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Meg & Nicole: a lesson in philanthropy.

THE SUNDAY SCHOOL in Bethel Church, Scotsburn, N.S., was collecting 200 pounds of food for the local food bank. Meg Maxner and Nicole Robinson were having a joint party at the local swimming pool to celebrate their sixth birthdays. "Why don't we invite our friends to bring donations for the food bank rather than presents?" And that is just what they did.


The following Sunday, Meg and Nicole rolled their wagons, piled with 174 pounds of birthday "gifts," down the aisle during the offering amidst applause from the congregation. A total of 370 pounds of food were sent to the food bank.

Bethel, Scotsburn, is a member of the ProVisionaries Network, a network of congregations who covenant to make planned giving an integral pan of their stewardship and mission. Using planned giving strategies, they recently raised over $100,000 to establish a permanent fund for Christian Education. With the fund they were able to hire a part-time staff worker to launch a mid-week children's ministry. To learn how your congregation conjoin the network, contact the Planned Giving Office.
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Date:May 1, 2010
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