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Meet your editorial review board.


It is my pleasure to introduce you to our current clinical editor and members of our editorial review board for Dynamics--The Official Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses. The editorial review board has six adult, two pediatric and one neonatal consultant, and is led by the very wise and very talented Clinical Editor Paula Price. You will also read in our Question to the Board column this month all the people who have volunteered, by contributing their time and talent over the years, to be a member of this review board in order to produce the quality of journal we have today. If you have ever even thought you might like to write something for publication, you can be assured that your articles and contributions are respectfully and thoughtfully reviewed by the various adult, pediatric and neonatal consultants who will provide you with constructive feedback to strengthen your article prior to publication. I would like to particularly mention several people on our editorial review board whose individual association with the journal deserves "long service" mention.

Franco Carnevale: Franco is the longest-standing member of the board with an amazing 23 years of service! Franco is well known in pediatric critical care where his leadership as the Head Nurse of the Montreal Children's PICU leaves behind a legacy of excellence in clinical practice. Franco continues to combine his work in psychology at McGill University with his absolute passion for pediatric critical care nursing. He brings the same passion to the review board.

Paula Price: Paula is the longest-standing clinical editor for our journal with 12 years now in this lead role and a further four years as an adult consultant beginning in 1992 for a total of 16 years of service to CACCN.

Debbie Fraser Askin: Two decades (20 years) of service reviewing neonatal articles and Debbie still remains an enthusiastic board member!

Martha Mackay (adult) and Judy Rashotte (pediatrics): Each of these ladies has given 15 years on the board and continues to remain as committed as they were when they first joined.

Kathleen Graham: has provided her guidance and input to adult article review for 12 years now.

Janice Beitel: remains as a board member lending her expertise to review of adult articles for the past nine years.

Combined with our newest board members, Marie Edwards, Sandra Goldsworthy and Mae Squires, this editorial review board can boast 113 years of editorial review experience that they bring to the production of each journal to support emerging and advanced writers. Indeed, this is a board we can feel pride in and great confidence in their expertise!

Kate Mahon

Publications Chair

Debbie Fraser Askin, RNC, MN

Debbie Fraser Askin is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Manitoba. She is also a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in the NICU at St Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg and the Executive Editor of Neonatal Network: The Journal of Neonatal Nursing. Debbie has authored numerous publications and has presented widely on topics related to high-risk newborns. She is a member of AWHONN's task force on the Near Term Infant.


Janice Beitel, RN, BSN, MScN, CNCC(C), CNN(C)

Janice Beitel is a Professional Practice Leader at Trillium Gift of Life Network where she develops and implements education strategies for health care professionals across Ontario related to organ and tissue donation. Janice received her master's of science from the University of Toronto and is certified with the Canadian Nursing Association in neuroscience and critical care nursing. She has held previous positions in clinical education and facilitates courses on patient-centred care. Janice is a faculty member for the Canadian Organ Donation Collaborative, the aim of which is to increase deceased organ donation across Canada.


Franco A. Carnevale, RN, PhD

Franco is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing, Associate Member in the Faculty of Medicine (Pediatrics), Adjunct Professor in Counselling Psychology, and Affiliate Member of the Biomedical Ethics Unit, all at McGill University. He is also chairman of the Pediatric Ethics Committee and nursing coordinator (part-time) at the Montreal Children's Hospital. He is licensed as a nurse and a psychologist.


Franco's principal areas of research include: ethical dilemmas in nursing and in pediatric critical care, the experience of critically ill children and their families, pediatric home ventilation, pain and suffering in children, cultural competence training, and epistemological foundations of clinical reasoning.

Marie Edwards, RN, PhD

Marie Edwards completed the Intensive Care Nursing Program at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg in 1982, and then worked in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit there. She is a graduate of the Nursing PhD program and Collaborative Program in Bioethics at the University of Toronto, and currently works as an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Manitoba.


Marie teaches in the area of clinical ethics and is involved in studies on nurses' role in conflict in the ICU, nurses' moral distress, and the role of nurses in advance care planning.

Sandra Goldsworthy, RN, BScN, MSc, CNCC(C)

Sandra Goldsworthy is a recognized critical care expert, having worked in this field for more than 20 years. As nursing professor in the Durham College/UOIT BScN program and the coordinator of the Critical Care Hub of Excellence at Durham College, she is also an accomplished practitioner, researcher and author on the subject of technology use in nursing education. Sandra's research interests are primarily in the areas of technology (PDAs, laptops and simulations), novice nurse recruitment and retention, critical care and cardiac care issues. Publications include academic success of BScN students in a laptop nursing program and undergraduate nurses' use of PDAs at the point of care. She is also the coeditor of a Medical Surgical text that was published in June 2006. Sandra has presented widely in the U.S., Europe and Canada, and is looking forward to building future international research partnerships in the areas of novice nurse recruitment and retention, simulation education and critical care practice issues concurrent with the completion of her PhD in nursing at the University of Toronto.


Kathleen Graham, RN, MN, CHE

Kathleen Graham is Vice-President of Acute Care at Capital Health, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Focusing on hospital services at Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre and Dartmouth General Hospital, she is a member of the regional senior administration team. Kathleen also holds a position as Associate Professor at Dalhousie University.


Drawing on a range of experiences, Kathleen Graham has held a variety of roles including vice-president, director, clinical specialist, educator, coordinator and staff nurse in academic health sciences centres and community hospitals in Ottawa, Edmonton and Halifax.

Martha Mackay, RN, MSN, CCN(C)

Martha is currently the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology in The Heart Centre at St. Paul's Hospital (Vancouver, B.C.), and an Adjunct Professor, UBC School of Nursing (appointment suspended while completing PhD). Martha is on part-time leave from her CNS position while completing a PhD in nursing at the University of British Columbia. She is the recipient of a CIHR Clinical Research Initiative Fellowship (four years), a Heart and Stroke Nursing Research Fellowship (declined), a Canadian Nurses' Foundation scholarship, and two UBC School of Nursing scholarships. Martha's initial nursing education was at George Brown College in Toronto (at St. Michael's Hospital). Subsequently, she acquired a BSN (1984) and an MSN (1997) at the University of British Columbia. Martha has 29 years of nursing experience in critical care and cardiology, including many years as critical care nursing instructor and educator, and the past 11 years as a CNS. In addition to usual CNS activities, Martha is a member of the UBC/Providence Health Care Research Ethics Board for nine years, twice chaired the St. Paul's Heart Centre Accreditation Team (2000, 2004), and is a current member of the Dynamics of Critical Care Editorial Review Board, and the Canadian Nurses' Association cardiovascular exam writing committee. Her research interests include cardiac risk factor modification and gender differences in cardiac ischemia (her dissertation is entitled, "Gender Differences in Symptoms of Cardiac Ischemia"), and she has several publications in these areas.


Paula Price, RN, PhD

Paula is an Instructor and Coordinator in the critical care and neuroscience streams in the Advanced Studies in Critical Care post-basic nursing program at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta. She has been working in critical care nursing practice and education for the past 24 years. She is the Clinical Editor for Dynamics: The Official Journal of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and, prior to this position, served on the editorial review board for many years. Paula holds both an MN and PhD in cardiovascular critical care nursing. Paula is also the Provincial Director for CCCN Alberta, N.W.T., and Nunavut and is currently Acting Co-Editor for The Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. She has been a long-standing member of CACCN and has been the past Calgary Chapter president.


Judy Rashotte, RN, PhD

Judy Rashotte is the Director, Nursing Research and Knowledge Transfer Consultant at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa. Judy's clinical background includes more than 25 years of neonatal, pediatric and adult critical care nursing either in direct clinical practice, education or administration. Judy received her PhD in Nursing at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, where she explored the role of the acute care nurse practitioner in Canada. Judy has been an active member of CACCN since 1988, having served as a member of the board of directors, co-chair of the pediatric critical care certification exam/blueprint committee, item-writer for the generic and pediatric critical care certification exams, and the International Nursing Representative, Pediatric Critical Care World Federation. She has been a member of our editorial review board since 1994. Judy's research interests include qualitative research methods, nurses' clinical decision-making, knowledge translation, grief and bereavement as experienced by critical care nurses, and the moral practice of critical care nursing. She is currently involved in several multi-centred research projects including the development of a pediatric psychological distress measurement tool, clinical decision-making related to the use of best practice guidelines and knowledge translation. Judy holds a joint appointment with the School of Nursing, University of Ottawa, and is a member of the CHEO Research Institute. Judy is a well-published author and internationally known presenter.


Mae Squires, RN, BA, BNSc, MSc, PhD (student)

Mae's clinical area of interest and expertise is in critical care and cardiac nursing where she has worked in a variety of positions including staff nurse, nurse manager, nurse educator and, most recently, as a program operational director of a critical care program in a tertiary care hospital. She has presented nationally and co-authored a variety of articles in the areas of end-of-life decision-making, critical care simulation and nurse job satisfaction in different generations of nurses. She is also interested in performance improvement and currently acts as a critical care coach in Health Human Resources and Work Life for the Critical Care Secretariat in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. In addition, Mae is a doctoral candidate in the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at University of Toronto where she is completing her PhD in Nursing. Her thesis is in the area of Health Services Research and, in particular, she is looking at the influence of perceived fairness and relational leadership on safety climate and nursing work environment outcomes.

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