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Membership & exhibit promotional letters for your state association or local society.

Central Office is often asked to help in the preparation of letters to dentists. These letters ask doctors to sponsor staff members for ADAA membership or attendance at state association or local society meetings where ADAA will have education and a recruitment booth.

To make it quick and easy for locals and states that use this effective promotional approach, we're printing a letter that has been used and found helpful and can easily be customized for your group.

It's always good to add just a few handwritten words in the upper right corner of the letter if you can make it brief and energetic and include your name--something like "Thanks for your attention! Cathy Smith." Use a thin, bold felt-tip pen to make the lettering stand out. We're not suggesting individual messages, just sign the original in a neat, nonintrusive manner and let the printer do the rest.

And remember that Central Office offers assistance through cooperative marketing programs with funding up to $300, and in some cases clerical assistance as well. Ask your trustee or Doug McDonough for full information. A detailed description of the program is presented on the opposite page.

Let us know what works for you. The Membership Committee is always interested in the activities of all states and locals and in learning what is successful in recruiting and retaining ADAA members.

To:-- Dental Practitioners

From:--, President

Re: An Invitation to Join Us


Let me introduce you to the American Dental Assistants Association ... the professional organization focused on representing all dental assistants: Business Office, General Chairside, Specialty Chairside, Educator, Sales Representative or Insurance employee. For over 80 years, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) has served those who want to grow professionally.

And you can help the dental assistants in your practice to grow personally and professionally by supporting their membership in the (your state or local) Dental Assistants Association (Society). Not only will our state (local) organization provide a convenient, low-cost forum for continuing education for your dental team members, but national membership in the ADAA will bring them professional liability insurance and access to other worthwhile group purchase programs.

Best of all, continuing education is provided to ADAA members at reduced cost with no test grading fees, and the hours earned this way count toward CDA and CDA renewal.

Look what every dental assistant receives when he or she joins the ADAA:

* $50,000 professional liability insurance, and $2,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance with membership.

* Access to group insurance programs such as major medical, disability, term life, in most states for those who qualify.

* Member discounts on homestudy educational materials and seminars from ADAA with no test grading fees, and the hours earned count toward CDA and RDA renewal.

* Eligibility to participate in the ADAA Fellowship program.

* Member loan and credit card programs for those who qualify.

* Money-saving discounts on hotels and car rentals.

* Plus the bimonthly, scholarly journal, The Dental Assistant, with its free continuing education (nominal grading fee only).

But the best benefits are intangible, such as the value of interaction and support of colleagues, exchange of ideas, self-confidence, professional awareness and contributing to the future of the dental assisting profession.

Support your staff in a meaningful way ... with your dues contribution toward membership in the local, state and national ADAA!

To use this letter as an invitation to a show or meeting, just substitute the following paragraph for the second and third paragraphs of the letter:

And you can help the dental assistants in your practice to grow personally and professionally by cooperating in assuring their attendance at the (insert show name, dates and location). The (your state or local) Dental Assistants Association (Society) will have an exhibit and provide an opportunity for you and your assistants to meet the active, concerned members and learn about how membership in the American Dental Assistants Association benefits you and your whole staff.
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