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Men's hat & boot specials.

Historically, there is a tradition of Indian cowboys coming directly to the powwow after a long day of working cows and horses. Often these cowboys did not have time to change into their powwow clothes and would instead quickly put together a mix of their cowboy clothes and dance clothes.

To honor the rich tradition of cowboys participating in powwows, many people today sponsor special contests called "Hat and Boot" specials. These specials are typically separated into men's or women's categories. Whispering Wind magazine will be sponsoring a Hat and Boot contest at National Powwow XVII in Danville Indiana, July 6-9. This chapter of PowwowFashions and the next issue will include highlights of the Hat and Boot contest..

Photographs by Brian Fraker

Caption: Mike One Star (above) is wearing his well-recognized beadwork in this special. His collar, tie, beaded belt, wide side tabs and suspenders are all part of his grass dance outfit. A true cowboy, he is carrying a braided bull rope in one hand and an eagle wing fan in the other. His bustle is made of wild turkey tail feathers that have trimmed quills and are tipped with light blue plumes.

Caption: Appearing "fresh from the field", this cowboy (left) has selected a few key items from his traditional outfit. Still wearing his spurs, he wears his sheep bells around his boots which are exposed above his jeans. He is wearing his beaded side tabs and cuffs with his outfit. The cuffs appear to be beaded directly onto thick commercially tanned cowhide. The effort of beading on this type of material is an older style and requires an awl to pierce the thick leather so the thin needle can pass through. His breastplate and bandolier are well coordinated with his outfit. In his hands, he is carrying a rope lasso and a partially beaded rifle scabbard that appears to hold a "toy" rifle. On his back he is wearing a mature golden eagle wing bustle.

Caption: Striking a pose is Chico Her Many Horses (right) who is wearing key parts of his beaded traditional outfit. He is also wearing bells and spurs around his boots to demonstrate he is a "real cowboy". In his hands, he holds a lasso and a horse quirt made of antler. The quirt is used as a whip to encourage the horse to follow the rider's instructions. Around his neck, he is wearing a cowboy handkerchief that looks well-worn from many years of use. His braids are wrapped with red "three band" trade cloth wool. His round traditional bustle is made of mature golden eagle feathers.

Caption: Hat and boot is a special for all ages. Sonny Littlehead (left) is wearing an immature bald eagle tail bustle and holding a golden eagle wing fan in his hand as he makes a figurative gun with his fingers and squints to see his target. Around his neck, he is wearing a beaded choker and bib that has red hackles dangling from the bottom. His armbands are made of deer legs that have been skinned and dried and bound with red wool.

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Title Annotation:Powwow Fashions
Author:Jones, Craig
Publication:Whispering Wind
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Date:Mar 1, 2017
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