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Meghan Markle Learned 'Bitter Lessons' From Kate Middleton After George's Birth.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have learned something from Kate Middleton in anticipation of their baby's birth.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced on Thursday that they will be keeping their birthing plans secret. The couple said that they were grateful for the good wishes but would love to enjoy some private time with their newborn before they introduce their baby to the world.

According to royal expert Dickie Arbiter, Prince Harry and Markle's decision to snub St. Mary and keep things private may be the result of the "bitter lessons" they learned from the Duchess of Cambridge following Prince George's birth in 2013.

"Kensington Palace 6 we are talking about Kensington Palace because they are used to dealing with these things, as are Buckingham Palace 6 learned their bitter lesson when Prince George was born," Arbiter said on ( Yahoo's Royal Box . "The media were camping out the Lindo Wing in Paddington for about six or seven weeks. It was disrupting the hospital, disrupting ambulances, disrupting people wanting to go into the hospital for treatment or visiting."

Arbiter noted how the security service laid down the law for Prince Louis' birth. They set up pens and prohibited the press from going into the pens until Middleton was physically in the hospital.

At the moment, it remains unknown when Markle is due. Previous reports claimed that it's likely Markle will deliver her baby this week. The odds of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcoming their firstborn this week have been ( slashed to 2/1.

Also, the palace has not confirmed where Markle will give birth to her baby. Some said that she wanted a home birth like Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, other sources said that she picked Frimley Park Hospital which local moms compared to a hotel because of its superb service and food. They find the facility "very luxurious."

However, one mom was concerned about Markle's hospital choice. According to Adele Mayo, she and the duchess are due at a similar time, but she's hoping that they don't go into labor at the same time because she knows that Markle will be given "( preferential treatment " and might probably get the room that has been eyeing for.

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Date:Apr 13, 2019
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