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Melt blown technology from J and M Laboratories, Inc.

Continuing with its tradition of innovative technology, J and M Laboratories, Inc. introduces its 1993 line of polymer and adhesive melt blown equipment designed to suit your individual application needs.

Desktop Polymer Melt Blown Unit: This unit is ideal for the organization involved in the research and development of melt blown technology. This unit aids in the analysis of potential melt blowing resins, their processability and their fiber diameter range.

Polymer Melt Blown Production Equipment: Available up to four meters wide with fiber diameter range of 1-10 microns. Maximum 2 g/h/m throughput, based on 30 holes per inch spray pattern, allows for a wide range of product applications including filtration, hygiene, medical and sorbents media. Via multimetering pump or coat hanger polymer distribution and balancing these lines offer extremely accurate cross web uniformity. The introduction of low pressure blower systems to replace the high current air compressors required for fine filament fiberization, in combination with high energy efficient air heating elements, has allowed J and M to reduce the overall energy consumption versus product produced ratio from an industry standard of 4KW hr/kg product to an incredible 2KW hr/kg.

Ultra Fine Fiber Melt Blowing Production Equipment: Available up to four meters wide with fiber diameter range of .25 microns to 1 micron, these units allow for production levels of ultra high efficiency filtration media. This media is capable of use in the medical mask and surgical garment industry as well as providing an alternative source of air and liquid filtering products currently using micro glass media. Available in multiple configurations, these systems provide up to [+ or -] 2% uniformity and can be used alone to form high base weight filter media. In conjuncture with the standard polymer melt blown equipment, the production of low base weight spray overcoat applications for substrate enhancement is possible.

Polymer Melt Blown/Adhesive Melt Blown Composite Equipment: Offers inline multi-lamination of Substrate, Adhesive, Melt Blown, Adhesive Substrate (SAMAS) products. Available up to four meters wide, the systems feature the same capabilities of standard polymer melt blown equipment with the additional feature of forming composites via adhesive melt blown applicator heads. The use of these multi-layer composite dies allows for the production of composite webs with better air permeability than that usually associated with thermal calendering. Units are available with single or turret beams and manual or automatic doff rewind stations.

In addition, all of the above systems are available with the standard manual operator interface or the optional computer management system, utilizing full PLC control, touch screen interface and recipe driven processes.
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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1993
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