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Memorial: Gerald W. Olson.

Gerald W. Olson died this past August at the age of 54. Jerry was a co-founder of the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE), the second president of NAFE and the Executive Director of NAFE for over a decade. Gerald Olson was a professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and president of his own consulting firm, Olson Economics. Jerry died after several months of illness and left behind his wife Jane, his daughter Ingrid and his granddaughter Grace.

Jerry was a dear friend to almost all who knew him. He had a winning smile, a dedication to NAFE and a contagious sense of humor. I remember our first meeting of NAFE in 1986, in New York. Jerry and I had to run out to a deli to put together a reception after our first organization meeting. Our wives served as bartenders and servers while Jerry and I passed out membership sign-up forms. In the years that followed, Jerry took over the business affairs of NAFE, arranging meetings, paying bills and collecting dues. As NAFE prospered, Jerry often reflected on the great pleasure he gained from his friends in NAFE.

We all owe Jerry our thanks for his hard work and his friendship. Life was not kind to Jerry in the last several years, but he always had a smile for his friends and a story to tell. I will miss him.

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Title Annotation:co-founder of the National Association of Forensic Economics
Author:Ward, Jack
Publication:Journal of Forensic Economics
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Date:Mar 22, 2001
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