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ACTE CONTINUES TO THRIVE AS THE LARGEST NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION that represents members from all facets of career and technical education, including secondary and postsecondary CTE teachers and administrators, students, federal and state government education professionals, non-profit organizations active in the advancement of CTE, and corporations working with CTE programs and educators on career skills.

Membership held fairly steady throughout 2014, and we are optimistic that an upward trend will continue, thanks to our collaboration with state and Region leaders and CTE professionals across the country and around the globe. ACTE's biggest new member hikes occurred from August to November, running from 380 to 704 each month; for the remaining months, ACTE averaged approximately 212 new members per month. (See graph.)

Every day, ACTE is dedicated to fostering the advancement of CTE in the classroom and as a profession. Whether new to CTE or seasoned professionals, our members have made tremendous contributions to CTE and the student community it supports. ACTE gives special thanks to our members' efforts to connect our collective CTE universe and to enrich the lives and ensure the success of their students.

In 2014, ACTE sought to serve members and the CTE community at-large through the following initiatives and benefits:

* The 2014 National Universe Campaign offers an easy-to-read resource featuring all the actual and prospective ACTE members in each state. With 211,313 CTE professionals nationwide, this data-rich map showcases the potential to grow the vast and diverse CTE network at both the local and national levels. We will continue to work with state leaders to help attract the growing network of CTE professionals to both state and national ACTE organizations.

* In the spring of 2014, ACTE relaunched its flagship member communication, ACTE News, into a weekly digest of important CTE/member information.

* Member exclusive discounts at ACTE's CareerTech VISION, the largest annual gathering of CTE professionals in the nation; ACTE's National Policy Seminar; and the Best Practices and Innovations Conference.

* Three new areas of interest: STEM, the Arts in the Engineering and Technical Education Division, and School-to-Work in the Guidance and Career Development Division.

* Unlimited access to ACTE's information-rich resources, including Techniques, Career Tech Update, STEM SmartBrief, and ShopACTE, as well as books on CTE programming and curriculum development, STEM resources for CTE professionals, Issue Briefs, ACTE brochures on CTE career guidance and CTE Month products.

* Kindle (and in 2015, Apple Newstand) version of our popular publications make it easier than ever to get access to important CTE information.

* ACTE Live, featuring a regular series of free online seminars on CTE advocacy, leadership and more.

ACTE on the Ground

ACTE staff spends considerable time sharing the importance of CTE--informing members about legislative activity and meeting with key companies and organizations. In 2014, ACTE was represented across the country:

Washington, D.C.

ACT Awards Gala

American Association of School Administrators

Legislative Advocacy Conference

Asia Society

Association of Educational Service Agencies

Legislative Conference

Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment

Conference Committee for Education Funding Gala and

Legislative Conference

Data Quality Campaign Safeguarding

Education Data Principles Meeting

DECA School-based Enterprise Advisory

Council Meeting

FFA State Presidents' Conference

NASDCTEc Spring and Fall Meetings

National Center for Education Statistics

Summer Forum and STATS-DC 2014 Data



Partnership for 21st Century Skills

SkillsUSA Washington Leadership Training Institute

USA Science and Engineering

Festival Workforce Credentials Coalition

Workforce Data Quality Campaign State and Federal Convenings

Other Cities

Atlantic City, New Jersey--New Jersey

Education Association

Boston, Massachusetts--Massachusetts

Association of Professional Administrators

Fairbanks, Alaska--Alaska Association of School Administrators

Kansas City, Missouri--SkillsUSA

Latham, New York--New York Joint CTE

Professional Organization Leadership Seminar

Louisville, Kentucky--National Association of Career and Technical Education Information Annual Conference and OCTAE Data Quality Institute

Nashville, Tennessee--Association for Career and Technical Education Research

Portland, Maine--Tri-State/Northern New

England Consortium Conference

Raleigh, North Carolina--North Carolina ACTE

Legislative Seminar

San Antonio, Texas--ARMY Focus Group/STEM


San Diego, California--NCCER Workforce

Development Committee Meeting

ACTE was present at 34 state conferences and all five Region meetings: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Region I (held during ACTE's National Policy Seminar), Region Il (Virginia), Region III (Minnesota), Region IV (Louisiana), Region V (North Dakota).


More than 3,200 attendees gathered at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee, for ACTE's CareerTech VISION 2014. With over 220 concurrent sessions, 200 exhibitors and outstanding keynote presentations, VISION 2014 was the largest annual gathering of CIE professionals in the United States. VIP speakers launched the event at the annual ACTE Awards Banquet, followed by three days of professional development, meetings and networking. Be sure to join the in crowd next November 19-22 in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, for VISION 2015.

2014 National Policy Seminar

In March, 400 advocates attended ACTE's National Policy Seminar to present a united front to Congress and other national leaders about CTE effectiveness. The conference provided advocacy training and education concerning important policy initiatives being discussed at the federal level, including sessions focused on career readiness and CTE funding.

Putting Your Data to Work and Your First Year in CTE

Two of the newest best-selling books for the CTE professional are now available in ShopACTE. Both books have an easy-to-read format, chock full of tips, ideas and resources that you can immediately put to use in your classroom or school. Note: All books and products are available at a discount for ACTE members at

Best Practices and Innovations Conference

Over 200 CTE leaders convened in September at the annual Best Practices and Innovations Conference, hosted jointly by ACTE and the National Council of Local Administrators in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This year's event offered attendees the opportunity to hear CTE leaders from across the country address the Common Core State Standards, business and education partnerships, performance-based and student-centered instruction, and assessments. Plan on joining us at the 2015 Best Practices and Innovations Conference September 23-25 in Phoenix, Arizona.

ACTE Region Conferences

Don't miss tile upcoming 2015 ACTE Region conferences! For more information, visit

VISION 2015 Call for Presenters--Submit by March 13

ACTE is now accepting presentatimi proposals 14 Cat-eelfeel-1 VISION 2015 via dm online submission [brim at Sessions are typically 15-60 minutes in length, and should allow 10-15 minutes for questions. VISION 2015, taking place November 19-22 at. the New Orleans Ernest N. Mona! Convention Center, is the premier event [or GTE professionals. The lineup. offers hundreds of breakout sessions in a variety of formats, including lectures, hands-on labs and roundtable discussions. We invite you to help us identify key issues and topics in the rapidly diversifying" and ever-changing field of CTE. The deadline &Jr submissions is Friday. March 13.

Gender Equity in STEM Online Seminars

Kick off the new year with our "Gender Equity in STEN I" online seminars. These seminars will feature guest speakers from the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity and Girls in Tech. Find out how to make your classroom more inclusive and learn about meraorship programs for young women looking to enter the STEM flick!, among other things. Follow ACTE on Twitter or visit live for more information about our online seminars.

Valuable Resource for New CTE Teachers--First Year in CTE: 10 Things to Know

A GTE teacher k a special kind of educator. Many C' IL teachers enter educalion through an alternate path, usually without a traditional education degree. making a substantial career change to enter the classroom. Not only do CTE teachers need to maintain currency within their technical field, but they must also become quickly Iamiliar with teaching pedagogy while simulktneously working in a new environment. A strong support system is essential, and knowing where to turn lor resources is equally as important. AC. IL and NOCTI now offer the publication inir Fill Mtr in GTE: 10 7hings to know. Providing many "hands-on" examples and resources lot' use in teaching N*vithin the CTE classroom, this book is a great resource [or both new and veteran CTE Leachers to "survive" and "thrive" in the CTE classroom! For additional inlbrmation and to purchase, visit

The Key to CTE Is VISION 2015 Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for November 19-22 (Thursday--SundLw in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the largest gathering of CTE professionals and an exciting educational agenda packed with hundreds of GTE sessiolis, a comprehensive Expo and a rich array of networking opportunities. Watch for inIbrmat in on keynote speakers, sessions, pre-VISON workshops, Awards Banquet details and more!

POSTAL CIRCULATION STATEMENT--Statement of ownership, management and circulation (required by USC 3685). ISSN 1527-1803. Filing date: 9/01/14. Title: Techniques. Frequency: monthly during school year; November/December is combined issue. Issues annually: 8. Annual subscription price: $56. Location of known office of publication: 1410 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314. Publisher: LeAnn Wilson, address as above. Owner: Association for Career and Technical Education, Inc., 1410 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314. Known bondholders, mortgagees and other security holders owning or holding one percent or more of total bonds, mortgages or other securities: None. The purpose, function and nonprofit status of the organization and the exempt state for federal income tax purposes have not changed during the preceding 12 months. Circulation: Total copies: 12 month average-21,900; 09/14 issue-21,525. Total paid/requested circ: avg-21,350; 09/14-20,609. Free distribution by periodicals postage class: avg-0; 09/14-0. By other classes: avg-0; 09/14-0. Free distribution outside the mail: avg-1,000; 09/14-0, Total free: avg-1,000; 09/14-0. Copies not distributed: avg-100; 09/14-590. Percent paid/ requested circ: avg-95%; 09/14-100%. Paid electronic copies: avg-268; 09/14-369. Total paid print + paid electronic copies: avg: 21,618; 09/14-20,978. Total print distribution + paid electronic copies: avg-22,618; 09/14-20,978. Percent paid (electronic and print): avg-96%; 09/14-100%. I certify that the statements made by me are correct and complete. (signed) LeAnn Wilson, ACTE Executive Director.
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