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Mega success in the addiction treatment field act, commit, succeed!

You will not believe how much you will learn and take away from the integrative addiction medicine workshop that precedes ACAM's Critical Updates and Applications in Functional Medicine conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in September 2017.

Addiction and substance abuse have become an epidemic. A new era in natural addiction treatment is rapidly evolving. Now is the time for medical professionals to update their knowledge and understanding in treating those with addiction problems. I-AM-I has created a totally unique workshop that will provide a range of subjects across a wide variety of addiction issues to enable doctors and therapists to go back to their clinics and practice a new, more comprehensive, integrative approach to treating addiction. The workshop will have both regular lectures and interactive sessions. The target audience of this pre-conference workshop includes NDs, MDs, DOs, psychiatrists, doctors of addictive disorders, counselors, nurses, and addiction therapists. Information about this pre-conference workshop is available at or call 843-213-1480.

Integrative Addiction Workshop--An Unique Opportunity

This unique approach to treating addiction patients will teach medical professionals the following:

* Addiction as a wholistic body ecosystem derangement;

* The interaction between stress, survivorship, pain, and addiction;

* The role of hormonal imbalance in the disease of addiction;

* Never before discussed effective, natural therapies to treat sex addiction and obesity;

* The genetic and epigenetic influences on the disease of addiction;

* Introduction to natural addiction medicine;

* Mitochondrial restoration as an integral factor in treating addiction;

* Psycho-neuroendocrine immune restoration essential to reverse addiction; and

* New and future therapies on the horizon for addiction treatment, including stem therapy for psycho-neuroendocrine immune restoration.

I-AM-I is one of the pioneer institutions that focus on a natural, wholistic approach to addiction treatment. Whether the addiction is to drugs, substances, eating disorders, sex, or gambling, I-AM-I proposes a wholistic, natural, evidence-based approach, spearheaded by Dr. Dalal Akoury who has treated hundreds of patients suffering from addiction with great success. Dr. Akoury employs a comprehensive wholistic approach, deploying a combined evidence-based service that includes intravenous therapy, medications, natural therapeutic approaches, and psychosocial therapies to synergistically align the body, mind, and spirit, to ultimately provide a long-term life change.

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Date:Aug 1, 2017
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