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Melodrama called change.

Byline: W G H

Sir, - The coming summer recess of Parliament surely brings with it audible sounds of relief that for a good eight weeks we shall be spared the priestly incantation that politicians must 'reconnect' to voters, and unless they do so indeed there may even be pangs of conscience about some quaint system of representation known as 'democracy', as they run all the way to the bank with their lolly.

True, we live in the mobile phone generation and folk are being 'connected' hither and thither at an alarming rate. But heaven forbid that we should want to be 'connected' to politicians even in this 'it's who you know', post-Thatcherite melodrama Blairites refer to as 'change'.


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Title Annotation:Letter
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 28, 2001
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