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1. The New Jersey Group "Skyped" in to the NYC LMA program held March 21. From left to right: Richelle Delavan, Genevieve Javellana, Cindy Draper, Amy Adams, Marcia Jeffers, Amy Davis, Mary Che, Janet Morgan and Linda Manahan.

2. Los Angeles Chapter. From left to right: Speaker Austin Holian and Nat Slavin, Wicker Park Group.

3. The Austin City Group lunch on April 16 discussed, "Advertising Rules and Social Media," with Gene Major, attorney compliance division director at the State Bar of Texas.

4. Connecticut City Group. From left to right: Meg Day, Pullman & Comley; Lindsay Franke, Pullman & Comley; Nicole Caccamo, Gilbride, Tusa, Last & Spellane LLC; Sally LaRoche, Pullman & Comley; Dawn Ogrodowicz, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP.

5. Dallas City Group held a Happy Hour on Feb. 7. From left to right: Valerie Macalik, Carol Crocker, Mallory Wendel, Sheila Sheley, Thomas Crocker, Brandy Dietz.

6. As part of LMA Ohio's "Basics and Beyond: A Legal Marketing Workshop" series, Jim Barone discusses relationship development during the Feb. 22 event at the University of Toledo College of Law.

7. Los Angeles Chapter. From left to right: Dr. Silvia Hodges, Fordham University School of Law; Cheryl Handel; Megan Weinsten, Tucker Weinsten Consulting; Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Greenberg Glusker; Janet Krost.

8. Los Angeles Chapter. From left to right: Jessica Lewis, Latham & Watkins LLP; David Fish, Jones Day; Kristin Stark, Fairfax Associates.

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Date:May 1, 2013
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