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Membership approval sets stage for merger with AFS.

In what was its last meeting as the American Cast Metals Assn, the organization's membership formally approved a merger agreement that unifies ACMA with the American Foundrymen's Society. The vote was taken during a special session at the group's annual meeting held Oct 13-17 in Hilton Head, SC. In his opening remarks, ACMA chairman Al Singleton described the merger as "an historic occasion-a significant event for the metalcasting industry." Singleton, who finished his term as president of AFS earlier this year, said the merger of the two largest foundry associations was necessitated by the rapid changes that have dramatically altered the foundry industry and all of manufacturing in the U.S. during the last decade By combining the strengths of the two groups, the effectiveness of both will be enhanced, particularly in the area of government affairs, Singleton said. With the approval of the AFS membership in early November, the merger is scheduled to officially take effect on Dec 31, 1990 and will become effective upon issuance of a certificate from the state of Illinois. The unified organization will maintain the name of the American Foundrymen's Society, Inc, and will be headed up by AFS president Jerry Agin of the Hill & Griffith Co, who will assume the new title of chairman. R. Conner Warren, Citation Carolina Corp, ACMA chairman, will assume the title of first vice chairman. AFS vice president Ray Witt, CMI international, becomes the AFS second vice chairman, and Chuck Jones, AFS executive vice president, was named AFS president. New AFS Goals While highlighting the goals of the new AFS, Warren noted the mixed sentiments of many ACMA members. "We might have a feeling of sadness, a twinge of nostalgia at this being ACMA's last meeting," he said. "This is only natural. We wouldn't be normal if we didn't have such sentiments. "At the same time, we are ambivalent with our feelings. in addition to the sadness and nostalgia, we share in the excitement of the merger into this new organization-the new AFS. ACMA's programs, our officers, members of our board of directors and our staff will all play a major role in the future of AFS, in shaping its policies, in contributing to its philosophy and in carrying out improved, more effective programs to better serve our industry." Warren went on to describe the major goals of the new AFS: "The AFS, as the leading metalcasting association of North America, shall provide leadership in government relations and provide the membership with education and information on technology, marketing, management, human resources and research.

"The AFS goals are to assist member companies and individuals to ... effectively and efficiently manage all production operations... profitably market their products and services ... equitably manage all of their employees ... effectively promote the interests of the industry before the legislative and executive branches of the federal government and in the various federal regulatory agencies ... engage in any and all lawful activities that will enhance the efficiency and economic progress of the metalcasting industry and acquaint the public with its scope and character." Warren also offered his own hopes for the unification: "My goal, my objective, is to make this merger work; make it a success. Words establishing goals are something like policy statements. They are easily phrased and stated. The mechanics of achieving the goals or the policies can be more difficult. But with the support of each and every person in this room, members, Board members, staff guests from AFS and from industry suppliers and manufacturers, we can make this merger work. We can create an organization of which we can be proud; one which truly can serve our industry's needs. It is our organization. We are the ones who will make it go." Although the 1990 meeting marked the last annual ACMA meeting, Warren noted that the new AFS will conduct an Executive Conference similar to previous ACMA annual meetings. The 1991 conference will be held in Williamsburg, VA, and Colorado Springs, CO, will be the site of the 1992 meeting. ACMA Awards In addition to the merger approval and other special presentations, ACMA carried out its tradition of honoring several individuals with special awards. Jim Pearson, president, Aurora Industries, Montgomery, IL, was the recipient this year of ACMA's highest award, its Gold Medal. The 1990 Keating Founders' Award was presented to Larry Krueger, president and chairman, Pelton Casteel, Milwaukee. The William J. Grede Award went to Tony Yonto, chairman, The Quality Castings Co, Orrville, OH.

In addition to these awards, ACMA Service Citations were presented to Al Hunter, chairman, Hunter Automated Machinery Corp, Schaumburg, IL; and Tom Spencer, president, Aacco Foundry, Carson, CA.

ACMA also awarded honorary memberships to: Hugh Sims, vice president/ marketing, Vulcan Engineering Co, Helena, AL; Harry Burns, executive director, Alabama Cast Metals Assn; Al Gruer, retired, Waupaca Foundry; and Charles Sheehan, retired president, American Cast Metals Assn, Des Plaines, IL.
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Title Annotation:American Cast Metals Association annual meeting; American Foundrymen's Society
Author:Kanicki, David P.
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Dec 1, 1990
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