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How Can Immunosuppression After Organ Transplantation Be Made More Effective and Safer?--A Review on Liposomal Formulations With Consideration of Archaeal Tetraetherlipid. Purwaningsih, Erni H.; Oertl, Anton; Freisleben, Seruni K.U.; Freisleben, Hans-Joachim Report Mar 1, 2021 10867
Comparative Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Levels in Blood, Placenta and Cord Blood of Pregnant Women with or without Pre-eclampsia. Zhang Weili Dec 31, 2020 2246
Impact of Acute Pancreatic Injury on Sphingolipid Metabolism in the Salivary Glands. Zendzian-Piotrowska, Malgorzata; Ziembicka, Dominika M.; tukaszuk, Bartlomiej; Kurek, Krzysztof Report Aug 31, 2020 5211
Strain-Specific Adaptations of Streptococcus mitis-oralis to Serial In Vitro Passage in Daptomycin (DAP): Genotypic and Phenotypic Characteristics. Mishra, Nagendra N.; Tran, Truc T.; Arias, Cesar A.; Seepersaud, Ravin; Sullam, Paul M.; Bayer, Arno Aug 1, 2020 5640
Preparation Technology and Prescription Screening of pH-Sensitive Liposomes. LiyanWu, Yuanbao Jin, Jingying Li, Lulu Geng, Chunxia Liu and Fanxin Meng Jul 31, 2020 218
Investigating the Role of Mucin as Frontline Defense of Mucosal Surfaces against Mycobacterium avium Subsp. hominissuis. Bechler, Jessica; Bermudez, Luiz E. Report Jul 31, 2020 5603
Roles and Clinical Applications of Exosomes in Cardiovascular Disease. Guo, Dong; Xu, Yuerong; Ding, Jian; Dong, Jiaying; Jia, Ning; Li, Yan; Zhang, Mingming Jun 30, 2020 5471
Disease Mutation Study Identifies Critical Residues for Phosphatidylserine Flippase ATP11A. Sun, Kuanxiang; Tian, Wanli; Li, Xiao; Liu, Wenjing; Yang, Yeming; Zhu, Xianjun Jun 30, 2020 5540
Cardiolipin Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle Is Rhythmic and Modifiable by Age and Diet. Nohara, Kazunari; Kim, Eunju; Wirianto, Marvin; Mileykovskaya, Eugenia; Dowhan, William; Chen, Zheng Jun 30, 2020 7289
Wheel and Deal in the Mitochondrial Inner Membranes: The Tale of Cytochrome c and Cardiolipin. Diaz-Quintana, Antonio; Perez-Mejias, Gonzalo; Guerra-Castellano, Alejandra; De la Rosa, Miguel A.; May 31, 2020 16677
Resolution of Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Role of Resolvins. Chamani, Sajad; Bianconi, Vanessa; Tasbandi, Aida; Pirro, Matteo; Barreto, George E.; Jamialahmadi, Apr 30, 2020 6899
Pkh1p-Ypk1p and Pkh1p-Sch9p Pathways Are Activated by Acetic Acid to Induce a Mitochondrial-Dependent Regulated Cell Death. Rego, Antonio; Mendes, Filipa; Costa, Vitor; Chaves, Susana Rodrigues; Corte-Real, Manuela Apr 30, 2020 9434
Hand washing and sanitizer and COVID-19 infection risk. Wesley, Naissan O.; Talakoub, Lily Apr 1, 2020 1343
Novel Fluorescent Mitochondria-Targeted Probe MitoCLox Reports Lipid Peroxidation in Response to Oxidative Stress In Vivo. Lyamzaev, Konstantin G.; Panteleeva, Alisa A.; Karpukhina, Anna A.; Galkin, Ivan I.; Popova, Ekather Mar 1, 2020 6850
Diet Alters Serum Metabolomic Profiling in the Mouse Model of Chronic Chagas Cardiomyopathy. Lizardo, Kezia; Ayyappan, Janeesh Plakkal; Ganapathi, Usha; Dutra, Walderez O.; Qiu, Yunping; Weiss, Report Dec 31, 2019 11503
Prediabetes Induced by Fructose-Enriched Diet Influences Cardiac Lipidome and Proteome and Leads to Deterioration of Cardiac Function prior to the Development of Excessive Oxidative Stress and Cell Damage. Szucs, Gergo; Soja, Andrea; Peter, Maria; Sarkozy, Marta; Bruszel, Bella; Siska, Andrea; Foldesi, Im Dec 31, 2019 13636
The Role of Cardiolipin and Mitochondrial Damage in Kidney Transplant. Miranda-Diaz, Alejandra Guillermina; Cardona-Munoz, Ernesto German; Pacheco-Moises, Fermin Paul Dec 31, 2019 11723
ALCAT1 Overexpression Affects Supercomplex Formation and Increases ROS in Respiring Mitochondria. Rieger, Bettina; Krajcova, Adela; Duwe, Patrick; Busch, Karin B. Dec 31, 2019 6702
Influence of Resveratrol on Oxidation Processes and Lipid Phase Characteristics in Damaged Somatic Nerves. Pinyaev, S.I.; Kuzmenko, T.P.; Revina, N.V.; Parchaykina, M.V.; Pronin, A.S.; Syusin, I.V.; Novozhil Dec 31, 2019 5700
Alveolar Hemorrhage, a Rare and Life-Threatening Complication of Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Loza, Grace; Hallo, Carlos; Chiliquinga, Byron; Hallo, Alejandro Disease/Disorder overview Nov 30, 2019 4206
Stress-Coping Humoral Glycolipids Produced by Mice Given Controlled Bathing Treatments. Masuda, Yutaka; Narita, Hiroto; Hasegawa, Hiroaki Nov 30, 2019 2491
Radiolabeled Cationic Peptides for Targeted Imaging of Infection. Aweda, Tolulope A.; Muftuler, Zumrut F.B.; Massicano, Adriana V.F.; Gadhia, Dhruval; McCarthy, Kelly Nov 30, 2019 6911
New C-Terminal Conserved Regions of Tafazzin, a Catalyst of Cardiolipin Remodeling. Shilovsky, Gregory A.; Zverkov, Oleg A.; Seliverstov, Alexandr V.; Ashapkin, Vasily V.; Putyatina, T Nov 30, 2019 8647
MitoCLox: A Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Fluorescent Probe for Tracing Lipid Peroxidation. Lyamzaev, Konstantin G.; Sumbatyan, Natalia V.; Nesterenko, Alexey M.; Kholina, Ekaterina G.; Voskob Nov 30, 2019 6011
Exosomes May Be the Potential New Direction of Research in Osteoarthritis Management. Ju, Cheng; Liu, Renfeng; Zhang, Yu; Zhang, Feifei; Sun, Jun; Lv, Xiao-Bin; Zhang, Zhiping Nov 30, 2019 4830
Sequence Analysis and Expression Study of LTP7 Promoter Isolated from Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Masood, Ammara; Mubeen, Hira; Iqbal, Nadia Sep 1, 2019 4172
Effect of High Vitamin E Dosages on Lipid Peroxidation and Fatty Acid Profile of Labeo rohita Fingerlings. Fatima, Mahroze; Afzal, Muhammad; Shah, Syed Zakir Hussain Report Aug 31, 2019 6195
Sorrel Extract Reduces Oxidant Production in Airway Epithelial Cells Exposed to Swine Barn Dust Extract In Vitro. Gerald, Carresse L.; McClendon, Chakia J.; Ranabhat, Rohit S.; Waterman, Jenora T.; Kloc, Lauren L.; Aug 31, 2019 7515
Download the Featured Transporter Protein List from Creative BioMart. Aug 2, 2019 416
Cell Free DNA and Genometastasis/Hucre Disi DNA ve Genometastaz. Kocana, Cemal Cagil; Toprak, Selin Fulya; Yasa, Busra; Hekimoglu, Hilal; Tokdemir, Selcuk Sozer Aug 1, 2019 4253
Altered Metabolism of Phospholipases, Diacylglycerols, Endocannabinoids, and N-Acylethanolamines in Patients with Mastocytosis. Ferrara, Anne Lise; Piscitelli, Fabiana; Petraroli, Angelica; Parente, Roberta; Galdiero, Maria Rosa Jul 31, 2019 7826
Phosphatidylcholine Extends Lifespan via DAF-16 and Reduces Amyloid-Beta-Induced Toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Kim, So-Hyeon; Kim, Bo-Kyoung; Park, Suhyeon; Park, Sang-Kyu Jul 31, 2019 8746
Transport of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species across Aquaporin: A Molecular Level Picture. Yusupov, Maksudbek; Razzokov, Jamoliddin; Cordeiro, Rodrigo M.; Bogaerts, Annemie Jul 31, 2019 8470
N-n-Butyl Haloperidol Iodide Ameliorates Oxidative Stress in Mitochondria Induced by Hypoxia/Reoxygenation through the Mitochondrial c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase/Sab/Src/Reactive Oxygen Species Pathway in H9c2 Cells. Chu, Qianwen; Zhang, Yanmei; Zhong, Shuping; Gao, Fenfei; Chen, Yicun; Wang, Bin; Zhang, Zhaojing; C May 31, 2019 7936
The Effects of Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. and Gymnema inodorum (Lour.) Decne. Extracts on Adipogenesis and Lipase Activity In Vitro. Tiamyom, Kanokwan; Sirichaiwetchakoon, Kittipot; Hengpratom, Tanaporn; Kupittayanant, Sajeera; Srisa Apr 30, 2019 9142
Microenvironment of Mycobacterium smegmatis Culture to Induce Cholesterol Consumption Does Cell Wall Remodeling and Enables the Formation of Granuloma-Like Structures. dos Santos, Ana Cristina Doria; de Souza Marinho, Victor Hugo; de Aviz Silva, Pedro Henrique; de Mat Apr 30, 2019 7686
The Role of Mitochondrial Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns in Chronic Neuroinflammation. Bajwa, Ekta; Pointer, Caitlin B.; Klegeris, Andis Apr 30, 2019 8413
Stealth BioTherapeutics reports positive results for elamipretide under open-label extension trial in Barth syndrome. Financial report Apr 17, 2019 267
Stealth BioTherapeutics reports positive results for elamipretide under open-label extension trial in Barth syndrome. Financial report Apr 17, 2019 263
Stealth Biotherapeutics says TAZPOWER results support previous findings. Apr 16, 2019 196
Effects of artepillin C on model membranes displaying liquid immiscibility. Pazin, W.M.; Vilanova, N.; Voets, I.K.; Soares, A.E.E.; Ito, A.S. Mar 1, 2019 7041
Elucidation of the enigma of glycosphingolipids in the regulation of inflammation and degeneration: --Great progress over the last 70 years--. Furukawa, Koichi; Ohmi, Yuhsuke; Kondo, Yuji; Bhuiyan, Robiul H.; Tajima, Orie; Zhang, Pu; Ohkawa, Y Mar 1, 2019 7150
Galectin 1 in dermatology: current knowledge and perspectives. Pasmatzi, Efstathia; Papadionysiou, Christina; Monastirli, Alexandra; Badavanis, George; Tsambaos, D Report Jan 1, 2019 5091
The Effect of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Activator-Tunicamycin on HEK293 Cells/HEK293 Hucreleri Uzerine Endoplazmik Retikulum Stresi Uyarani Tunikamisinin Etkisi. Kalkan, Muhammed Abdulvahid; Vural, Burcak; Bayrak, Evrim Komurcu Dec 1, 2018 3141
A 31-Year-Old Woman with Abdominal Pain. Turaga, Naga Sai Shravan; Konde, Anish S.; Sells, Nicholas; Raybon, Kelvin; Lopez, Fred A. Nov 1, 2018 2283
Liposomes Marketto Gain Impetus on Back of Growing Demand by 2025. Sep 27, 2018 196
Source-Omega Files Novel FDA Structure-Function Claim for DHA Accretion in Mitochondrial Cardiolipin. May 14, 2018 768
Mucolipidosis Type III: A Rare Disease in Differential Diagnosis of Joint Stiffness in Pediatric Rheumatology. Kasapkara, Cigdem Seher; Akcaboy, Meltem; Eroglu, Fehime Kara; Derinkuyu, Betul Emine Mar 1, 2018 1893
Mucolipidosis Type III: A Rare Disease in Differential Diagnosis of Joint Stiffness in Pediatric Rheumatology. Kasapkara, Cigdem Seher; Akcaboy, Meltem; Eroglu, Fehime Kara; Derinkuyu, Betul Emine Mar 1, 2018 1891
New target for Parkinson's therapy identified. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 26, 2018 316
Updates on the Status of Vitamin D as a Risk Factor for Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Gatera, Vesara Ardhe; Abdulah, Rizky; Musfiroh, Ida; Judistiani, Raden Tina Dewi; Setiabudiawan, Bud Jan 1, 2018 4551
Ceramide and Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. He, Xingxuan; Schuchman, Edward H. Jan 1, 2018 8920
Intracellular and Plasma Membrane Events in Cholesterol Transport and Homeostasis. Litvinov, Dmitry Y.; Savushkin, Eugeny V.; Dergunov, Alexander D. Jan 1, 2018 18699
Cell-Free Expression of Unnatural Amino Acid Incorporated Aquaporin SS9 with Improved Separation Performance in Biomimetic Membranes. Wei, Peilian; Zhuang, Bingjia; Yu, Daoyong; Sharipova, Aziza; Cai, Jin; Huang, Lei; Lian, Jiazhang; Jan 1, 2018 3639
Mechanism of Azalomycin [F.sub.5a] against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Xu, Li; Xu, Xuejie; Yuan, Ganjun; Wang, Yimin; Qu, Yunqiu; Liu, Erxiao Jan 1, 2018 3452
Small-Molecule Modulation of Lipid-Dependent Cellular Processes against Cancer: Fats on the Gunpoint. Srivatsav, Aswin T.; Mishra, Manjari; Kapoor, Shobhna Jan 1, 2018 11496
Effect of Different Carbon Sources on Biosurfactants' Production by Three Strains of Lactobacillus spp. Mouafo, Tene Hippolyte; Mbawala, Augustin; Ndjouenkeu, Robert Jan 1, 2018 12074
Protective Effects of Yinchenhao Decoction on Cholesterol Gallstone in Mice Fed a Lithogenic Diet by Regulating LXR, CYP7A1, CYP7B1, and HMGCR Pathways. Meng, Yong; Meng, Ke; Zhao, Xin; Li, Donghua; Gao, Qiaoying; Wu, Shangwei; Cui, Yunfeng Jan 1, 2018 5936
Metabolomics Analysis of the Lipid-Regulating Effect of Allium hookeri in a Hamster Model of High-Fat Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia by UPLC/ESI-Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry. Jang, Gwang-Ju; Sung, Mi Jeong; Hur, Haeng Jeon; Yoo, Miyoung; Choi, Jung Hoon; Hwang, In Koo; Lee, Jan 1, 2018 4879
The Role of Phospholipase C Signaling in Macrophage-Mediated Inflammatory Response. Zhu, Liqian; Jones, Clinton; Zhang, Gaiping Jan 1, 2018 6990
A Cross-Sectional Study of the Association between Autoantibodies and Qualitative Ultrasound Index of Bone in an Elderly Sample without Clinical Autoimmune Disease. Iseme, Rosebella A.; McEvoy, Mark; Kelly, Brian; Agnew, Linda; Walker, Frederick R.; Boyle, Michael; Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 14295
Continuous Approximation for Interaction Energy Transfer of DNA through Lipid Bilayers. Alshehri, Mansoor H. Jan 1, 2018 4185
Ethanol Intake and Toxicity: In Search of New Treatments/Ingesta de Etanol y Toxicidad: En Busqueda de Nuevos Tratamientos. Sandoval, Cristian; Vasquez, Belgica; Mandarim-de-Lacerda, Carlos; del Sol, Mariano Sep 1, 2017 6378
Polymalic Acid Tritryptophan Copolymer Interacts with Lipid Membrane Resulting in Membrane Solubilization. Ding, Hui; Fox, Irving; Patil, Rameshwar; Galstyan, Anna; Black, Keith L.; Ljubimova, Julia Y.; Holl Jan 1, 2017 7224
Evidence for the Involvement of Lipid Rafts and Plasma Membrane Sphingolipid Hydrolases in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection of Cystic Fibrosis Bronchial Epithelial Cells. Schiumarini, Domitilla; Loberto, Nicoletta; Mancini, Giulia; Bassi, Rosaria; Giussani, Paola; Chiric Report Jan 1, 2017 7762
Targeting O-Acetyl-GD2 Ganglioside for Cancer Immunotherapy. Fleurence, Julien; Fougeray, Sophie; Bahri, Meriem; Cochonneau, Denis; Clemenceau, Beatrice; Paris, Jan 1, 2017 12888
Mechanisms Underlying the Essential Role of Mitochondrial Membrane Lipids in Yeast Chronological Aging. Medkour, Younes; Dakik, Pamela; McAuley, Melissa; Mohammad, Karamat; Mitrofanova, Darya; Titorenko, Report Jan 1, 2017 10775
The Evaluation of Toxicity Induced by Psoraleae Fructus in Rats Using Untargeted Metabonomic Method Based on UPLC-Q-TOF/MS. Xu, Yanyan; Zhao, Yiwei; Xie, Jiabin; Sheng, Xue; Li, Yubo; Zhang, Yanjun Jan 1, 2017 4926
Sugar toxicity: a silent epidemic: a view from the trenches of daily primary integrative medical praxis. Edwards, David A.; Malik, Jean; Espig, Edna; Morillo, Renoir; Bryant, Erika; Ludahl, Jesusa May 1, 2016 5171
Thrombin generation assay and its application in the clinical laboratory. Tripodi, Armando Report May 1, 2016 6285
Clinical significance of circulating tumor microemboli as a prognostic marker in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Chang, Ming-Chu; Chang, Yu-Ting; Chen, Jia-Yang; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Yang, Ching-Yao; Tien, Yu-Wen; Yan Report Mar 1, 2016 6256
Lipids and Oxidative Stress Associated with Ethanol-Induced Neurological Damage. Hernandez, Jose A.; Lopez-Sanchez, Rosa C.; Rendon-Ramirez, Adela Jan 1, 2016 11204
Short-Term Effects of Chlorpromazine on Oxidative Stress in Erythrocyte Functionality: Activation of Metabolism and Membrane Perturbation. Ficarra, Silvana; Russo, Annamaria; Barreca, Davide; Giunta, Elena; Galtieri, Antonio; Tellone, Este Jan 1, 2016 6667
Impact of Antioxidants on Cardiolipin Oxidation in Liposomes: Why Mitochondrial Cardiolipin Serves as an Apoptotic Signal? Lokhmatikov, Alexey V.; Voskoboynikova, Natalia; Cherepanov, Dmitry A.; Skulachev, Maxim V.; Steinho Jan 1, 2016 13699
Use of confocal Raman spectroscopy to investigate interaction of encapsulated butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) with phospholipid liposomes. Janen, Afef Report Apr 1, 2015 238
The effects of lipid membranes, crowding and osmolytes on the aggregation, and fibrillation propensity of human IAPP. Gao, Mimi; Winter, Roland Jan 1, 2015 14215
TANAKA Establishes Liposome Mass Production System to Commence Accepting Business from September 9. Sep 9, 2014 1186
Lucio Leprosy with Lucio's phenomenon, digital gangrene and anticardiolipin antibodies. Nunzie, Enrico; Ortega, Cabrera L.V.; Macanchi, Moncayo F.M.; Ortega, Espinosa P.F.; Clapasson, A.; Report Sep 1, 2014 2603
Indian-American duo find target to control diabetes. Mar 27, 2014 562
Indian-American duo find target to control diabetes. Mar 27, 2014 563
Effects of glucomannan-enriched, aronia juice-based supplement on cellular antioxidant enzymes and membrane lipid status in subjects with abdominal obesity. Kardum, Nevena; Petrovic-Oggiano, Gordana; Takic, Marija; Glibetic, Natalija; Zec, Manja; Debeljak-M Report Jan 1, 2014 6036
A comparative study of phase states of the peribacteroid membrane from yellow lupin and broad bean nodules. Kudryavtseva, Natalia N.; Sof'in, Alexis V.; Bobylev, Georgiy S.; Sorokin, Evgeny M. Report Jan 1, 2014 4403
Formation and regulation of mitochondrial membranes. Schenkel, Laila Cigana; Bakovic, Marica Report Jan 1, 2014 10977
Changes of natural compounds of Artemisia annua L. by methyl jasmonate and silver nanoparticles. Ghanati, Faezeh; Bakhtiarian, Somayeh Report Sep 1, 2013 4209
A structural role for lipids in organelle shaping. Wang, Alan S.; Kundu, Aupola; Fong, Burr; Fitzgerald, Julie; Laruani, Banafshe; Poccia, Dominic Report Aug 1, 2013 5389
Salivary hexosaminidase B in children with type 1 diabetes. Zalewska-Szajda, B.; Chojnowska, S.; Waszkiewicz, N.; Goscik, E.; Lebkowska, U.; Kepka, A.; Bossowsk Dec 1, 2012 1864
Nanion Introduces the Orbit 16 - a Pioneering Device for Parallel Lipid Bilayer Recordings. Feb 24, 2012 658
Lipid injections ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Dec 22, 2011 136
CHOLESTEROL PILLS DO STOP CORONARIES; ..even after ending course. Oct 11, 2007 309
CHOLESTEROL 'PILL OF LIFE' Experts find it cuts heart attacks by 27 per cent. Oct 11, 2007 309
CHOLESTEROL TESTS FOR CHILDREN AT 15 MONTHS; It may save them from heart attacks. Sep 14, 2007 163
Disease can be targeted by early test; HEALTH: Cholesterol checks for kids advised. Sep 14, 2007 337
Cocoa. Sep 1, 2007 223
Cardiovascular diseases and red meat. Truswell, A. Stewart Sep 1, 2007 6124
The delights and dangers of cholesterol. Renaurd, William, Jr. Dec 22, 2004 797
Useful insights on cholesterol and drugs. Roberts, H.J. Reprint Dec 22, 2004 1637
Quantitative and compositional study of cardiolipin in platelets by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry: application for the identification of Barth syndrome patients. Valianpour, Fredoen; Wanders, Ronald J.A.; Barth, Peter G.; Overmars, Henk; Van Gennip, Albert H. Sep 1, 2002 5104

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