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Melbourne contract for THORN/Safegate.

Following the completion of A380 modification work at Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport, Australia, in 2006, THORN Airfield Lighting has been awarded a contract for the next major upgrade, valued at AUD $3.7 million (US$3.16m). This is the first commission for the newly-merged THORN Airfield Lighting and Safegate Group, brought together to pursue undertakings such as this.

This task involves providing turnkey services from design through supply, project management and installation. The scope includes adding 14 new stop bar locations. It is important to realise that, on average, every airport experiences at least one runway incursion every year, and sheer luck is often involved as to whether these remain an 'incident' or become a fatal accident. ICAO and Eurocontrol are among the international organisations which advocate stop-bars as one of the most effective factors in preventing runway incursions in both good and low visibility. Stop bars must be controlled independently to the other lights and control has to be associated with the taxiway lead on lights for at least 295ft (90m) after the stop bar. Safegate's Airfield Smart Power (ASP) technology in the field and SafeControl system in the tower will be employed to provide comprehensive addressable lighting control and monitoring of all stop bars and taxiway lead-on lights. A power line carrier (CPL) system, it uses the existing power cables, transformers and constant current regulators to transmit status information from each light to the tower and substations, and in the other direction, it individually controls the lights.


Commenting on the project, Hank Steuten, THORN Airfield Lighting director, said: "This is a perfect case study of what is happening on the market. There is a clear demand for more and better control and monitoring of the airfield lighting as this is an effective way to increase safety and efficiency (both economical and environmental), two massive trends in airfield ground operations". Within this perspective, he mentioned that at the recent inter airport Europe exhibition, Munich, in October, the Safegate-THORN group had presented a revolutionary concept called SafeLED IQ, a smart combination of an inset LED taxiway light and a power line carrier communication module. The company describes this as: "an innovation which should greatly simplify the implementation of addressable LED lights in the field in the future."
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Title Annotation:Products & Service: Announcements; THORN Airfield Lighting merged with Safegate Group
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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