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Meghan Markle's Banana Messages In Bristol Called Offensive.

Meghan Markle recently wrote inspiring messages on banana peels during her trip to Bristol. However, this move was branded as offensive.

Greg Wilford and Chloe Kerr, journalists for ( The Sun , recently said that a sex worker named Nikki branded what the Duchess of Sussex did as "really stupid." "People out here struggle to eat and sleep and she gifts us more words on a piece of fruit. She has the means to help us more than that; it's offensive, you know," the sex worker said.

Markle wrote the notes on banana peels on Friday during an impromptu visit to One25 charity with Prince Harry. Another sex worker, who refused to be named, praised the Duchess of Sussex for her efforts to reach out to them. She said that any food or beddings are very much welcome especially now that it is very cold.

A volunteer from One25 also showed support to what Markle did. The writing of notes was inspired by a dinner lady that also sent the same positive notes to schoolkids in the United States.

"The messages were lovely and sensitive. I think the women who would have received them would have appreciated it. Knowing there's someone supporting them would mean a lot," the volunteer said.

Meanwhile, Markle's husband also made headlines during their trip in Bristol when Prince Harry looked as though ( he was embarrassed by what his wife just did. Twitter user Pam and ham commented on the video uploaded by PA Royal Reporters last week.

After saying that Prince Harry looked embarrassed by Markle's gesture, another person said that it is the Duke's doing because he's not very bright. But another Twitter came to Prince Harry's defense and reminded everyone of everything that the soon-to-be-dad has done for the royal family and his chosen charities, particularly the Invictus Games.

Markle and Prince Harry's ( next joint royal engagement will be at the Endeavor Fund Awards on Feb. 7.

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