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Memory and migration; multidisciplinary approaches to memory studies.


Memory and migration; multidisciplinary approaches to memory studies.

Ed. by Julia Creet and Andreas Kitzmann.

U. of Toronto Press


329 pages




Studies of memory and place tend to give priority to location or memory in situ and treat movement or displacement as a corrupting process, Creet (English, York U.) and Kitzmann (humanities, York U.) argue in their editorial introduction to this collection of 14 essays on memory and migration. The essays, organized into four sections, begin exploring what the editors suggest is an emerging, globally mobile subjectivity rooted in collective and personal memories of migration and alienation. The second section concerns collective memory of trauma and how group narratives about pre-migrant identity differ based on the circumstance of migration. The significance of trauma and memory then shifts in the third section from the collective to the embodied individual, where "sense memory" is considered as moving with migrating bodies. The final section considers the mnemonic character of architecture and space. Creet concludes with an essay on the relationship between archival materials, especially personal testimony, and personal memory and official history. The contributors are mostly academics from York U. or other European and a few Canadian universities, teaching philosophy, art, history, psychology and literature.

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