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Men & sex: Bloke's boudoir.

Byline: Text, except `Male shot' by Georgina Wintersgill and Flic Everett. Main photograph by Gemma Day. Bill Borrows photographed by Nikki English

This week, we look through the keyhole - OK, actually we barge right in and rifle through every last drawer - of the bedroom of Frank Walden, 28, a musician from West London


M SAYS: Someone's used up practically a whole Shreddies packet to make this 17th birthday card. It's so old the felt pen's all faded.

FRANK SAYS: `It's me playing the saxophone and says, "Back to Paris with a vengeance and long hair." It's from Si, one of my oldest friends. We spent a couple of summers in Paris when we were teenagers. The intention was to be Bohemian and meet musicians but actually we just got drunk while I grew a big Afro.'


M SAYS: Well, it's a veritable library in here - without the card index system and pointy-nosed spinster in specs telling us to shush, that is. And they actually look as if he reads them. Weird.

FRANK SAYS: `Nights on my own are precious and I like nothing better than to sit back with my book and a beer and spend a couple of hours reading. I deliberately don't have a TV so I'll read more.'


M SAYS: Very junior school wildlife project - an illustrated poster of monkeys of the world, complete with Latin names. You'd never know that a gorilla's Latin name was gorilla gorilla gorilla. Fascinating.

FRANK SAYS: `When I was in Africa I spent a couple of weeks assisting a primatologist who was studying SIV, the monkey form of HIV. We collected blood samples and discovered a previously unknown strain of SIV. I've been interested in primates ever since.'


M SAYS: Ah, Bohemian London. This room says jazz club - nice. Evidence of lots of late nights drinking red wine and having highly intellectual discussions.

FRANK SAYS: `I live in a separate flat at the top of my parents' house. I was born here. When I'm not on tour. I'm here all day, every day. I'm very happy spending time here, practising or eating or reading. It's comfortable, organised chaos.'


M SAYS: Now, one Hawaiian shirt we can forgive - everyone has the odd fashion blunder - but it's 5-0 here (geddit?). Either this guy enjoys getting beaten up on a regular basis or he's in a hula-hula band.

FRANK SAYS: `I like hot countries but I don't live in one, so I have to do something to make up for the drabness of London. I do get a certain amount of stick. I had an ultimatum from a girlfriend once who said she wouldn't be seen out with me in that shirt. We're not together any more but I've still got the shirt.'


M SAYS: Somewhere, some brassed-off conductor chappy's missing the entire brass section of his orchestra. Let's see - three saxophones, a flute and a clarinet here, not to mention the old pee-yanner in the corner. He's just a one-man-band, nobody kno-ws or understaaands...

FRANK SAYS: `My saxophones are all different - I've got a tenor, an alto and a soprano. I only started learning the flute and clarinet a few years ago because people often ask sax players to double up. The piano's useful for composing.'


M SAYS: Hmm, don't think we'd fancy waking up beside these little charmers.

FRANK SAYS: `I got these in Central Africa for about 30 quid. The first night I got them there was the biggest storm I've ever seen. In the middle of the night I sat bolt upright. The lightning was illuminating them and I thought, "My God, it's those statues." And whichever way you position them, they always end up facing East.'


M SAYS: Hang on, a genu-wine medal from the Flora London Marathon. That just doesn't fit in with the laid-back-musician vibe... Is our Frank secretly an up-at-five, power-walking, clean-living fitness freak?

FRANK SAYS: `Musicians are generally very unhealthy with all the late nights and smoke and alcohol, so you have to do something to counteract it. I ran regularly

until about a year ago when I started having problems with my knee. Now I go to the gym and swim and cycle.'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 16, 2002
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