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MegaDrive EV-1000 now shipping; high-performance, massively scaleable RAID storage for digital media machine room and workgroup environments.

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 7, 1997--MegaDrive Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance, scalable, fault-tolerant mass storage solutions, Monday announced the availability of the new EV-1000, their next-generation storage system that is sure to revolutionize data intensive Digital Media applications with its massive scalability, "bulletproof" reliability and blazing fast performance.

Based on the award-winning Enterprise E-8 disk array, the EV-1000 Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI RAID Systems provides up to 200MB/sec. throughput while delivering continuous on-line availability.

It begins with robust, hot pluggable, single or dual active hardware RAID controllers, power supplies, fans and drive modules that can be replaced while the system is running. All EV-1000 components are redundant and hot pluggable, removing any single point of failure.

"With the EV-1000, MegaDrive continues to push the technology envelope for Digital Media storage," said Alex Bouzari, president of MegaDrive Systems. "The massive scalability of the EV-1000, combined with its exceptional performance and fault-tolerance, are sure to make it the storage system of choice for Digital Media applications such as broadcast, post-production and film compositing, as well as the prepress environment," he added.

Hardware RAID Support

At the heart of the EV-1000 RAID System are the ER-1000 single or dual active, intelligent hardware RAID controllers that interface with the host system at Ultra SCSI speeds to provide better than uncompressed video rates (40MB/sec. per controller). The same controller host interface can be upgraded to Fibre Channel and increase performance up to 100MB/sec. per controller, for almost 200MB/sec. in a striped, dual controller configuration.

The ER-1000 also provides exceptional flexibility for RAID and LUN (Logical UNit) configurations and includes simultaneous support for RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 and 5. The EV-1000 permits any set of drives to be seleted and identified as a "group" of drives and each individual group of drives can be configured as a single LUN or as multiple LUNs and assigned its own RAID level.

Blazing Fast Performance

With Ultra SCSI data throughput rates of 40MB/second per controller, the EV-1000 can provide 80MB/second throughput in a striped, dual controller configuration. A striped, dual controller Fibre Channel configuration provides EV-1000 users with 200MB/second throughput.

This exceptional and robust controller performance, combined with "bulletproof" reliability, makes the EV-1000 the ideal solution for handling multiple streams of uncompressed or compressed full-frame video, as well as other sophisticated Digital Media and mission-critical applications.

Exceptional Flexibility

With its large capacity, robust performance and compatibiliy with the entire line of MegaDrive storage products, the EV-1000 is designed to be flexible. Starting with drive modules, the EV-1000 supports both 3.5 inch 9GB and 5.25 inch 23GB drive modules. And it easily adds drives to the array, and additional arrays to the host. Its support for independent spindles, multiple simultaneous RAID levels, and ability to be reconfigured without interruption, ensures that the array can quickly react to changing demands.

To prevent forfeiting their initial investment in equipment, users are seeking platform interoperability within heterogeneous environments. The EV-1000 supports Silicon Graphics IRIX, Apple Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows NT, Sun Microsystems Sparc and IBM RS/6000 A/IX.

EV-1000 Features Include:

-- Data throughput rates of up to 80MB/sec. with Ultra SCSI and

200MB/sec. with FC-AL -- On-line data storage up to 920GB per enclosure (using 23GB disk

drives) -- Hardware-based level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5 RAID support -- Simultaneous support of RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5 -- Supports both Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI host connections -- Up to 10 ER-8 rackmount storage units in each 44U tower rack

system -- Dedicated System Management Console -- Mix and match 3.5 inch 9.1GB Ultra Wide and/or 5.25 inch 23GB

Ultra Wide Enterprise drive modules -- Optional cache mirroring for dual controller configurations -- Active/Active and Active/Passive dual-controller support -- Up to 256MB optional cache memory support per controller -- TCP/IP and SNMP communication support via Ethernet ports -- Independent serial configuration and monitoring ports for easy

system diagnostics

For EV-1000 pricing information, contact your local MegaDrive sales representative or MegaDrive Sales department at 818/700-7676.

Founded in 1988, MegaDrive Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, data management, storage and network topology solutions for the professional digital media markets of film, video and prepress. MegaDrive solutions are compatible with Macintosh, PCs, as well as workstations from Silicon Graphics Inc. and Sun Microsystems. Corporate headquarters are located in Chatsworth, Calif.

For more information on MegaDrive's award-winning storage solutions, contact MegaDrive Systems by phone at 800/TERABYTE, by e-mail at, or visit the company's Web site at . -0- NOTE: MegaDrive, the MegaDrive logo, EV-1000 and Enterprise are trademarks of MegaDrive Systems Inc. (C) 1997 MegaDrive Systems Inc. General Notice: Some of the product names used herein have been used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

CONTACT: MegaDrive Systems Inc., Chatsworth

Nicole Blout, 818/700-7694

818/700-7601 (fax)
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Date:Apr 7, 1997
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