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Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Have Contrasting Handwriting.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are being compared to each other for the past couple of months, but it seems that the two are actually very different.

In terms of personalities, handwriting expert Jamie Mason Cohen said that Markle and Middleton are also very different when it comes to expressing their emotions.

Even though Middleton and Markle are not allowed to sign autographs, Cohen said that the Duchess of Cambridge's writing slants slightly to the right. This indicates that Prince William's wife has strong control of her emotions. Middleton's lower case "d" stems, which are three times higher than the rest of her letters. This, and the way she writes her lower case "t's" reflect her temperament.

Cohen ( said that Middleton seems to choose her battles carefully, and she tends to evaluate a situation before responding to it. Her emotional restraint symbolizes "a sign of pride or caring deeply how she represents herself, her family's reputation and her role in the Crown."

Meanwhile, Prince Harry's fiancA@e appears to have stronger energy. The way Markle writes her letters, especially the letter "t," suggests that she tends to make decisions based on her emotions. As an actress, Markle signed autographs for her fans, and her letters appeared to be huge. Cohen said that this means the former actress loves to be in the center of attention.

In the past, Markle's handwriting was also analyzed by Barbara Weaver, a handwriting expert at the Cambridge School of Graphology. While speaking with ( Express , Weaver said that the "Horrible Bosses" star's handwriting shows that she is more after style than content. "I see these as self-protective strokes but also those soldered strokes mean she is anxious to make a good impression," she said.

Weaver compared Markle's handwriting to Prince Harry's and said that it is simpler. "He is direct and straightforward," she said. And even though opposites attract, Weaver said that the glaring difference between the couple's personalities may ( cause problems between them.

In order to solve possible marital problems, Weaver suggested that Prince Harry and Markle try to compromise.

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Date:Jan 31, 2018
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