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Meghan Markle's Hats Suggest She's 'Not As Confident' As Kate.

Meghan Markle's choices when it comes to the headpiece suggest she's less confident than Kate Middleton, according to Beverley Edmondson, a milliner.

While speaking with ( Express , Edmondson specifically highlighted the Duchess of Sussex's hat at the Royal Ascot this week.

"Meghan's hat yesterday was very stylish and elegant. It's always lovely to see the classic monochrome look for Ascot 6 think 'My Fair Lady.' The hat had a little more detail 6 without being fussy 6 than we have seen in previous hats that she has worn, which softened the look on her and shows that there is a balance in the designs which can be reached between minimalistic and fussy," she said.

Despite Edmondson's positive comments about ( the former 'Suits' star's Royal Ascot hat , the expert still thinks that Prince Harry's wife has not yet nailed her style when it comes to the head accessory.

"Meghan hasn't quite managed to nail down a style yet, she is not as confident in hats as Kate and has so far gone for simpler hats than Kate would go for. I think she is trying to carve out a sleek minimal look but I think this still needs finessing, she hasn't yet developed the sleek sophisticated and timeless yet feminine look that Kate has," she said.

"I'm looking forward to seeing her hats at Royal Ascot should Meghan be attending, it will be a real opportunity to cement her style and test the waters of designs," she said.

Meanwhile, Edmonson also talked about the trend at this year's ( Royal Ascot . Majority of the female royals attended the five-day horse-racing event in pastel hues.

"Pastel colors are key this year with Ascot inspiration coming from what the royals wear to the upcoming royal wedding. Small but unusual shapes will be popular as well as shallow crowns and wide brims. The Royals are hugely influential so I always watch what colors and shapes are being worn as I know my clients take their ideas from the Royals. The royals always wear classic colors and styles but with a modern twist to keep it up to date and relevant," she said.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jun 21, 2018
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