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Meet your candidates.

Marise Auffrey




1985: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Universite de Moncton

Additional Education

1991: Certificate in Care Unit Management, Canadian Hospital Association

Present Position

Director, Professional Practice, Vitalite Health Network

Professional Activities

2009-2013: Chair, NANB Complaints Committee

2007-2013: Member, New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Interest Group

2006-2007: Chair, New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Interest Group

2005-2007: Member, Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists

2003-2005: Member, NANB Discipline Committee

2001-2003: Chair, NANB Complaints Committee

1994-2000: Member, Heart & Stroke Foundation

1998: Excellence of Care Award recognizing excellence as a change expert

1997: Excellence of Care Award recognizing excellence in nursing care management

Nominated by

Monique Cormier-Daigle and Joanne LeBlanc-Chiasson

Reason for Accepting Nomination:

I humbly submit my candidacy for the position of President-elect. Being passionate about my profession, I truly believe that nurses must demonstrate leadership to guide our constantly evolving health system. This position provides opportunities to create links with leaders and therefore influence the advancement of our great profession. We live in very exciting times with our health system, and I would be very grateful to be provided with the opportunity to put my knowledge and experience to work representing the nurses of New Brunswick.

Amy McLeod




2017: Currently enrolled in Masters Health Studies, Athabasca University

2010: Bachelors of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

1986: Nursing Program, A.J. MacMaster School of Nursing, Moncton

Additional Education

2016: Leadership in Health Care seminar by Dorothy Wiley Nursing and Health Leaders Institute, CNA preconference Certified in BCLS, ACLS, TNCC and ENPC

2012, 2015: RNTTDC-Regional Nursing Trauma Team Development Course

2012: Recertification CNA Certification in ER Nursing

2008: SANE-Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

2007: CNA Certification in ER Nursing

2007-2008: Certificate from NB Critical Care Nursing Program, emergency stream

Present Position

Director of Nursing for a 40-bed nursing home, River View Manor, Bath, NB

Professional Activities

2013-2017: NANB, Board of Directors, Region 3 Representative

2013-2016: Horizon Standards and Policy Committee

2010: Patient Flow Committee

2008-2016: Horizon Nursing Council

2005: Nursing Excellence Award for Advancing the Profession from Region 3 Corp.

2004-2010: Professional Practice Committee

2002-2014: Critical Incident Stress Management

2000-2002: Nursing Retention Steering Committee

Nominated by

Karen Allison and Catherine Davies

Reason for Accepting Nomination

I am honored to accept the nomination of President-elect for NANB. I've been privileged to represent Region 3 on the Board of Directors at NANB for the past four years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to become knowledgeable about NANB's responsibilities and the challenges facing nursing in NB. As a registered nurse with 30 years of direct care nursing experience, I have witnessed many issues facing our workplace. I have a strong belief that nurses need to use our collective voices to play an active role in shaping healthcare in NB.

Maureen Wallace




1978: Bachelor of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Additional Education

2010-present: Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada Learning Symposiums annually in board governance and related topics

1996-present: Canadian Pension Benefits Institute, ongoing education in pension fundamentals, investment fund management, pension plan governance, pension legislation

1998-2012: French Language Training, Athene Memramcook Institute

1981: Certificate in Critical Care, The Moncton Hospital

Present Position

Discharge Planning Coordinator, Horizon Health Network

Professional Activities

2010-present: WorkSafeNB Board of Directors

2010-present: Institute of Corporate Directors

2010-present: Canadian Pension Benefits Institute

2010-present: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

1996-present: Chairperson, Pension Committee for Part-Time and Seasonal Employees of Province of New Brunswick

1978-present: New Brunswick Nurses Union

Fatality Review Committee, WorkSafeNB

WorkSafe Services Evaluation Committee, WorkSafeNB

Dalhousie Medical School Dean's Advisory Committee on Occupational Medicine

Nominated by

Joan Peddle and Darline Cogswell

Reason for Accepting Nomination

With much enthusiasm, I accept this nomination. I have had the good fortune to work in a variety of positions and participate in many roles throughout my career. They have prepared me well to offer for this next step along the continuum of nursing leadership.

I would welcome this opportunity to serve NANB and the nurses of New Brunswick with pride and dignity as we work together to influence public policy, ensure our profession is well-regulated, promote nursing, advance quality health care, and provide resources for nurses in their daily practice.

I would be most appreciative of your support in the upcoming election.

Region 2 Candidates

Angela March


Director, Region 2


September 2016- present: PhD Student, Interdisciplinary Studies, UNB Fredericton

2013: MN (Nurse Educator), University of New Brunswick

2005: BN, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Additional Education

April 2016: Diploma in University Teaching, UNB Saint John

August 2016: Duty to Accommodate Course, Developed by the UNB Student Accessibility Centre and the Human Rights Office, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

September 2016 (yearly): Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

October 2012: Horizon Supervisory Program Modules 1 & 2

October 2012: Canadian Triage Acuity Scale (CTAS) Certification

May 2012: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification

Present Position

Instructor, UNB, Saint John

Professional Activities

Department Licensure Committee Nursing Student Admission, Transfer and Progression Committee

Departmental Assessment Committee

Inter-campus NCLEX Committee

Curriculum Committee

Department Committee

Department Nursing Licensure Committee

Nominated by

Loretta Waycott and Kathleen Mawhinney

Reason for Accepting Nomination

I am honored to accept the nomination for NANB Director, Region 2. In my nursing practice, I strive to develop my leadership capacity and continuously engage in professional development. With my diverse background in critical/ acute care and nursing education, I would be an asset to the NANB Board of Directors. If elected, I will bring my passion for nursing's future. I look forward to the opportunity to learn about NANB process and influence policy development.

Rosanne Thorne CANDIDATE FOR Director, Region 2


2008: Bachelor of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

1986: Three-year Diploma of Nursing, Registered Nurse Program, Northern College, Timmins, Ontario

Additional Education

2015: Completed LEADS Program

2007: Supervisory Development Program for Frontline Managers

2007: Certificate in Primary Health Care Collaboration, Dalhousie University

2000: CNA Certification- Critical Care Nursing

Present Position

Nurse Manager, Internal Medicine,

Saint John Regional Hospital Horizon Health Network

Professional Activities

2015-2017: NANB Saint John Chapter President

2004-2008: NANB Saint John Chapter Treasurer

2005-2013: Member of AHSC Ethics Committee

1993-1996: Member, NANB Practice committee

1994: Member of NANB Baccalaureate Graduate Nurse Standards of Practice Review

Nominated by

Meghan Fitzgerald and Lori Burke

Reason for Accepting Nomination

It is with pleasure that I accept this nomination to represent Region 2 on the Board of Directors with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick. As a registered nurse in New Brunswick for the past 30 years in both direct care and management, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience which will contribute to the discussions and decisions concerning regulation and the support of professional practice. As nurses prepare to meet the challenges ahead in healthcare it is essential we continue to fulfil our responsibility as a self-regulated profession to ensure public safety.

Ann Marie Webber


Director, Region 2


2009: Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

2003: Bachelor of Nursing, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland

Additional Education

2016: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training

2015: Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma Nursing Core Course, Pediatric Advanced Life Support

2014: Level 1 Breastfeeding Course

2013: National Institute of Health Stroke Scale Certification

Present Position

Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department, Horizon Health Network, Saint John Regional Hospital

Professional Activities

University of New Brunswick Medical Education Program--Various teaching sessions for medical students

Involved with mentoring Nurse Practitioner students

Nominated by

Mary Anne Hogan and Catherine Little

Reason for Accepting Nomination

Nurses perform a vital public role, and maintaining a rigorous standard of practice through self-regulation is fundamental to providing exceptional care. My over 10 years' experience serving the public as both an RN and NP in different care settings and in multiple provinces has given me a unique perspective which I can leverage to aid NANB in its continued mandate. I would be a strong advocate for the profession, emphasizing its integral importance in caring for New Brunswickers.

Region 4 Candidate

Vicky Doiron


Director, Region 4


2015 (ongoing): Doctoral Degree in Nursing (PhD), Universite Laval, Quebec

2011: Master of Nursing (nurse practitioner stream) Universite de Moncton, Moncton

2007: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Universite de Moncton, Edmundston Campus

Additional Education

2016: Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals, Edmundston Regional Hospital

2016: ACLS/SARC (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Edmundston Regional Hospital

2014: Trauma Nursing Core Course, NB Trauma Program

Present Position

Coordinator, Access to Primary Care, Zone 4, Vitalite Health Network

Professional Activities

2016: Member, NANB local chapter, Edmundston

2016: Speaker at the CNA Biennial Convention, Saint John, NB

2013-2016: Preceptor for BN and paramedic students

2012-2016: Speaker, Education and Evolution of Alzheimer's disease

2012-2016: Participation and contribution to the nursing sector's Open House Day, Universite de Moncton, Edmundston Campus

2012-2014: Organized the Prescription: Action Nursing Care Stand

2011: Organized the nursing care area at the Jeux de l'Acadie

2006: International placement in nursing care (Estonia)

Nominated by

Jenny Toussaint and Jean-Louis Francoeur

Reason for Accepting Nomination

It is with enthusiasm and interest that I accept the nomination for the position of director in Region 4 on NANB's Board. As an experienced professional, I find that having the opportunity to contribute to and act on different aspects of the profession in these times of constant reform will allow me to put my theoretical and clinical experience to good use. My goal is to support and collaborate on the development of innovative strategies and various issues concerning our profession, while ensuring quality of care and that the nurse's role is maintained.

Region 6 Candidates

Tina Breckenridge


Director, Region 6


2016: Master of Nursing, Advanced Practice in Leadership, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

2007: Bachelor of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, Bathurst

Additional Education

Current: Basic Life Support (BLS)

Current: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Current: Trauma Nurse Core Course & Instructor (TNCC)

Current: Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

2012-current: CNA Certification-Critical Care Nursing

2012: Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS)

2012: Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENPC)

2010: Wound Care Management, Principles of Wound Assessment and Management, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB

2007: Critical Care Course, Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst, NB

Present Position

ICU Resource Nurse, Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst

Nominated by

Adam Gagnon and Kayla Chamberlain

Reason for Accepting Nomination

Thank you; I am honored to accept this nomination. It will be a privilege to represent Region 6 on NANB's Board of Directors. With 10 years' experience in critical care nursing, including five years in leadership positions, I know that I can make a significant contribution to the nursing profession. This exceptional opportunity will allow me to pursue my professional development goals as I face new challenges and gain new knowledge.

Anne Marie Lavigne CANDIDATE FOR Director, Region 6


2014: Masters of Nursing, Athabasca University

2001: Bachelor of Nursing, University of New Brunswick, Bathurst

Additional Education

Central Line Therapy Certification, Management and Care, Vitalite Health Network, Bathurst

Epidural Infusion Certification, Management and Care, Vitalite Health Network, Bathurst

Grasp -Workload Measurement System Certification, Vitalite Health Network, Bathurst

IV Therapy Certification, Fluid balance and replacement; initiating IV therapy, Vitalite Health Network, Bathurst

Oxygen Therapy Certification, Vitalite Health Network- Bathurst

Standard First Aid Certification, Level C, The Canadian Red Cross

Transfer Techniques, Vitalite Health Network, Bathurst

Present Position

Access Manager-Vitalite Health Network-Zone 6

Professional Activities

September 2008-2010: International Studies Committee

December 2008-2011: Monique Begin Committee, Chair- hosted competition March 2010

December 2008: Curriculum-Subcommittee, Critical Thinking

September 2009-2011: Nominating Committee, Chair 2010-2011

2008-2009: Pediatric Subcommittee

2009-2011: Cultural Awareness Committee

2010-2011: Clinical Coordinators Committee

2010-2011: Nurse Central, Subcommittee

2012-2013: Unsafe Clinical Practice, Subcommittee

Nominated by

Chantal Pelletier and Susan LeBlanc

Reason for Accepting Nomination

I am at a point in my career where I feel an obligation to be part of the vision for nursing and help facilitate the molding of our profession into what it needs to become to meet the needs of the population of NB. I believe becoming a part of NANB would broaden my current practice in a meaningful way while building on the foundation of knowledge that I currently possess.
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