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Articles from Mena Report (August 3, 2013)

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1 team with their computer accessories printer and 1 ups 1 / regulator and 2 cameras for the convention san pedro necta j3 358-2013. 104
1 team with their computer accessories, 1 ups, 1 controller and 1 and 2 photographic camera printer for the convention san pedro necta j3 357-2013. 103
2 rolls acetate, transparent - gauge # 8, 2,365 pcs ballpoint pen, extra fine, oil gel, et al categoryoffice supplies and devices. 104
2 teams with your computer accessories, 2 printers and 2 ups / regular and 2 cameras for freedom j6 359-2013 convention. 103
2 teams with your computer accessories, 2 printers and 2 ups / regulator and 2 cameras for santa barbara j2 356-2013 convention. 104
2013-51-dac-27: to determine the potential of mussel tissue bioaccumulate in drug products for use in aquaculture, waste generation in product and its potential impact on industry mitilicultora. 118
2013/14 - leasing of 2 fleet vehicels. 119
36-UDE-2012 SAN Storage. 147
A319 aad directed work - operations costs. 115
A319 lease payments. 112
A319 operation cost (excludes lease). 114
Absenteeism management study work in family courts and judiciary warranty. (jsc / aps). 105
Absorbent paper acquisition for fans chamber of pediatric for pediatric upc hbo net price, including shipping, see tdr annex. 107
Accelerated open procedure in the lintel area with prior information. 162
Access perimeter, alarm transmission and security services. 145
Acquisition of chromatography and spectrometry for the laboratories. 160
Acquisition of educational equipment for energy industry. 113
Acquisition of rifles competition standard . 103
Acquisition of urban buses reduced to cng engine templates. 124
Afghanistan - Livelihood Improvement Programme Takhar (LIPT). 198
Africa multiple countries - African water facility - phase ii - advisory services Project. 145
Africa multiple countries, Asia multiple countries- WHO accelerated progress in tuberculosis control project. 440
Application laboratory for 07.13 purchase program please bid with stcok available. 114
Aquisition office equipment and furniture, that will strengthen network services accross ixcan health area with sweden program funds. 129
Architectural and related services. 145
Architectural and related services. 334
Ashghal - Al Garaffa Area Sewage Network - Phase 2. 150
Ashghal - Al Ruwais Port. 336
Aside contract for maintenance of various parks of the town of vitry-sur-seine. 185
Asphalt cold for repair of streets in bad shape, sector urban. Municipal workshop. 107
Assist project management on the development by lille metropole urban community. 222
Assistance to jurisdiction "electronic communications networks and audiovisual communication services" of sipperec. 180
Audits within the industry recovery of the general system of social security. 126
Aurora australis restock 13-14 medical supplies. 121
Australia : $232million prison to benefit local community. 231
Australia : AGL and First Solar to construct $450 million solar PV PROJECT. 355
Australia : Allens Acts On Flagship Deal. 277
Australia : Approval backlog slashed in resources sector. 273
Australia : AUSTRALIA gives copper mine sale consent. 158
Australia : BLUGLASS' RPCVD technology wins AUSTRALIAN Govt's financial support. 117
Australia : Director sentenced for lodging false documents. 271
Australia : Driving Territory Businesses Into The Digital Age. 437
Australia : Former mortgage broker pleads guilty to submitting false documents to lenders. 413
Australia : Funding to assist multicultural communities. 202
Australia : INTERSECT appoints HIATACHI DATA SYSTEMS to develop $2m cloud platform under RDSI scheme. 155
Australia : New Tourism Minister announced. 245
Australia post stationary and postage. 119
Australia,Canada : SUPPORT to Philippine PPP Center raised by Australia & Canada. 180
Australia,Ethiopia : ETHIOPIAN enters into code share with AUSTRALIAN AIRLINES. 104
Australia: Cronulla Wastewater Treatment Plant. 139
Austria : IAEA Reviews Dutch Nuclear Safety Guidelines. 207
Austria : Positive Operating Result of EUR 21 Million in Q2 2013. 484
Azerbaijan : ISSUES of bilateral cooperation discussed by Azerbaijan Central Bank and ADB. 127
Bai attitudinal survey 2013. 117
Bangladesh : SITA inks 10-year, multi-million dollar deal with BIMAN. 232
Bangladesh : Sita signs 10-year agreement with Biman Bangladesh airlines. 451
Barbados-Capacity Building Ecosystem Services Valuation ICZM Best Practice Dissemination Project in Barbados. 192
Belgium : GL GARRAD HASSAN offers due diligence to SUMITOMO CORP. in making significant investment in offshore projects. 145
Belgium : Scarlet TRIO, the new Scarlet pack at 39/month. 465
Belgium,China : EU - Much appreciated amicable solution to import Chinese solar panels will become legally effective on TUESDAY, AUGUST 6. 153
Brazil : ABN AMRO BANK completes acquisition of BANCO CR2 S.A. 116
Brazil : DOEDIJNS to work on Brazil Intervention System. 161
Brazil : Preventing, controlling and monitoring fires in the Cerrado. 102
Brazil : SMILE: Solar-Hybrid Microturbine Systems for Cogeneration in Agro-Industry Project. 119
Brazil,Netherlands : ABN AMRO BANK invests in BANCO CR2. 103
Bricklaying and tile setting. 118
Call centre for emergency duty service (eds). 183
Canada : AIRBUS and Air Canada receives Eco-partnership AWARD 2013. 327
Canada : Blackmagic Design Announces New Low Price for Blackmagic Cinema Camera! 465
Canada : CAMBIUM GROUP starts production of ACZA-treated ties in CANADA. 162
Canada : Canada's small to medium-sized businesses get a new option for employee group benefit plans - the first new offering of its kind in decades. 410
Canada : ConnectWise Wise-Sync Integration Gives Partners Easier Access to Xero Accounting Software. 279
Canada : ENBRIDGE announces growth due to increased contribution from SEAWAY pipeline. 145
Canada : MANITOBA seeks to achieve emissions reduction goals. 104
Canada : PLAN to build new $300M marine terminal in SAINT JOHN hailed as much-needed economic boost. 223
Canada : RBC PMI falls to three-month low in July as new order growth slows. 440
Canada : Taseko Appoints New CFO. 163
Canada : TELUS invests $600,000 to bring wireless service to the Island Highways near Cobble Hill. 331
Canada : TRANSCANADA pleased with outcome of open season for ENERGY EAST PIPELINE. 155
Canada : ZENYATTA announces further assay results from recent drilling at ALBANY GRAPHITE PROJECT. 169
Candidate Survey music education. 153
Car park management services. 216
Catering services for the group of controls. 179
Chairs for concert events. 156
Chile-Strengthening of AGCI for the Execution of South South Cooperation Triangular Project in Chile. 182
China : AIRMEDIA extends concession rights contract with CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL CORP. 105
China : BRIGHTSOURCE enters CHINA'S solar market by signing agreements with CPI and CREEI. 234
China : COSCO lands jackup drilling rig deal. 119
China : DUPONT inks strategic cooperation deal with GD SOLAR. 171
China : HIGH-voltage products for 220kV smart substation to be supplied by ABB. 178
China : Huawei Promotes WebRTC RCS Integration Opportunities. 217
Cleaning of toilet facilities. 118
Cleaning the interior and exterior of pf club a.p.thessalonikis. 114
Collection and treatment of diffuse specific household waste and waste. 102
Combined with focussed ion beam scanning electron microscope. 173
Commercial item, fabric, polyester, af blue for af trunks. 113
Commissioned services for the management of the protected area. 179
Commissioning and implementation sections of the performance is provided. 165
Competence development of entrepreneurs in the health sector. 284
Compulsory insurance against accidents and civil liability. 105
Computerized solution related services and maintenance for the establishment of a hospital information system. 128
Coneption and realization of renovation of the island clip. 197
Conference hosting and management services. Conference news 116
Construction of a sports and leisure pool with sauna facilities. 202
Construction of an apartment building, a green lane, offices and parking. 113
Construction of day care center. 129
Construction of drainage sysem. 114
Construction of four (4) storey twelve (12) classroom school building at san agustin elementary school, barangay moonwalk, paraa+/-aque city, metro manila. 103
Construction of multi-purpose pavement. 119
Construction of multi-purpose pavement. 111
Construction of multi-purpose pavement. 111
Construction of ramp for the disabled person at paraa+/-aque national high school, paraa+/-aque city, metro manila. 103
Construction of the grange castle business park central carriageway. 106
Construction procurement a covered inter-pool. 199
Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences. 327
Construction works of three compensatory ponds. 102
Construction/rehab. of school building, glecerio l. dondoy elementary school, brgy. cagangohan, panabo city and b. const./ehab. of school building, upper licanan elementary school, brgy. 108
Contract awarded for a 1.25 million tons per year latest-generation purified terephthalic acid (PTA) unit,. 107
Contract Awarded for Batinah Expressway - Phase 3. 134
Contract Awarded for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Ghubra water desalination project. 195
Contract awarded for Heera Redevelopment (HRD) process platform project. 136
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables CITOTEST 96 . 101
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Disposable Disc Filter 0.2 om. 104
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Disposable Disk Filter . 103
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Filter O-Ring Silicone 47mm. 105
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Isolab Graduated Glass . 132
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables L-Glutamine meets USP Testing specifications, cell culture Tested, 99.0-101.0% . 103
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Screw cap tube 1.5-2ml capacity fitted with frosted Labels caps with O-Rings sterile. 102
Contract Awarded for Supply of Reagents, Chemicals, Medical Consumables Sigma Calf Serum . 120
Contract Awarded to build a new university in Oman. 204
Control cluster interconnection sites services. 113
Control group for the fixed telephony market. 162
Controllers for fume cupboards. 120
Cordinate the submission of costing and activity data for the national costing study of non-admitted and subacute care services. 114
Costa Rica : Marine and Coastal Biodiversity in Costa Rica - Adaptation to Climate Change Project. 210
Croatia : Adria LNG Project. 347
Cutter, saw hole assembly, cutter and caliper. 121
Data entry document management. 149
Davis medical facility non-drug order 13-14. 121
Dc. 2000-974-direction of traffic. 105
Delivery of approximately 18 700 pieces roll tonnes and about 4400 pieces waste containers. 323
Delivery of Energy Efficiency Measures through HEEPS ABS programmes. 441
Demolition of the existing reinforced concrete bridge. 219
Demonstrate novel offshore wind foundations with turbines. 210
Dental supplies - pharmacy m: 187. 102
Design and implementation of financial reform using integrated information system. 161
Desk Audit of Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveys (IBBS) for Key Populations. 112
Development and supply of software for the project automatic exchange of port information area. 161
Development funding procedures, it security, system administration. 345
Development of energy policy in particular aspects of the expansion of renewable energy sources. 416
Development of three maps mode of land (mos). 179
Display and promotion of cultural tourism products using information and communication technologies. 110
Distribution of school lunch including fresh fruit or raw vegetables including drink and share. 182
Dridge, welding and corrosion protection technical supervision. 495
Drywall work, interior doors. 134
E134-DamENsen Saggrenda subsection 2 and 3. 267
Ecuador,Venezuela : ECUADOR, VENEZUALA resume mutual energy cooperation agenda. 169
Egypt : EGYPT invites bids for new gas-fired and renewable projects. 126
Electrical supplies shopping plaza project lookout for, financing pmu. 102
Electrical work, structural work and masonry in departmental buildings and public colleges department. 127
Emergency Transfer of Waste. 128
Energy concept is to provide the final all buildings on the site about a Anergienetz. 179
Establish two single party framework agreements relating to consultancy on telemetry services. 218
Ethiopia : ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES set to launch flights to NIGERIA. 206
Excavation / transportation services for silt disposal sites. 113
Exchange event for the acquisition of medical and pharmaceutical products for health management area of san marcos moh no. 2013-sma-c004. 121
Execution of works in hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and bms (building management). 174
Feces removal from domestic sewage and septic tanks in the city of wuppertal. 138
Financial agent in the establishment of multi-donor funds in Somalia. 201
Fittings and tube. 119
For container base construction and installation of utilities (electricity, water and sewer) plus covered in this. 121
Foundation certificate in systemic practices. 176
Four regional water supply schemes project. 267
Framework agreement for the supply of laser printers and consumables as well as the provision of services. 318
Framework agreement on services for eviction in berlin apartments. 114
France : AVIAREPS introduces two headed management for Benelux office. 475
France : NEW CEO for EUROCOPTER CHINA appointed. 179
France : Victorian manufacturing opportunities in Thales Hawkei vehicle supply chain. 258
Fua no. 925 / res.ex no. 721 (new process has the 2nd) acquisition of equipment, for family health center west santiago (bins). Cap jcpm no. 504. 125
Gas supply and rentals. 114
Germany : BELECTRIC's CEO hits out at politicians at inauguration of TEMPLIN thin film solar park. 105
Germany : Cassidian's combat identification systems well-proven in US exercise "Bold Quest'13". 432
Germany : Green Cooling Initiative Project. 170
Germany : OPEL plans new recruitment, to hire 350 engineers. 214
Germany : SIEMENS expands industry-leading clinical laboratory automation portfolio. 175
Germany : STATOIL and Wintershall finishes its NCS asset TRANSACTION. 225
Germany,Kazakhstan : AIR ASTANA expands partnership with LUFTHANSA CONSULTING. 122
Global : Global Mountain Forum (GMF) Bridging Phase. 157
Global : Mobilising National Mitigation Activities Through the Replacement of F-Gases in Refrigeration and Insulating Foam Production Project. 179
Global : REDD+ Policy Assessment Center (REDD-PAC). 178
Graphic design of the newspaper "lille info". 110
Grove rt530e crane overhaul. 119
Headphones fm acquisition system for luis paredes riquelme patient diagnosed with hearing loss, with ae 20,130,169 no. Of 19.03.2013. 110
Health and social work services. 156
High voltage power supply. 119
Hospital instruction armed desgenettes. 109
Hypodermic needles required tender purchase plan hospital of san fernando. 103
Ict contractor services panel. 110
Ict software licence and/or maintenance. 115
Implementation of the pari pprts lanester. 131
Indap requires hiring a bouquet bidder to perform the consulting services for support and verification of digital strategy indap, serving to supply specialized support to follow up the analysis , moni. 150
India : BANK OF MAHARASHTRA reports a 89.6 per cent rise in net profit. 220
India : CCEA approves disinvestment of 10% paid-up equity in IOC. 108
India : Corporate Badminton League (CBL) 2013 launched in Hyderabad. 309
India : CORPORATION BANK's SME loan mela on 4 AUGUST. 113
India : GOVT. relocates ARC infrastructure from IGIA airport complex. 131
India : KARNATAKA BANK on recruitment drive, to recruit 280 officers. 141
India : Mahindra's premium, stylish and powerful SsangYong REXTON launched in Raipur. 388
India : NABARD sanctions Rs 271-cr aid for KERALA. 154
India : ROSSELL INDIA eyes more tea estates in ASSAM. 133
India : Rs 148.83 cr sanctioned by MHA towards installation of CCTV cameras in DELHI. 161
India : Rs. 2,38,931 Contributed towards C.M. Relief Fund. 107
India : Rs. 7,39,350 Contributed towards C.M. Relief Fund. 135
India : Rs. 75,000 Contributed towards C.M. Relief Fund. 114
India : Tech M Announces Pioneering Industry - Academia Program for IT Infrastructure Management Services. 343
India : Tech Mahindra Announces Pioneering Industry Academia Program for IT Infrastructure Management Services. 420
India : TO set up Solar power project the Punjab government signs MoU with Chinese firm. 352
India,Norway : REC inks deal to provide solar panels for a 6.5MW commercial self-consumption project in INDIA. 272
India,United States : Wipro Launches Co-Innovation Center for SAPA Solutions in Bangalore. 417
Indonesia : BANK MANDIRI and STANDARD CHARTERED BANK arranges $260m loan for MEDCO. 256
Informational signs street. Requested by dept. Inspection. 102
Installing fabric filters. 163
Integrated action programme implementation unit no. 5 urban land massalfassar general plan. 118
International satellite services. 115
Ireland : RYANAIR to operate additional flights between the UK and IRELAND. 122
Is required to tender the purchase of drugs for san fernando hospital. 101
Is required to tender the purchase of drugs, to the hospital of san fernando. 111
IT system to support the planning and programming of Flood Risk asset maintenance. 202
Janitorial services at chicago o hare international airport. 105
Japan : OKI Data Improves IT Governance in the EU Region and Implements IT Cost Reductions. 331
Japan : White & Case Warns Companies of Risks of Unauthorized IP in Their Supply Chains. 431
Kazakhstan : Atyrau Refinery Modernisation Project. 127
Konica mfd consumables. 115
Korea Republic of : Daewoo International starts commercial production from Myanmar gas field. 394
Kuwait : Zain Group selects eServGlobal to supply mobile money solutions. 355
Kyrgyzstan : NANO fertilizer plant to be constructed by Kyrgyzstan with Russia. 174
Learning management system (lms) support - at10142. 101
Legal services in real estate matters. 135
Lifting dump voluntary collection points (vap) and transport emr to a sorting center. 136
Lifting dump voluntary collection points. 153
Lokring pipe fittings for fuel farm casey. 118
Lot 1: 1 unit aircon - 2.0 hp, wall mounted inverter type and lot 2: 1 unit aircon - 2hp, window type, with remoter control. 106
Lot 1: 1 unit aircon - 2.0 hp, wall mounted inverter type and lot 2: 1 unit aircon - 2hp, window type, with remoter. 105
Lot 1: 19 units steel filing cabinet, lot 2: 25 units executive chairs, 70 units guest chairs, lot 3: 4 units wooden shelves and lot 4: 2 units laboratory working table. 103
Lot 1: spare parts - motor vehicle: 4 units battery, 12 volts, 13 plates - mxd31cl-n70 (maintenance free), et al, lot 2: spare parts - other transportation equipment: 3 units battery, 12 volts, 13 pla. 116
maintenance & installation removal troubleshooting traffic signals. 341
Maintenance and cleaning of the flood and pollution control system at birmingham airport. 167
Maintenance and management of light commercial vehicle fleet. 135
Maintenance and service level agreement (sla) for repairs on high voltage cable systems. 220
Maintenance of portable electrical and electro-medical equipment and resources. 145
Maintenance, repair or renovation of flat roofs and gutters of municipal buildings and sidoresto work. 172
Manufacture, inspection, testing and delivery of Water Cooled Extraction Grids. 137
Market insurance service. 127
Market project management in the context of new construction of approximately 56 collective housing. 107
Market project management in the redevelopment of an area of 86 multi-family rental. 123
Markets employability services to job seekers. 141
Media 1313 - coach strategy and programming vrt. 130
Media buying services at coventry university. 193
Medical drug order davis station 13-14. 119
Medical screening services. 120
Medical surgical equipment acquisition for the area address jutiapa. 108
Memorandum no. 800/1172, dideco of. Sports, requesting 5,000 adquisicionn flyers. 117
Mesh required tender for surgery hospital pelvic san fernando. 104
Mexico : Mexican-German NAMA programme. 156
Minor works for melbourne immigration detention centre. 122
Mission control office - loop suffren / pastor. 150
Mittens cold weather. 114
Mk 54 array kits poms. 104
Modification of drop and check structure. 109
Monitoring the water quality of selected villerest and naussac. 189
Monthly mobile phone account-july 2013-june 2014. 114
Mozambique-Climate Change Technical Assistance Project in Mozambique. 375
Municipal works address-dc. 2000-948. 118
N.p. N 18. Section catastro. Dom. 112
N.p. N 40. Dept. Operations. Dga. Material use in firefighter villalobos, uruguay and rio loco. 106
N.p. N 53. Dept. Operations. Dga. Material for windows and doors fenders 2nd. Local police court. 108
N.p. N 748. Dept. Sports. Dideco. Pressure maintenance of showers and baths mekis patricio complex. 121
N.p. N 782. Dept. Sports. Dideco. 104
Netherlands : EADS rebrands itself under the best brand it has. 127
New administration building carpet. 113
New administration building ve27 system partitions. 133
New administration building, ve25 asphalt. 131
New greenhouse 1 + 2 / greenhouses heating and cooling, insulation. 171
New Zealand : GEN-I to work as NETWORK FOR LEARNING's technology partner for 2500 schools. 421
New Zealand,Taiwan Province of China : TAIWAN s III inks MoU with NEW ZEALAND groups. 189
Nigeria : Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group announces the Park Inn by Radisson Abuja Kaura, Nigeria. 369
Norway : EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. Opens New Office in the Denver Metro Area. 252
NP811/13 Maintenance of Lifts and other vertical lifting Equipment across NHS Scotland. 149
Occupational Health Services for Students. 157
Office equipment acquisition management area for health jutiapa. 118
Older people day time support services in central and north lancashire. 203
Operation and maintenance of treatment plants psittalia. 164
Ord: 110 / 13/05/2013 / s / a = 521 / 06-06-2013 / e-677 bus supply contract for student outreach. 128
Orthopaedic support devices. 120
Packing and crating. 109
Pakistan : PIA names BOEING-777 pilot as deputy managing director operations. 160
Pakistan : US backs 12,00MW projects in PAKISTAN. 119
Pakistan-Balochistan Disaster Management Project in Pakistan. 111

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