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Membership spotlight.


Region 1

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Caryl A. Prati, MSEd, BSN, RN

Which Region: Region 1

Position in Region: Treasurer

Why did you become a nurse? My twin sister was already fulfilling her life long dream to become a nurse. It looked like something I could do until I could decide on what to pursue. I had studied to become a Sister in a Catholic convent for two years after high school. To my delight and surprise, nursing has become a wonderful life long and very satisfying career!

Where did you receive your nursing degree: Los Angeles Valley College, Van Nuys, CA.

How long have you been a nurse? AA in 1964; BSN in 1984; MSEd in 1994.

What is your specialty? Currently I am a Parish Nurse (also known as Faith Community Nurse) at St. Andrew Catholic Church, Moore, OK. I have been a Parish Nurse since November 1999, shortly after moving to OKC. Other previous clinical areas include labor and delivery (I loved this department), county health department, doctors' offices, IV consultant with a DME, private business consultant and camp nurse.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? Parish Nursing combines the best of two worlds. Although it is not a clinical nursing position, Faith Community Nursing relies on the clinical expertise that an RN acquires in previous settings. Just as importantly, the FCN has the privilege of actively praying for and supporting the spirituality of every parishioner for whom she advocates. Spirituality is integral to this practice. FCNs in OK practice in many different faith communities. We began the Faith Community Nursing Association of OK in 1998 to support the more than 100 nurses who have taken the basic course for this specialty.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? That more licensed RNs would join their professional state organization. I have not always agreed with every position or policy but being a member is one way to actively participate in decisions and to become informed on professional issues. ONA has created several membership categories, reducing the yearly cost to join.

Hobbies? I am learning how to play the three-octave hammer dulcimer and it's great fun. I also play in a hand bell choir at St. Andrew. I love to work outside at home and at the church's gardens. Although I don't play organized recreational sports anymore, I still like to ride my bicycle around the neighborhood or local parks.


Region 2

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Cindy M. Lyons, MS, RN, CNE

Which Region: 2

Position in Region: Region 2 Representative to ONA Board of Directors

Why did you become a nurse? to make a difference--a positive impact

Where did you receive your nursing degree: Associate Degree from Tulsa Community College, Baccalaureate in Nursing from Langston University and Masters of Science (Nursing Administration pathway) from the University of Oklahoma

How long have you been a nurse? 35 years

What is your specialty? Admin, Exec, ER, Staff, Cardio, etc? Nursing Administration and Gerontology

What do you enjoy about nursing now? witnessing, and being a part of, the continual growth of our profession as evidenced by the expanding knowledge base and research, the collaboration between nursing practice and education and other healthcare disciplines, the opportunity to mentor new nurses, etc.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? enhanced reimbursement for nurses

Hobbies? leisure time activities include spending time with family and friends, traveling, cooking, reading and adding to my collection of whimsical teapots


Region 3

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Joyce A. Van Nostrand, PhD, RN, CNE; (CNE = Certified Nurse Educator); Chair: RN-BSN & MSN-Education Programs; Chair: Department of Health Professions; Northeastern State University

Which Region: 3

Position in Region: Member; Past President of Region 3, 2009-10, 1992-93

Why did you become a nurse? 1) Because I cared about people and wanted to make a difference, 2) because I didn't want to be a secretary or teacher (those were about the only other choices back in those days), and because I wanted to see other places and leave home! The latter eventually became "because I wanted to see the world" ... via the Army Nurse Corps. It is ironic that I didn't want to be a teacher ... that's what nurses do, and that's what academia is all about ... ha, ha!!

Where did you receive your nursing degree: I am an old diploma nurse from Sacred Heart General Hospital School of Nursing in Eugene, Oregon. My parents could barely afford that three year program and certainly not a bachelor program. After about 12 % years active duty, I transferred to the US Army Reserves and returned to school on my GI Bill. After a year or so of general education hours, I went on to complete a RN-BSN program at Southern Oregon State College in Ashland, Oregon (1984) similar to the one I now chair. Then came my MSN from University of Texas at El Paso (1986), and finally my PhD from Texas Woman's University (1992). After three degrees in 10 years, I had earned a rest!

How long have you been a nurse? Am working on my 43rd year ... whew!

What is your specialty? My clinical practice specialty is psych/mental health. I completed an administration and an education track in my master's program, and have certainly worked in both. In 2005, I was one of the first 174 nurses in the US to be awarded Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) status, which is considered to be advanced practice in nursing education.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? I enjoy assisting RNs returning to school, facilitating their learning and learning from them, and watching them grow and make a positive difference in nursing. As a nurse educator and chair, I had two primary visions: to offer our RN-BSN Program by distance education to RNs in rural areas, and 2) to offer an online MSN-Education Program. Since these have now been accomplished, I am working on a third vision ... hummm ... retiring some day?

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? That all levels of nurses continue their formal education to the next level. We don't know what we don't know! Until you return or continue your studies. Nursing and healthcare has become quite extensive, complicated, and intense ... yet nursing is so vital to quality care. I want to work with and be cared for by highly qualified nurses in my retirement era.

Region 4

Name with Credentials/Degree Designations: James Sims MSN RN-BC ARNP ANP-BC NP-C

Which Region: 4

Position in Region: Region 4 Representative

Why did you become a nurse? I began my career as a nursing assistant many years ago for one simple reason--I needed a job. As time has progressed, I have continued my education and today my goal as a nurse and nurse practitioner is to make a difference in the lives of the other human beings I come into each day.


Where did you receive your nursing degree: I obtained my AAS from Excelsior University, my BS from Southern Nazarene University and my MSN from Saint Louis University. I am currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program at Oklahoma City University, with an anticipated graduation date of May 2012.

How long have you been a nurse? That is a loaded question. To make is simple, I have been working as an adult nurse practitioner for two years. I began my journey along this path January 30, 1990.

What is your specialty? I am certified as an adult nurse practitioner by both the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Practitioners. I hold an additional board certification as a gerontological nurse from the ANCC.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? The many changes looming on the horizon. The recommendations contained in the recently released Institutes of Medicine report regarding the future of nursing will guide us to even greater independence within the nursing field, if they are implemented appropriately.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? Maybe to remove the requirement for physician supervision of prescriptive authority for NPs.

Hobbies? School ... taking care of the chickens and other critters ... spending time with my beautiful wife.


Region 5

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Flo Stuckert MS RN-BC

Which Region: Region 5

Position in Region: President 2010-2011, Region 5 Representative to ONA Board

Why did you become a nurse? I was influenced by mother who was a nursing assistant and loved nursing and caring for people.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: I received a Diploma in Nursing from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in OKC (the old Mercy on 12th St which is now an empty lot.

How long have you been a nurse? 43 years in May

What is your specialty? I love caring for the geriatric population and have my ANCC Certification in Gerontology Nursing. As the Director of Extended Care Services, all of my departments focus on the gerontological patient (home care, hospice, skilled nursing unit, Geri-psych unit and inpatient rehab unit.)

What do you enjoy about nursing now? The role of a nurse has certainly changed in my 43 years! My first year on the floor, I remember a physician making a rude comment to an intern that nurses "were only good for their bandage scissors," as he was asking to borrow mine. I am sure(?) he was trying to be funny, but that memory is still fresh for me. Nurses have the ability to assure the best possible outcomes for our patients as they partner with the other disciplines. They have got to understand what is going on with their patients, advocate and speak up! Nursing has provided me the ability to create, advocate, teach, and lead, and much, much more. I love nursing!!

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? I would say the ability to "critically think" or active problem solving. of the nurse needs some focus. Also, the need to educate the nurse of their accountability for their patients' outcome. Because nurses are the consistent caregiver at the bedside, 24 hrs a day in the inpatient setting, we are expected to provide the monitoring and compliance to CMS and Joint Commission standards and other quality initiatives. Nursing has become so complex. Patients are living longer with higher acuity requiring closer assessment and monitoring. Technology can certainly be a wonderful tool, but it also can complicate the delivery of care. It takes so much longer for a nurse to get oriented and become proficient in all of the processes and technology of patient care delivery. Technology at times can create a "false" safety net for the nurse. Nurses may loose their ability to problem solve because technology has automated some of the problem solving, but technology is only as good as the user and is not fool proof.

Hobbies? Grandchildren, traveling and reading.


Region 6

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Joseph T. Catalano, Ph.D, RN, Program Consultant, Author, Professor Emeritus

Which Region: 6

Position in Region: President; Board Representative

Why did you become a nurse? After I graduated with my BA in Philosophy, I ended up working as an EMT on an ambulance in Albany NY. Back in those days, there were no paramedics and we mostly did scoop and run with the victims we encountered. I was always impressed with the skills and knowledge of the ER nurses when we dropped the patients off at the hospital. I quickly recognized the limits of my knowledge and the low quality of care I was providing. I became good friends with one of the ER nurses, and she suggested that I go to nursing school. I applied (the first non-female student in the program), got accepted and the rest is history!

Where did you receive your nursing degree: RN Diploma, St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing, Utica NY; BSN, SUNY at Utica/Rome, Utica NY; MSN, SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo NY; Ph. D., North Texas State University, Denton TX.

How long have you been a nurse? 35 years

What is your specialty? Most of my clinical practice career was in critical care areas, particularly ICU and ER. I was a nurse educator for 29. I always been involved in my professional nursing organization and believe it is an essential part of being a professional nurse.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? Now that I am retired from nursing education, I particularly enjoy having additional time to work with ONA, writing and helping nursing programs with accreditation and other aspects of nursing education such as curriculum development, evaluation, etc.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? I would increase the membership in the professional nursing organization. Registered nurses comprise the single largest group of health care professional and number almost 3 million nationwide. In Oklahoma, RNs number around 15,000. Fewer than 10% of nurses belong to the professional organization. It boggles the mind to think of the political power that we nurses could wield if we could up that percentage to even 50%.

Hobbies? Wood working and wood crafts; reading; model trains; gardening


Region 7

Name with credentials/ degree designations: Teri Round, MS,BSN,RN

Which region: Region 7

Position in region: Director Payne/Lincoln Counties

Why did you become a nurse? I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but after becoming a nurse tech at age 16, I decided I liked the people interaction better! And of course, I always wanted to help others.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: BSN-UCO (Central State University at the time!)

How long have you been a nurse? 31 years

What is your specialty? Started out as an oncology nurse at Presbyterian hospital and worked in different administrative roles for most of my 22 years there. I am currently in administration as a Director of Med/Surg and Rehab at Stillwater Medical Center.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? The constant change and learning how to deal with it myself as well as helping others develop.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? I wish everyone had the same appreciation of the wonderful work that they do and the difference they make every day. I think we all get so busy doing things and forget the influence we have and had on the people around us on a daily basis.

Hobbies? Being with family, exercise, gardening, and cooking!


ONA Board

Name with Credentials/ Degree Designations: Linda T. Fanning

Which Region: 1

Position in Region: 2010-2012 President of ONA

Why did you become a nurse? I have always wanted to be a nurse. I was about 5 years old when I first knew that. I had a lot of illness as a young child and spend many of my years being cared for by health care professionals (most of them nurses). My oldest sister was a nurse which reinforced my desire to pursue that as my career. I had two aunts, one on my mother's side and one on my dad's side who were both nurses. So I knew a lot of nurses.

Where did you receive your nursing degree: I received my BSN from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1980 (it was called Central State back then). I went back to school 16 years later (1996) to get my Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma.

How long have you been a nurse? Almost 31 years. Whew, that seems like a long time

What is your specialty? My specialty started out in neurology. Mostly neuro trauma. I later worked a lot of general medical surgical areas such as : telemetry units, oncology, ortho / neuro, ICU and home care. I also started a case management program for a local hospital back in 1994. The last 14 years I have been in various administrative and leadership roles. Currently I am the C.N.O at Mercy Hospital.

What do you enjoy about nursing now? I enjoy the opportunity nurses have today to make a difference in the future of the health of our nation. I believe nurses will start impacting wellness more now than ever. I enjoy the versatile roles that nurses have. There are so many options and choices. They can specialize or generalize their areas of interest. Both are equally important.

If you could improve one thing about nursing, what would it be? Having universal wide work environments that provide a few moments every day to de-stress, relax and balance their lives and take better care of themselves on the job.

Hobbies? Yoga, scrapbooking, making cards, biking, scuba diving, traveling, reading, spending time with my family.
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