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Meet the Secret police: what would have been a scandal on the original I've Got a Secret is the hook for Game Show Network's remake: all the panelists are queer!

What makes these three gay men and one lesbian experts on sussing out secrets? We quizzed the quiz show quartet (pictured above with host Bil Dwyer) in advance of I've Got a Secret's April 17 premiere on Game Show Network.

A. Jermaine Taylor--Stage actor and comic Taylor recently completed his award-winning off-Broadway one-man show, A Peace of the Game, in between serving up his over-the-top comedy in clubs up and down the East Coast.

What's your technique for sniffing out secrets?

"If you compliment someone on something that is obviously 'wrong,' they'll tell you anything."

What's your secret?

"The laundromat has always been a lucky spot for me."

B. Frank DeCaro-Best known for his uberqueer "Out at the Movies" segments un The Daily Show, DeCaro hosts The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Satellite Radio five days a week. He can usually be found on any show that needs a sassy talking head.

What makes you an expert on dark secrets?

"I managed to keep my sexual orientation hidden until I was in kindergarten. When you're in the closet for that many years, you really do become an expert on secrets."

What's your secret? "I use Calgon."

C. Suzanne Westenhoefer--She was the first out comic to be featured on a coveted HBO comedy special. Always on tour, her third CD, Guaranteed Fresh, is in stores now.

Why do they desperately need you on the panel?

"They needed a lesbian to butch up the panel, be funny, and wear makeup. I was the only one they could find."

What's your secret? "I ate the last one."

D. Billy Bean--Bean played pro baseball from 1987 to 1995, then burst out of the closet in 1999. The Miami-based Bean is also the author of Going the Other Way: Lessons From a Life In and Out of Major-League Baseball.

Why are you qualified to root out people's secrets?

"Well, I kept a pretty big secret from 600 Major League Baseball players for over 10 years. So I think I can read the body language and mannerisms of our contestants."

What's your secret?

"I have a total weakness for sad country music ballads."
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