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Mega Mirror.

Good enough to CHEAT

How to beat the system

IF LARA'S got you baffled and you're no match for FIFA '98, don't worry, help is at hand. Here's Mega Mirror's ultimate cheat list which includes helpful hints on all the top games.

Tomb Raider 2 (PlayStation, PC CD-ROM). To make Lara turn in mid- air press run/jump forward/back.

Hit the backward directional command the instant Lara leaves the ground and at the apex of her leap she will spin around.

This gives her more time to fire shots at her pursuer, but it's a tricky move that needs practice.

FIFA Road To World Cup '98 (PlayStation, N64, PC CD-ROM, Saturn). If you own a PlayStation version of FIFA '98 you can get unlimited player attributes in the player edit screen by using the following code: L1, L2, X, square, X.

TOCA Touring Car Championship (PlayStation, PC CD-ROM). Input the following cheats to get more gameplay options. CMGARAGE - extra cars, CMNOHITS - ghost car, CMLOGRAV - cars in space, CMTOON - that's all folks, CMSTARS - play tracks at night.

Diddy Kong Racing (N64). To get ahead of the "boss" in "boss races" start revving your engine as the "Get Ready" command starts to fade on the screen.

Once ahead of the "boss" avoid bumping into anything and it should be plain sailing!

Crash Bandicoot 2 (PlayStation). In the second warp room (level 6-10), jump on the baby polar bear's head to collect 10 extra lives.

Actua Soccer 2 (PlayStation, PC CD-ROM). To trigger a first-time strike keep hammering the shoot button while the ball is in the air.

One of your players may attempt to move but will not always succeed. First time control moves can be triggered by hammering the pass button when the ball is in the air - here the players will attempt to control the ball.

If the attempt is successful you'll have a couple of seconds when you cannot be tackled.

Croc (PlayStation, Saturn). There are six Gobbos (Croc's islander friends) on each level.

Collect 18 on the three levels before each "miniboss" or "boss" section. If you defeat the "boss" you'll travel to a secret level where you may find one of eight missing jigsaw pieces.

Combine all of them and you'll discover the entrance to the fifth world, Crystal Island.

Super Mario 64 (N64). To enter Tower of Wing Cap (Red Cap) secret course, you need at least 10 stars.

Go to the entrance of the castle and stand in the sunlight. Press the top yellow camera button to get control of the camera and look up into the sunlight to warp into the course.

Mario Kart 64 (N64). If you can achieve any of the following times or lower, you'll race an extremely fast "ghost" racer on that track. Mario Raceway 1'46, Luigi Raceway 2'12, Royal Raceway 3'10.

Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation). There is no easy way to get through this complex RPG, but one hint is to make use of the Ultimate Weapons which can defeat the strongest enemy.

Tifa's Ultimate Weapon is the Premium Heart. Get the Sector 5 Key and return to Midgar during disc two or three. Go to the Wall Market and enter the building labelled "Item". Then examine the computer and you'll get her weapon.


MEGA has 10 copies of Tomb Raider 2 The Official Strategy Guide up for grabs.

To stand a chance of winning one tell us the name of the heroine in Tomb Raider 2. Send your answers on a postcard to Mega Mirror, Tomb Raider 2 Comp, PO Box, 4022, London, E14 5BX.

TOCA Touring Car Championship and Crash Bandicoot 2 tips provided courtesy of PowerStation magazine. It is published monthly and costs pounds 3.95. Each issue contains more than 2,000 cheats.




LIMBER up for a wheelie good competition.

Mega Mirror and Ovaltine Power, the new kids' chocolate drink, have joined up to give one lucky Mega reader the chance to win a fab new mountain bike.

A total of 150 runners-up win a CD bag and wallet. And that's not all - everyone who enters will receive a tasty sample of Ovaltine Power.

Mountain biking is lots of fun and it's a great way of keeping fit, too.

So if you've been a couch potato all winter, here's your chance to get some action.

To enter our great contest, tell us the name of Ovaltine's tasty new kids' drink.

Send your answers on a postcard to Ovaltine Power/Mega Mirror Comp, PO Box 133, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1XP.

The winners will be the first correct entries drawn.

WIN NHL Breakaway '98

GET your skates on and you could score with the great new ice hockey game NHL Breakaway '98 - because we've got 10 copies to give away FREE.

The Nintendo 64 game from Acclaim uses motion capture technology for realistic hockey movements. All 26 NHL teams are represented with over 600 stars, and even the names on the jerseys are accurate.

There are five different modes of play including a full season and exhibition play. To stand a chance of winning a copy worth pounds 49.99 tell us what the initials NHL stand for. Is it a) National Holiday Lottery; b) National Hockey League; c) Not Half Lucky?

Put your answer on a postcard together with your name and address and send it to: Hockey Comp., Mega Mirror, 1 Bartlett Court, London EC88 1TH. The first 10 correct answers out of the postbag after the closing date of Monday, March 16, will each receive a copy of the game.


X MEN: Children Of The Atom

(pounds 39.99 PlayStation)

A GOOD old-fashioned beat-em-up that's been ported over from the arcade original.

There are 10 Marvel comic characters to choose from including Wolverine, Colossus and Iceman.

You can create your own combos such as punching and flying. The action is fluid but seemed slow on major combos.

Rating: 83 per cent.

QUEEN: The Eye

(39.99 PC CD-ROM)

IT HAS been years in the making and, as you'd expect, this adventure from the renowned rock band pulls out all the stops over five CDs.

Each CD can be played individually and each represents a Queen album.

Gameplay varies from beat-em-up to mind-bending puzzles.

Rating: 90 per cent.

Win the whole world!

THE Lost World was a monster movie hit and it can be bought on video from next week.

To celebrate, Mega has 15 goodie bags up for grabs, each containing a copy of the video, a PlayStation game, a CD soundtrack, the novel, a dinosaur activity book, a Making Of The Lost World book and a duvet and pillowcase set.

Ten runners-up get the video, which costs pounds 16.99 and is available for eight weeks only. The film picks up four years after the disaster at Jurassic Park.

Dinosaurs are roaming on a nearby island and Dr Malcolm and his team must join with hunters to survive.

To enter, just tell us the full name of the dinosaur known as T-Rex. Send your answer on a postcard to Mega Mirror, Lost World Comp, PO Box, 4022, London, E14 5BX.



TV AND movie moguls are snapping up the rights to turn blockbusting video games into films.

The legendary beat-em-up Mortal Kombat is being turned into a live action telly series which starts in America in the autumn.

And British stations, including Channel Five and satellite, are interested in bringing it over here.

Studio giant Warner Brothers is behind the weekly series which follows the fortunes of the martial arts fighters.

One Hollywood insider says: "The movie a couple of years ago wasn't that great but it made a lot of money. The TV series hopes to do even better."

And the classic first-perspective shooter Doom has also been acquired by TriStar Pictures who are planning to turn it into a multi-million pound film.

Blush's secret passion

THEY'RE sassy, they can sing a note or two and they're managed by who? A dinner lady!

Blush, alias Fran Chapman, Natalie Kinton and Anna Williamson, are the latest gorgeous girl group to arrive on planet pop.

When Fran's mum, a school dinner lady, heard the girls sing, she was so impressed she threw down her apron and set about getting the lasses a record deal. And it worked.

Six months later Blush have released their hotly-tipped debut single Feel My Vibe.

The girls have been mingling with the likes of Chris Evans and Darren Day, but they have yet to meet their heart-throbs, 911.

"All three of us have a secret passion for 911. I really fancy Lee," admits Fran, 17.

But the question Mega Mirror really wanted to know was what makes Blush blush?

"I hate being chatted up by boys - especially if I can't think of anything witty to say," reveals Fran. But fellow band member Natalie, 24, chips in: "Hey, it doesn't embarrass me, I like it.

"I'd like it even more if it was Ronan from Boyzone."



PLAYSTATION bosses have been secretly developing a hand-held games console to challenge Nintendo's Game Boy.

The plans for the new machine came to light when specifications were leaked from Sony's Japanese HQ to software companies who want to create games.

The console, as yet unnamed, is likely to be in shops by Christmas.

GOLF superstar Tiger Woods is to star in his own computer game. The 22-year-old American has signed a four-year deal worth millions of pounds to lend his name to simulations which will appear on the PlayStation and PC CD-ROM.

Competitions close on March 17, 1998 except where otherwise stated. Normal Mirror Group rules apply with no cash alternative. Winners will be the first correct entries drawn unless otherwise stated

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