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Melt-filtration system adapts to keep pressure stable.

The MAS Continuous Disc Filtration (CDF) from MAS (U.S. office Pineville, N.C.) is an adaptive melt-filtration system that can be easily integrated into any current extrusion line that needs superior contaminant removal. Available in four sizes to accommodate a full range of capacities, the CDF removes up to 5% of soft contaminants efficiently and continually. It will be on display in March at NPE2015 in Orlando.

It features an automatic melt-pressure disc-control system that automatically increases the disc rotation speed as well as the knife scraper pressure as needed to keep a stable melt pressure. This increased melt-pressure stability has shown to greatly increase extruder capacity, MAS says.

On the CDF, the discharge screw and the rotating disc work independently of each other. This allows the CDF and screw to be set at different RPMs, reportedly resulting in minimal polymer loss and maximum contaminant discharge.

The CDF knife scrapers are set to a fixed point on the rotating disc, allowing contaminants on the disc to be immediately removed as they are brought to the knife, instead of being dragged across the filter screen by the knife as in other designs.

The knife scraper is made of brass to prevent added wear to the screen during use. It can be easily sharpened as needed, thereby prolonging its life and needing fewer replacements.

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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