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Meetings of the SCNA Board of Directors and actions taken.

October 4, 2013; October 11, 2013, SCNA Annual Meeting; October 11, 2013, SCNA Board of Directors Annual Meeting; and November 15, 2012 Board of Director meeting

October 4, 2013: Conference Call Meeting:

The major activity of this meeting was to review the materials in the Book of Reports in preparation for the SCNA Annual Meeting The Script was reviewed members were reminded of their roles for the meeting.

The Minutes of the June Conference Call were accepted as well as the Finance Reports for June, July and August of 2013

Palmetto Gold requested that two members assist with the 2014 gala Members were forwarded to the Chair of Palmetto Gold. It was announced that Connie Varn, President-Elect of SCNA will attend the ANA President's Training conference in early December.

October 11, 2013: SCNA Annual Meeting

The meeting took place at the Columbia Marriott Hotel It began at 10:00 AM All members of the Board were present except for one All Chapter Chairs but two were present The president of the SCNF was present; the new President of the SNA-SC was not present.

The meeting was opened in the customary form of the Pledge of Allegiance, the reading of the I Am a Nurse Cultural Covenant, and the reading of The Code of Ethics.

The agenda and standing rules were adopted and a quorum was established.

The members present participated in The Nightingale Tribute for Dr. Sheryl Sue Kenny Russell and Pamela Sprang Mabry for the Time of Remembrance.

Reports were received from the SCNA President, Vicki Green, Treasurer, Alice Wyatt, SNA-SC mentor, Connie Varn, and CEO Judith Thompson. The Treasurer's Report was accepted as found in the Book of Reports.

A motion to adopt the Bylaw proposals and the Proviso to the Bylaws was made and the proposed Bylaws and Proviso were adopted by the members

A motion to permit the entertainment of a Resolution by the Annual Meeting was made and passed The Resolution was passed by standing acclamation

Reports were received from each Commission and from each Chapter and each Committee.

The Declaration of the Election was presented and the new Board members and Chapter Officers were sworn in by President Vicki Green.

President's Awards which were to be given at the were part of this meeting as well: Connie Varn, Jessica Simpkins, Sheryl Montgomery Mitchell, Lawrence Eberlin, and Ellen Riddle all were honored for their service to SCNA.

The Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM

October 11, 2013

Annual Meeting of the SCNA

Board of Directors

(South Carolina Corporation law requires that each Board of Directors have an Annual Meeting of the Board. SCNA chooses to do this meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting of the Members of SCNA By doing this, SCNA meets the spirit and the letter of the law and avoids additional expenses to the organization of having to have a formal call to the members, etc)

Meeting was called to order at 12:20 PM

The quorum was established

A motion to adopt the 2014 Calendar for meeting of the Board of Director was made and adopted,

The Board members and Chapter Chairs present signed the annual Board of Directors Responsibilities Agreement.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:23 PM.

November 15, 2013: Conference Call Meeting

A quorum was established

Minutes from October 4, October 11 and October 11, 2013 were passed as distributed

Finance Reports for September and October were accepted as presented.

The 2014 Goals of the SCNA Finance Committee were approved

A new policy for changing the percentages from workshops of Chapters was approved

The 2014 SCNA Budget was presented by the Finance Committee The budget was reviewed on a line by line basis A few changes were made to the proposed budget and then the motion to pass the amended budget was made and the motion passed.

The new policy to establish the calendar year for the beginning and ending of terms for members of the Board, committees, and Chapters was presented A motion was made and the policy was passed.

A discussion of the activities surrounding the proposed sale of the property at 1821 Gadsden Street was held and the CEO was given instructions as to how to proceed At this time, the building is still the property of SCNA.

The President thanked all who had worked on the 2014 Budget for the hard work in reviewing every expense of SCNA and looking at the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:16 PM.
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