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Memories flood back thanks to snaps from past; Yesterdays... flashbacks.

The Helmaen Club in Usk continues to excite interest and last week's note from EJ Clements drew this response from Les Pengelly... I would like to say that "Clem" was a very good singer himself, doing some of the clubs of Cardiff - the audience loved him.

We lost touch (my fault) and this article brought back memories of him singing.

I've attached a photo, right, of the Cardiff Generals skittle team in the sixties, taken in the Tower Club in Penarth Road. Clem is bottom right.

An email from William Lewis harks back to a Yesterdays edition from December, featuring a picture of Penarth Lawn Tennis Club in the 1970s...

At the outset, I would like to say how fascinating and wonderful it is to see your publications of the old photos of yesteryears in the Echo - absolutely brilliant!

I came to Cardiff to the university to study in 1954 and apart from two years in England spent all my working life in Penarth, so I remember many of the old shots appearing in the issue.

There is one in particular which really interested me. You had a shot of Penarth LTC and the following week you reprinted it with a letter from Phil Brooksby writing about the photo and the club.

He mentioned the four people appearing in the photo playing tennis. He recalled three of those players but he was baffled by the fourth's name.

I was gobsmacked when I looked more closely at the photo to discover that the mystery player was in fact me.

That court, by the way, was one of the finest grass courts then in South Wales - alas no more. They are digging it up and replacing it with an all-weather surface.

Happy, happy memories of times gone by.

And Olive Weighell chips in with thanks for including a David Morgan picture two weeks ago... Looking at the photos of David Morgan I find myself in the photo. I worked there about 23 years and retired at 62.

I went into most departments in my time and ended up in the marking room.

It was lovely to see this as we had many happy times in the store. Everyone who worked there stayed for many years.

Fran Griffiths emailed with her own - rather different - memories of her time working at BHS in Cardiff...

Seeing the photograph of BHS in the Echo took me back to the summer of 1974. I was a student at Cardiff College of Education and had secured a summer holiday job in the store.

I was provided with hideous blue and white nylon overalls and directed to my counter. It's strange to remember that customers were served with everything then. People weren't encouraged to pick items up to examine them, that just untidied the counter.

I drew the short straw. Not for me the perfume, hats or handbags counters. I was selling BIG knickers.

Over the summer months I got to know the regular customers and a significant number of them were not female.

Nowadays it's easy for men to browse and buy ladies underwear for whatever reason, but those men had to be brave. I hope I was kind and didn't add to their embarrassment.

It wasn't a bad place to work, but I was quite happy to leave at the end of the summer and even happier to leave the BIG knickers behind for ever.

Jim Simmonds emailed to pick us up on a caption error in the same edition...

As an old Cardiffian, I follow the Yesterdays section with great interest.

I would like to draw your attention to an error in the City Centre edition.

In the photo of some Daleks the caption wrongly gives the location as St Mary Street. It should of course be Queen Street.

The photo was taken just east of the zebra crossing that once crossed from the corner of Windsor Place, over to the Capitol cinema on the south side of the street.

The overhead trolleybus wires can be seen where they emerged from Windsor Place to join the westbound wires along Queen Street.

Annie Burnell, now 66 and living in Caerphilly, was moved to email with her memories of Cardiff in the 1960s...

Seeing the photos of Cardiff in the Echo on Tuesday reminded me of the times I spent at the Capitol in the sixties.

I worked at the Midland Bank on Queen Street from 1964 until 1970 - and myself and several female members of staff were quite often asked to sell programmes at the shows there. We weren't paid at all but were allowed to stand at the back of the stalls and watch the shows for free.

I saw acts like Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, Roy Orbison, Marmalade and Mary Hopkin. I can't remember how much we charged for those programmes - but I do remember the surge of people coming to see the shows.

On a personal level, I also remember paying to see acts like Lulu, the Beach Boys and the Shadows.

The other photograph that brought back memories was of the Taff Vale Public House - which was just along the road from the Midland Bank.

Members of staff always used to have their celebrations or leaving dos there.

We used to go around the side of the pub, and up a flight of stairs to a little room at the back where they would put on a simple buffet for us, which always included the best cheese and onion crusty rolls you'd ever tasted.

Those were the days!


Memory joggers, from top, Penarth LTC featuring William Lewis; Olive Weighell and friends in David Morgan; the BHS store in Cardiff; and the Daleks in Queen Street
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