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Meet your leadership team.


New board members are Michael Landauer, Mark Mahoney, and Amit Pal. Bob Davis was unopposed to join the leadership ladder as secretary.

'Acting" was removed from president Tom Wasdeski's title as he begins his regular one-year term. As vice president, he had filled the top position since the lune resignation of David Holwerk, who attended the NCEW convention representing the Charles E Kettering Foundation.

"It has been a tumultuous year for NCEW," Waseleski said in his president's report. He pointed to "severe problems in revenue, membership, conventions, and leadership for NCEW."

But he went on to say: "Industry forces beyond our control will continue to have an impact on NCEW and its membership. But we will not stand by and retreat from our mission of serving the needs and interests of opinion journalists. It is who we are; it is what we do--and that is not about to change any time soon."

Members gave Waseleski a standing ovation after J.R. Labbe said, "We owe Tom a great deal of credit. He is the hardest-working man in NCEW."

Finances dominated much of the discussion during the hourlong meeting. Reporting on the organization's fiscal status, treasurer/Web editor Dan Radmacher said, "It's better than expected, but we didn't expect very much."

NCEW had a net worth of $127,493, as of July 31. That included a loss of nearly $21,000 during the first six months of 2009, which was less than projected. The bottom line was helped by the NCEW Foundation's paying for most of the Website upgrade, as well as better-than-expected returns on investments.

Dues revenue fell 36% from last year, reflecting a decline in members from 515 to the current 360.

The NCEW Foundation has a net worth exceeding $607,000, which is less than one year ago but more than December 2009.

Dick Hughes is the editorial-page editor of the Statesman-Journal in Oregon. E-mail him at dahughes@Salem.

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Title Annotation:CONVENTION 2009; National Conference of Editorial Writers
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Date:Dec 22, 2009
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