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Meeting Silo Regulations.

A series of instrumentation systems from Jumo Instruments will help users to comply immediately with the latest European regulations governing the conditions in grain silos.

Amongst the broad-ranging provisions of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, staff are instructed to avoid entering silos because of the danger of engulfment, and fire and explosion risks should be minimized.

This legislation has drawn attention to the fact that even a slight change in the temperature or humidity inside a grain silo can produce a build-up of toxic and often explosive gases.

Jumo Instruments Co Ltd of Jumo House, Temple Bank, Riverway, Harlow, Essex, tel:0127 863 5533 tell us they can offer four different systems to suit various silo installations, ranging from an entry-level system for use with small local units to a system with full communications capability for remote monitoring of temperature conditions in multiple silos at many locations. All these systems are based on their mTron monitoring and control system, which is a flexible and robust network into which one can plug a series of intelligent measurement or control modules - mTrons. In addition to an mTron analogue input module for measuring multiple temperature sensing points in the silo, all the systems incorporate a Jumo LMD96 scanner, which has 400 scanning channels for which it displays the actual measured temperature, the temperature alarm threshold and the alarm status in varying steps up to and including temperature probe failure.

They tell us the LMD96 can also be connected to a PC to allow remote monitoring of silos from a central location.
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