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Meltech, Inc.

Stotek Danmark ApS makes a wide range of melting, holding and dosing furnaces for aluminum. Of particular interest is the Dosotherm Dosing Furnace and the patented Dosing Pump that Stotek manufacturers. With three sizes of furnace and two sizes of pumps available, applications include die casting, permanent mold and automatic molding lines, with a casting weight range of 2-121 lbs. Metal is taken from near the bottom of the furnace, and with the option of a ceramic foam filter and nitrogen as the dosing gas, the aluminum in the dosing pump is extremely clean. The process is fully automatic and apart from a wash-coat that is applied to the spout and launder each shift, regular maintenance consists of cleaning the metal surface and walls of the furnace once a week, and lifting the top off the pump once a month. Filter life is normally 4-8 weeks (depending on volume and metal quality), and the ceramic pump body 6-18 months. The thermal efficiency of the Dosotherm is typically about 80% better than an equivalent open well furnace with a ladle, and maintenance, metal loss and consumable costs are considerably lower.

The Dosotherm and dosing pump are very well received, and the customer base includes Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Alcoa, Amcast Automotive, Casting Technology Company and Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, amongst others.

Other products in the Stotek range include bale out and tilting crucible furnaces, and reverberatory style, crucible free, bale out furnaces, as well as a range of larger tower and holding furnaces. All the furnaces in the range, with the exception of the tower furnace, can be supplied with electric or gas heating.

Stotek products are distributed and serviced in North America by Meltech Inc., Brookfield, Wis.

c/o Meltech, Inc. 1515 Barrington Woods Drive, Brookfield, WI 53045-2212 Ph: 262/780-9810 * 888/780-4888 * Fax: 262/780-9826 e-mail: web:
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