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Meet the CIM Ambassadors.

IN ORDER for the CIM to better reach and assist marketers in various different sectors of the industry, a number of volunteer, or Ambassador, roles have been created.

These Ambassadors work tirelessly for the membership, fulfilling roles on the regional board and bringing to the area great events while championing the cause of local marketers.

If you need any help or advice within a specific sector, the relevant Ambassador should be your first port of call.

The Ambassadors are there firstly for the membership, to innovate, keep things fresh and, perhaps most importantly, to help make being involved in CIM fun.

Jan Brown

A SENIOR lecturer in marketing at Hope University, Jan Brown is the perfect choice to be the CIM's regional Ambassador for the education sector.

Having worked for many years as a brand manager for PC World Direct, Jan moved into the world of academia and is currently studying towards a PHD in branding at Liverpool University.

As part of her role she seeks to strengthen the links between the marketing world and those studying to become part of it.

She has a firm vision for the sector, and realises that success requires a two-pronged solution. She said: "Just as we want to increase the marketer's interest in education, we are also trying to make students more aware of the specific needs of marketers. So we encourage them to go to CIM events and meet marketers for themselves."

Jan recognises that students have really grasped the significance and potential of the forthcoming Capital of Culture year, and are aware of the increased opportunities that will be open to marketers.

Says Jan: "I hope that, following 2008, our marketing graduates will be dynamic in all areas, not just in the arts and tourism sector. I also hope that they will realise what opportunities are open to them here, and stay on to improve the marketing base in Liverpool."


Peter Smith

PETER SMITH is the marketing manager for Liverpool Vision. He is also CIM's regional Ambassador for the public sector.

He explained: "Historically, public sector marketing hasn't had the influence or credibility of its private sector counterpart. This has changed significantly in the last decade.

"Health, education and regeneration organisations are using the principles and techniques of commercial marketing in a much more sophisticated way. An effective marketing function is now a priority for most, if not all, public bodies."

He added: "The Merseyside Branch of CIM brings together marketers who are serious about their career and want to raise professional standards throughout Liverpool and the city region. We're strongly committed to promoting professional qualifications, Chartered Marketer status and sharing knowledge and expertise to develop the skills of members in the Merseyside area.

"The benefits are clear. CIM membership is a sign of quality and professionalism to employers.

"The branch organises an excellent range of events covering many marketing disciplines, and brings together marketers from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. There's also a tremendous amount of information and knowledge available, helping CIM members to stay ahead of the game and the competition."

EMAIL Peter:

Rob Fearn

PERHAPS typical of many CIM members, Rob Fearn joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing because he had to.

His job made it a requirement that he join CIM, which he did, in 1995.

He describes himself at that time as a typically apathetic member until he had a minor revelation.

"Anyone can stand on the touchline and criticise," said Rob, "but the real worth is in getting up and actually doing something about it.

"So, in 2004 I started volunteering for CIM and became an Ambassador."

Rob is an international marketing manager and brings to the Merseyside branch of CIM 23 years of industry experience and an undiminished passion for this field.

Since he took over as the Chair of the Merseyside branch, Rob has helped create an entire programme of events and activities for local marketers.

He has also formalised the volunteer role, creating the Ambassador concept and increasing the opportunities for CIM members to network, and establish useful new contacts.

Rob has many more plans for the CIM, including taking the Ambassador scheme nationwide, creating a new Ambassador role to represent the technology sector, and even looking at the possibility of starting a Cheshire branch of CIM.

It's certainly a case of onwards and upwards for Rob and the CIM.


Laura Arends

FOR the last three years, Laura Arends has been the marketing campaigns manager for the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. She is also CIM's regional Ambassador for the Arts.

Having studied drama and history at degree level and then working for a freight company, Laura is a good example of how the CIM can help increase an individual's marketing potential.

Through the CIM she was able to study and take the qualifications necessary to help her take up such an important role within the Liverpool arts scene. With the re-establishment of the Merseyside branch of CIM, Laura was approached to represent CIM's local members in the arts sector.

As Capital of Culture year fast approaches, the arts sector will be on the frontline, overseeing the many events that people will flock to from far and wide.

As Laura points out: "This is a great opportunity for businesses within the arts sector, and a great opportunity for the arts scene in Merseyside.

"CIM can offer support in business techniques to help you reach your market and perhaps gain a wider perspective too.

"That way, once the festivities of 2008 are finished, we will have built greater loyalty to venues, opening up accessibility to the arts and getting many more people involved."

EMAIL Laura:

David Murray

DAVID MURRAY is a highly successful marketer with 30 years' experience.

The director of the Murray Consultancy (, a full consumer and business-to-business nationwide market research service based in Liverpool, he is also a CIM Ambassador, in charge of local membership matters.

His association with the CIM began in the late 1970s when he worked locally in a marketing capacity and regularly attended CIM events. David worked (among other roles) as a market research manager for the Liverpool Daily Post.

He then joined the international organisation South Western Bell as market analyst before setting up his own consultancy.

He was contacted by the regional CIM group when it was decided that a new committee should be formed to get the Merseyside branch back on its feet. Since then, the local CIM hasn't looked back.

Said David: "There's been a huge renewal in interest and membership due to the work of the local committee. This represents added value for members in the Merseyside area, along with giving them vital networking opportunities, contact with other members and access to useful events.

"There's a vibrant marketing scene in Merseyside at the moment, and with Capital of Culture and Objective 1 funding, faith and confidence in the area is being restored."

EMAIL David:

Shulah Jones

SHULAH JONES is the campaign manager for The Mersey Partnership, which is the tourist board for Merseyside.

A qualified marketer, Shulah has a background working directly with both tourists and local people visiting Liverpool's cultural sights.

Having a masters in archaeology, she worked for NMGM (now National Museums Liverpool).

Shulah has a firm interest in arts marketing and joined CIM in 2000 in order to meet more marketers and people from the nonprofit sector.

Wanting to be more pro-active within the industry, she was attracted to the Ambassador role at CIM. "Lots of arts marketers are not part of CIM," she said, "and it would be great if many more were. CIM is a great networking opportunity, offering its members fascinating lectures, strength and support through numbers along with the opportunity to raise your status as a marketer."

Working towards 2008, Shulah certainly sees the Capital of Culture year as a great time to celebrate. She agrees that it has been a catalyst for Liverpool's growth, but not the only reason, citing the expansion of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and the area's increased economic stability as major influences.

Says Shulah: "Tourism is so important to the city, and we need to remember that marketing this sector is about much more than just sales figures and reaching targets."

EMAIL Shulah:


Jan Brown MCIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch, Education; Peter Smith MCIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch, Public Sector; Rob Fearn BA FCIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch chair; Laura Arends ACIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch, Arts; David Murray ACIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch, Membership; Shulah Jones MA MCIM - North West Ambassador, Merseyside branch, Tourism
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