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MAKING sure John Fennell's sacrifice was recognised in his home town was Vivienne Pearson's aim.

Her commitment remains, but now thanks to the Nuneaton Evening Telegraph, it has taken on another dimension.

Mrs Pearson has at last seen for herself Private Fennell's name on the war memorial to the dead in St Nicolas parish churchyard.

But the name is faded and worn and not on the list of names restored to the cenotaph in 1985.

Mrs Pearson said: "I can't believe it. I never even knew about this memorial. It's been here all this time and we never even thought about it.

"But I don't know if I should be pleased or not. In one way, it is brilliant news and means that he was not forgotten, but in another way, it's very annoying.

"It's almost a double insult. They've put his name on the original monument, but left it off the restored list of names. You can hardly see it and it's not alongside the names of friends and comrades.

"It's quite funny really. His name is not where it should be and on the memorial he is on he's been left off the restored part. Forgotten twice."The inscription on the St Nicolas parish church memorial, which is to the old boys and masters of the former Vicarage Street School, came to light following the Telegraph's backing of Mrs Pearson's appeal.

Thomas Hill, aged 82, who lives in Bradestone Road, Attleborough, stepped forward to say he had some information.

Mr Hill's wife, Beryl Gibbins, was Fennell's niece and Mr Hill remembered seeing the name on a memorial.

He said: "My wife would be spitting chips if she knew about all of this. She would have wanted Fennell's name on the cenotaph in Riversley Park, where it belongs.

"I was shocked when I first read the story and knew that I could help. I'm very pleased to have been able to show Mrs Pearson that at least Fennell hasn't been forgotten."

Mrs Pearson now plans to call for the faded inscription to be restored or carved where it belongs, alongside his chums.

She is also looking at buying a memorial bench for Riversley Park or the church yard to serve as a tribute to her Great Uncle.

But the story does not end there.

The Telegraph can reveal the mystery of another old soldier, that of A. Moon, the faded name which stands above Fennell's on the St Nicolas parish church memorial.The name, like Fennell's, is not on the restored list.

Research reveals this to be Alfred Moon, of Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, who also served with the 14th Battalion and died in Flanders in 1916.

But unlike Fennell, the name of Private Moon, 17033, does appear on the Riversley Park Cenotaph, etched alongside his brothers in arms - his sacrifice recognised.
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Author:Kukurozovic, Simon
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 9, 1999
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