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Mega Mirror: Swotty Spot is top dog.

Byline: Fiona Parker

THERE'S all-new cartoon action on Disney Channel with Teacher's Pet. The side-splitting show follows the antics of Spot, a dog who dresses up as a boy and goes to school - much to the embarrassment of his owner Leonard who is in the same class.

Spot - known to his fellow students as Scott - is the class swot. His motto is TGIM - Thank God It's Monday - and he's on a mission to be the first dog to attend Harvard, America's most prestigious university. But not only is the brainiest in the class, he's also the most popular. Talents such as catching Frisbees in his mouth and highly acute hearing - handy for listening for the ice cream van - endear him to the other kids. But Spot and Leonard have a major problem. They must hide Spot's secret from their classmates and from their teacher Mrs Helperman, who is also Leonard's mum.

It's a laugh-a-minute as the crazy canine tries to control his urge to chase cars, gnaw shoes and even pee on school property. Mega gives Teacher's Pet the thumbs up. Check it out on Disney Channel, weekdays at 4pm.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2001
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