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Byline: Edited by Fiona Parker

SONIC may once have been Sega's mascot, but now the spiky blue hedgehog is set to make the leap on to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance in Japan this summer.

The speedy critter celebrates his 10th birthday this year. Since he made his debut in 1991, a cool 15 million Sonic games have been sold worldwide.

Sega has announced that it will also be releasing a version of the action puzzler Chu Chu Rocket and Puyo Puyo, another puzzle game, for the Game Boy Advance.

The Japanese games giant, which has recently switched from making consoles to providing software for other platforms, will also launch the beat 'em up Virtua Fighter 4, the adventure game Sakura War and the space action game Space Channel 5 for the PlayStation 2.

Meanwhile, Sega has slashed the price of the Dreamcast to pounds 99.99. The company has also said it will roll out more than 30 games for the internet-ready machine this year, including Daytona USA, Sonic Adventure 2 and Crazy Taxi 2. The Dreamcast was launched in October 1999 and orginally cost pounds 199.99.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 3, 2001
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