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Jessica Benda, ONA Region 1, Treasurer

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Jessica Benda RN, BSN

Which Region: Region 1/ EmeRNging Nurses

Position in Region: Treasurer

Why did you become a nurse? My whole life I have wanted to impact people by helping care for them, but never did I think of nursing until college. My initial thought was education. I didn't think of becoming a nurse until I was in a science class with a lot of nursing students. After talking to friends and professors, I did a lot of praying. God led me to change my major to nursing.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: Southern Nazarene University

How long have you been a nurse? Almost 2 years

What is your specialty? Admin, Exec, ER, Staff, Cardio, etc? I work as a flex nurse where I work on most hospital floors.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? I enjoy most everything about nursing, but the thing that I love most right now is the constant learning. From doctors to patients, I am constantly learning something. It's amazing how much I can learn from a patient when I take a little more time to listen. I also enjoy how connected I am to other new nurses through EmeRNging Nurses. Not only am I able to share my experiences and questions with other new nurses, but I have been given many leadership opportunities because of this group.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? I think if I could do anything to change nursing, it would have to be helping increase the nurse to patient ratio. I find when I have only 4 patients compared to 6 I am able to do more total patient care, which is something I really like to do.

Hobbies? I love traveling and playing sports, but my main hobby would include playing with my sweet puppy, Penny.


Rick Odiorne, ONA Region 2 President Elect

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Richard (Rick) Odiorne, RN, ADN

Which Region: Region 2

Position in Region: President Elect

Why did you become a nurse? Did not want just a job, wanted a career with passion that allowed me to give back to others.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: Tulsa Community College

How long have you been a nurse? 1 year

What is your specialty? Critical Care, presently a staff nurse in the Adult ICU at St John Medical Center. Recently accepted to OU Tulsa BSN program and will further to MSN from there.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? I love being part of the team in our ICU that pride themselves on providing the utmost compassionate and quality patient care.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? Selecting only one thing is hard to do when it comes to improving nursing; because so much is inter-related, changing one factor offsets another. That being said, the improvement I would like to see is reducing the amount of time that is spent charting. Not because I feel that a detailed record and account is not needed, the more items that get added to charting deduct time away from providing patient care. After all, patient care is the reason we became nurses, I have not yet spoken with anyone that has said they became a nurse to chart.

Hobbies? My family, my fuzzy kids, volunteering to help brand new nursing students, as a mentor. Drumming, I play a hand drum called a doumbek. Online gaming mostly MMoRPG (massive multiplayer online role play games) currently playing Star Wars the Old Republic.


Barbara Patterson, ONA Region 5, Member

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Barbara Patterson, EdD, RN, CNE

Which Region: 5

Position in Region: Member

Why did you become a nurse? I always enjoyed helping people. My parents also were very supportive and there were several nurses in my family.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: Practical Nursing Diploma Woodward School of Vocational Nursing, Woodward, OK; BSN, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, OK

How long have you been a nurse? LPN since 1972; RN since 1983

What is your specialty? Education

What do you enjoy about nursing now? Even though no longer at the bedside, I am still helping others through being a part of nursing education.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? Immediately implement the BSN in 10 initiative throughout the United States. My thoughts are supported by an article written by Mildred Montag, the nurse remembered as the mother of associate degree education. The article written almost 50 years ago was about technical nursing education cited Martha Rogers. The quote was, "The level and scope of nursing practice will not exceed the kind and amount of education that precedes it" (Rogers as cited in Montag, 1963, p. 100). Montag, M. (1963).

Technical nursing education. American Journal of Nursing, 63(5), 100-103.

I believe we need to step up the education if we want to maintain our current level of nursing practice, much less if we want to advance it. I recently read if you're not moving forwards, you're going backwards. I think it is time to move nursing forward.
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