian Navy to upgrade main shipyard. 480
China,Peru : PetroChina agrees to buy entire shares of Petrobras Energia Peru for around $2.6 BILLION. 161
China,Turkey : TURKEY to buy first long-range anti-missile system from CHINA. 211
China,United States : PHOENIX NEW MEDIA inks definitive agreement with IDG Capital Partners. 185
Clare county council on behalf of clare local authorities is establishing a framework for ber assessors. 128
Classification, archiving, operational organization administrative records museon arlaten to change their place of storage. 128
Cleaning and maintenance of buildings of the urban soissonnais community - recovery. 126
Cleaning service within the dublin metropolitan region (dmr) west division (part) of an garda sE[degrees]ochEina (blanchardstown, cabra, aras & lucan). 112
Cleaning service within the dublin metropolitan region (dmr) west division (part) of an garda sE[degrees]ochEina (finglas and clondalkin garda stations). 114
Cleaning services in state college 7 "albert-schweitzer-gymnasium". 121
Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories. 105
Coffee, tea and related products. 159
Collection and disposal of household waste. 108
Colombia : LATEST MRAP vehicle for COLUMBIA Police. 198
Colombia : RESIDENTS of Prince RUPERT receives $7 million airport betterment loan. 167
Command, control, communication systems. 175
Commissioning of heating installations. 211
Communication and multimedia software package. 169
Communication partner and canvas. 157
Community consultation and engagement services. 165
Community health services. 102
Community health services. 104
Complete maintenance of the buildings of the plaza san juan. 166
Completing tram and suburban railway lines. 212
Composition, editing and distribution of registration cards on the occasion of the elections. 106
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for CCTV systems. 109
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Hardware (PCs, Peripherals & Accessories. 127
Comprehensive Annual maintenance Contract (AMC) of Matrix Key Telephone systems, instruments. 104
Comprehensive implementation of the project entitled. Counteracting digital exclusion in the Municipality GdEw. 529
Computer control system. 178
Computer support and consultancy services. 149
Computer support services. 139
Computer-related management services. 112
Computer-related management services. 103
Computer-user familiarisation and training services. 127
Concrete pipes and fittings. 145
Conducting training to increase the knowledge and skills. 245
confidential waste shredding service & non-confidential waste recycling service. 167
Congo Democratic Republic of : CONGO should prepare reintegration plan for rebels, says UN. 309
Congo Peoples Republic of,Nigeria,Switzerland : FBN bought ICB S businesses in WEST AFRICA. 315
Conservation and restoration of a life size carrara marble sculptural group monument. 224
Construction and design (ie, the investment allocated to the implementation of the system design and build) under: Jobs, Mon. "Modernization of the tram MotoArena" under the project entitled. "The int. 482
Construction and supply of Construction materials. 285
Construction of 2lake litre capacity ground level reservoir, compound wall. 112
Construction of 3 Nos. Field hostel. 103
Construction of 33KV/11KV Line. 119
Construction of a duct infrastructure for fiber optic cable - NOK crossing Sehestedt. 178
Construction of a house boat facility on the grand canal. 171
Construction of a joint center for radiation therapy. 220
Construction of a national drama centre. 270
Construction of a respiratory intensive care unit / critical care expansion. 159
Construction of a school building. 176
Construction of a school building. 177
Construction of a technical antenna. 268
Construction of a ventilator icu / critical care expansion. 160
Construction of academic building for manikchak college in malda district. 104
Construction of balance civil works. 106
Construction of balance structural works. 106
construction of box culvert. 103
Construction of buildings of ultimate relief diesels (dus. 136
Construction of C -Type Quarters (Two Blocks/ 24 units). 104
Construction of c.c road. 122
Construction of cold rooms. 112

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