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Meet our couples.

Abigail Eaves & Alex Hodgson Agnieszka Smola & Craig Kirwan Willenhall Coventry We met at church when Abi came with her Mum and grandparents. We've been together for 9 months.

We met in work and have been together for 8 years. We have four kids and finances have always been too tight to do this big step :) Alice Wetton & Jack Hunter Alison Glover & Shaun Suffolk Coventry Nuneaton We have been together for nearly 12 years. We met at school and we have a one year old baby boy called Archie. We are both 25 and are currently saving for a house so a wedding has been put aside for a while. We have been engaged for 5 years.

We met 25 years ago and have been together ever since. We have two children together and we got engaged on Christmas Day morning 2014 whilst opening Christmas gifts with our kids.

Amanda Andrews & Robert Platt Amy Walker & Luis Cascan Longford Nuneaton A friend from work matched Amanda and I as a blind date! Our first date was at a mutual friend's barbecue and we haven't spent a day apart! 12 years later we are still going strong with 6 children between us. 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way. This would just be the We met at a day center for people with mental health in December 2014 and were engaged by early January after I promosed to him. He is my best friend and my rock. He is always by my side whether I am angry, sad etc. until I feel better again. I couldn't Andrea Wilkins & James Terry Anna Ryan & Kevin Jackson Bilton Coventry We met when I was living in London. I'd returned home for my birthday celebrations and met James on a night out with friends. We instantly hit it offand have been together ever since. I moved back to Rugby and we now live together with our two children Jaxon and Lincoln, and have baby number three on the way. We'd love the opportunity to win a dream wedding at Coombe Abbey. We often visit there for family days out and it would be amazing to get married there!

We met at the War Memorial Park in Coventry for coffee and a chat, then went for a walk round the park. Two hours later we departed and arranged to meet again a week later, at a local pub in Coventry. After a couple of drinks, chat and laughter we got on very well and arranged to meet again.

Bethan Morgan & Nick Millears Cara Bemrose-Williams & Peter Towers Earl Shilton Eastern Green We spoke online then met at a bus stop, went on a drive to Peterborough and got lost in the villages. We've been together for 4 months -it was love at first sight.

We met in April 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. We are so lucky to have found each other and have never been happier. We got engaged in October 2014 and are expecting a baby in August. We can't wait to get started on the rest of our lives -bring it on!

Hall Green I am Spanish and Jonathan is from the UK.

I was living in London when we met and weeks after I moved to the West Midlands.

We got engaged after 4 months and we have just bought a house. We need some help the wedding, we can't wait to marry each other and share that special day with our families, from both UK and Spain. Will you help us to make our dream come true? Amanda Watson & Lewis Hartwell Bedworth We met through a friend of mine not long after I came out of a bad relationship and thought I'd never find love again. We've been together for 17 months and I'm currently 5 months pregnant! It was a surprise, but we're over the moon. We had booked our wedding for 27th June this year, but the money we had saved the wedding is now going on baby stuff.

Amy Fallon & Daniel Bentley Location We were introduced through mutual friend at our local shop. I instantly fell for Daniel, and spent the next year trying to win him over. Almost 7 years later we're still together. Daniel is my best friend and partner in crime, I couldn't imagine life without him.

Warwick We met through friends and have been together for 7 years. We have two beautiful kids; a son aged 8 and a daughter aged 6. We have been engaged for 6 years but haven't had the funds to get married -we would love to get married.

Carly Knight & William Houston Finham Carly and I got together at my brother's wedding.

I proposed in Barcelona in June 2014 and booked a wedding in Greece for June 2016, but had to cancel as the wedding budget didn't cater for the big family I have that wanted to attend. I want Carly's Mum to see her only daughter get married and to give her the wedding that she dreams of and we both deserve. This was Joshua's (my step son's) idea -he just wants to wear a suit!

Charlotte Pearsall & Lee Westwood Chelsey Wilson & Geoff Wheeler Aldridge Erdington Me and Lee met through some friends years ago. We added each other to Facebook and sort of forgot about each other. I then joined Plenty of Fish (the dating site) not really looking for anyone, and Lee messaged me saying what are you doing on here. After that we got on Facebook and met up for a drink -it obviously went brilliantly. We've been together for 2 and a half years.

He was my courier and I was his customer. I couldn't take my eyes offhim! I dreamt of being with him and all the girls used to laugh when he came in the office and I went bright red! He rescued me from my past and has been my rock ever since. I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams!

Chloe Gouldie & Daniel Westlake Christine Domville & Carl Richards Coventry Nuneaton Daniel and I met at a works Christmas party at the Ricoh with a lot of wine involved! We have been together for 3 and a half years and we have a one year old son called Bennie. We have been engaged for just over a year and can't wait to get married!

We met at Nuneaton railway station back in February 2013 and have been together for a little over 2 years. We had an unlucky year in 2014 when Christine was diagnosed with epilepsy. We are really hoping 2015 is a better year for us.

Claire Pritchard & Jason Barrett Claire Littlewood & Richard Merrall Holbrooks Barrow Close We met while I was doing my weekly shopping in Tesco as Jason works there. I knew I just had to marry this man, I couldn't wait to see him and made regular shopping trips just to see him. Luckily enough he felt the same. I already had 2 children and Jason has a son and now together we have our beautiful daughter who is now 6 months old. Winning this competition would make ours and our childrens dreams come true.

Rich was my first love at the age of 18. We went our separate ways, both going on to marry and have children, but we ended up getting back together almost 20 years later. We recently got engaged on New Year's Eve at sunset on the beach in Cape Verde.

Chloe Warden & Glen Baynham Stoke Heath Glen's way of flirting with me was to screw pieces of paper up and throw them at me across the room. One day he took my notepad from my desk without me knowing and wrote his number in it; I only noticed he had it when he put it back. I then found his number written with love hearts and stars around it. I texted Glen saying 'Here's my number' and he texted back saying 'So call me maybe'. Our first kiss was at Coombe Abbey when we were walking the dog together.

Claire Wibberley & Darren Martin Wyken Me and Darren have been together 9 months and we met at my local, he was working on the doors as a doorman. The attraction hit straight away. He proposed just before Christmas 2014 and our wedding date is booked for the 8th August. Darren is 22 and I'm 37 we spend most of our time at the gym working out together, we are not just partners we're best friends.

Danielle Taylor & Craig Sweet Atherstone We met on a Saturday afternoon in a pub that we'd never normally go in, 5 years ago. Despite our 8 year age gap, we've been inseparable ever since, so I guess you could say it was our destiny to be together. To top our fairytale offwe now have 2 amazing kids together too.

Danielle Gordon-Stuart & Steven Marsh Danielle Cronin & Paul Jones Coventry Bedworth We went to Primary and Secondary School together I knew who he was but never spoke to him. After leaving school I started working in a pub where he drank and we started talking and ended up together. 8 years later I love him very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We have a loving family home with our beautiful little girl. We have been engaged for five years, but we have not got married as we are saving to buy our own home.

We met on holiday, love at first sight. We've been together for 4 years. We have a 2 year old son called Taylor. We live together in Bedworth; Paul relocated from St Helens down here so we could start a family. I moved from my family home in Bulkington. Paul is a truck driver and I'm a stay at home mum. We also have a Jackchi called Pixie. We've been engaged since September 2014 and can't wait to get married!

Danielle Easton & James O'Brien Demi-Leigh Arrowsmith & Luke Bell Bedworth Binley We knew of each other during school, then met on a social night with friends a few years later and things developed from there. We have now been together for 4 years, got engaged at Reading Festival and have a child together with our first family home recently purchased.

We met at school and have been close friends for about 7 years. We've been togther for 3 years in March -we haven't been engaged very long. We're best friends as well as lovers.

Danielle Watts & Zac Fotheringham Coventry Me and Zac were set up on a blind date by our best friend and have never looked back. We have now been together for 3 years and I was lucky enough for him to get down on one knee last June when we were on holiday in Turkey. I still have butterflies now!

Donna Tully & Mark Mcintosh Willenhall Together for 4 years, we had seen each other previously in a pub, although we didn't realise this until we got together and spoke about that night. When he mentioned wearing a Kappa T-Shirt I realised I'd seen him before, as I remember thinking "Kappa? So 90's!!" Donna Sharman & Lee Bailey Elizabeth Parker & Clayton Emms Coventry Tile Hill Met my soul mate on Facebook 3 years 3 months ago and on Valentine's Day just gone we got engaged. He is my everything, he is my strength. We've been through so much; we've both been married before but now our life is complete since we found each other. Now it's our time. I love him more than the stars.

Lee was a regular in the flower shop where I worked, I always had to ask my colleagues to serve him as i felt embarrassed but one night i met him in Jumping Jacks and after a bit of Dutch courage here we are still together 13 years later.

Emma Harris & Mark Shannon Emma Shilliday & Dean Pugh Walsgrave Warwick We knew each other as kids, then bumped back into each other in 2012 and remained friends. In this time I became pregnant but did not remain with the dad; Dean supported me with the pregnancy and we grew close. He asked me to be with him and wanted to be a dad to my little girl. I gave birth in 2013 -he cut her cord and thinks of her as his own. He proposed in June 2014 and we have been saving to get married ever since; to me he is an amazing man and I love him so much.

Mark & I met in 1994, when I was dating his brother-in-law. After both of our marriages ended we met up after losing contact. Now after nearly 5 years and 2 more children (which makes 7 between us) we'd like to get married.

Emma Weedon & Richard Lewis Emma Tremayne & Matthew Thomas Great Barr Coventry We met online and got chatting.

We met 11 years ago and Matt lived next door but one to my best friend. He is now my best friend and soul mate. We have been through a lot together and came out the other end stronger.

About a week later we had our first date in 2010 at our local cinema. We got engaged in London at the Charing Cross Hotel where I had treated her to a weekend in London for her birthday to see everything she had always wanted to see of British Heritage.

Emma Chapman & Carl Jones Emma Stroud & Mark Bagshaw Tile Cross Erdington Myself and Emma have been together for 9 years.

We've been together 15 years this year. We bought our first house together in 2004 and had our first son in 2008 followed by another boy in 2009. We both work very hard to give our children everything they need. We got engaged in 2012, however we cannot afford to get married and have just found out we're expecting again. We are a strong loving family and being able to have our wedding would complete the jigsaw puzzle.

We have two children, Jack is 6 and Annie is 15 months. We would love to get married but would never be able to afford it at the moment.

Faye Turner & Kyle Edwards Faye Williamson & Robert Hancock Stockingford Green Lane We met 10 years ago at school -it was love at first sight. We have been together ever since and got engaged on Faye's birthday on the beach. We are true high school sweethearts.

We met 20 years ago but finally got together 2 years ago after meeting again in a Coventry pub. I have children with disabilities and Robert has taken to the kids' needs brilliantly and is a great role model and step father. He is my soul mate and I love him to bits.

Emily Smith & Ryan Walsh Meriden We met on a Thursday night in October 2011 in bar in Sutton Coldfield. It was a blind date arranged by 2 of our friends and the rest is history as they say. We now have a young son of 20 months called Jude who is our world.

Emma Garthwaite & Matthew Secomb Hinckley Matt and I have been together for 8 years and he is my knight in shining armour. I never thought the day I was proposed to would come. Matt had asked my Dad's permission and this meant so much to me. He asked me in Dublin in the church restaurant on 15th February. I 40 in October and would love to be married for the first ever time before then. My daughter dreamed this would happen and it has. I would love our dreams to keep coming true.

Good luck to all Good luck to all our dream wedding our dream wedding couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at YOU CAN HELP: Just pick one of our couples and save your tokens for them, then after April 11 send them to us at; Wedding Competition, Coventry Telegraph, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF, making sure to write the names of your chosen couple clearly on the front of the envelope Faye Healy & Greg Ward Eastcotes We met online in 2012 and we have been together for 2 years and have a 1 year old daughter together called Daisy.

Gemma Mason & Phil Sheepy Keresley We met about 19 years ago when I moved in two doors away from Phill! We became good friends and even though I moved house we stayed in contact. Then 5 years ago we went on our first date! And 2 years ago we moved in together! Phill popped the question in August just gone! :) Gemma Baylis & Peter Jones Gemma Crampton & Dean Bonner Newbold Halesowen We met through work and it all started by staring over PC screens. We then bit the bullet and got a bottle of wine in with a movie and after that first "date" neither of us looked back as we both knew that we were both the one person we'd each waited for.

We met online 20 months ago. As soon as we met we both knew this time it was different. We moved in together after 6 months and got engaged 9 months later. The picture is at a family friend's Coombe Abbey wedding last year.

Gillian Culligan & Richard Milburn Hana Valikova & Rene Peconka Foleshill Stratford-Upon-Avon Richard and I met 7 years ago -we both worked at Toys'R'Us at the time. We enjoy travelling, going to gigs and comedy gigs. We're both living at home at the moment and starting to save for our own place. Richard proposed to me November last year. The proposal lasted 18 months!

We met 10 years ago on the internet but to be honest we know each other since High School. My boyfriend proposed to me in Mexico in front of 700 people. It was so romantic and emotional. I was in tears and he was too. It was the best day of my life and I am still so happy.

Hazel Conroy & George Wilks Helen Nath & Ian Killeen Wyken Bedworth George and I met over 14 years ago; I was 24 and he was 18. We've got two gorgeous children but we've never even been engaged as money has always been tight. We have talked about getting married for so long but just never had the money as something else always came up. This would totally be a dream come true for both of us and would be a wonderful opportunity to complete our family.

I met Ian and fell in love in the ice cream aisle of Bedworth Tesco on June 1st 2013. A few months later I was pregnant after never thinking I could have children, and in August 2014 we got engaged. This was my Mum's last wish for me before passing last year.

Indigo Milligan & Jason Butler Jacqui Byrne & Ryan Bourne Coventry Coventry We met through a friend and it turns out we liked each other at first sight! We've been together for 3 years and engaged for nearly 2.

We have been together 4 years; Ryan took me on with 4 children and we love each other very much! We would love to win the wedding to celebrate our love.

Janice Gillmore & Richard Caley Janine Swaby & Mark Donoghue Leamington Spa Coventry We met when I was seriously ill through alcohol after the deaths of my mother and sister. I was dying and Janine learned a lot about alcohol and worked with me to where I am now, to be two years clean. I owe my life to this beautiful woman.

We met at work and now after over 10 years together and a son we want to celebrate our love and make our small family whole.

Georgia Brown & Jake Clifford Warwick We met over a year ago and it was love at first sight. We moved in together just after 6 months. We've had our engagement party and it's our dream to get married.

Hayley Smith & Wayne Hill Exhall We met on a dating site over 5 years ago. We're about to have our third baby. We`ve been through a lot of highs and lows since being together -we recently lost our 1 year old daughter, but everything we have been through has made us stronger and that to me is true love.

Helen Shillito & Mathew Shillito Burbage We got engaged after 11 Weeks and had a baby 8 months later. Mathew was out in Afghanistan serving during my pregnancy. What was our wedding date was my due date as she was early! Mat was only home for 4 days. He was made redundant from the army last May and we can't afford to get married any time soon.

Jade Friel & Michael Friel Wyken We met in Asda car park on the way to a local football match. I was 17 and Jade was 15 -this was on 9th December 2011 and we have been together ever since. We have a beautiful little girl called Ellie who is 1 and another baby due this year.

Jean Standley & James Goodman Yardley Wood We met nearly 10 years ago at a party. It was the age old cliche of "my friend likes your friend" but we ended up together! People didn't think we'd last but we have! He finally popped the question this year and I can't wait to become his wife.

Jen Hendry & Neil Hartwell Jennifer Kemp & Jack Cheetham Hinckley Kings Norton I'd recently split up from a guy and ranted on Facebook that men weren't honest. Neil asked if I'd been dumped -we chatted and went out a few times and got on so well that I gave up my home in Nottingham to move in with him in Hinckley. We went to Egypt and he took me to a jewellery shop and out of the blue said I didn't want a cheap ring as an engagement ring, so Egypt is special to us. We've argued only once in nearly two years and I couldn't imagine life without him.

We met when we went camping aged 13 and have been together now for 12 years, even though we live 90 miles apart. We have been engaged for 4 years and are finally buying our first house together. Who says childhood sweetheart, holiday romance and long distance relationship can't work? We're still as madly in love now as when we were teenagers :-D Jessica Swanson & Craig Turner Jessica Hudleston & Gareth Thomas Stivichall Binley We met when Craig was 15 and I was 16. We used to talk and I always had a softspot for him. He would come in the shop where I worked. We then re-met on social media and got engaged on his 30th birthday. We have 3 children between us and had the heart ache of losing a baby last year. We can't wait to be husband and wife and this would put the icing on the cake to have our dream wedding. I actually found an old picture of him the other day from when we were kids -it's definitely fate!

We met at work, shy at first but then turned into an amazing perfect relationship. We always make each other laugh whilst making the other feel loved and special. The bride's family are not going to be a part of it but we love each other so much that it doesn't matter Joanne Vernon & James Taylor Judy Godsall & Shane Quelch Bedworth Birmingham We grew up together on the Isle of Wight until I moved to Birmingham. I went to see a mate in 1996 and Shane was there -it was love at first sight again! We had a short romantic week until I had to come back home, and we lost contact until Shane found me on Facebook in 2014 and we got back together. We're now engaged and love feels like 1996 for both of us. He's moving up in May, leaving the Isle of Wight and his job to be with me. Winning our dream wedding will fullfil our life.

We met at work at George Eliot Hospital -he smacked my bottom! We have been together for 10 years and have 4 kids. Our son died at birth -we've had so many ups and downs and are still going strong, but getting married would complete us.

Julie Hands & Dave Mitchell Karen Jones & Edwin Takavesi Leamington Spa Hall Green We met 20 years ago and dated for a year, but we were young and went seperate ways. We met again 10 years later and have been back together for 8 years. I proposed on the leap year on 2008 and we have since had two wonderful boys, but my dream would be to get married on the leap year in 2016 if we could afford it.

We met at work 10 years ago. We have a wonderful relationship and are always smiling and laughing. We have a 14 month old son named Connor who was conceived through our second round of IVF. We have a close family some of which have supported us through our journey.

Karen Tidman & Steven Edwards Katherine Bayley & Blake Nicholas Bedworth Coventry We met on a night out in Birmingham in the year 2000. I instantly knew that he was the one, but we both had not long been out of serious relationships so we both decided to date for one day a week, this continued for 11 years until 2011! Steven moved in with me, we are blissfully happy together and would love to get married but unfortunately money is an issue. We would love to win a dream wedding.

We met through a friend and a week later we were together. 18 months on we live together in Coventry.

Jessica Davies & Daryl Copleston-Jobling Binley Woods I work for Parcelforce in a customer service admin role and my now-fiancee was a customer. We chatted day and night for 3 months and met 3 times and got together -that was 7 years ago. We got engaged last year on a dream trip to Australia outside the Opera House in Sydney. Winning this wedding would mean the world to us, a perfect happy ending to our story.

Jo Malin & Simon Maxted Birmingham We met in a bar and have been together for 6 years in May. We have an 18 month old son together and recently got engaged. We are struggling to find our dream wedding with a small budget.

Julie Whitehouse & Carl Greaney Coventry We met three years ago and have been engaged for just over a year. We've been saving to get married but with one and another thing we just haven't been able to save, with a lot of deaths in the family it's been a very bad year.

Karen York & Tony Faulkner Lilbourne Tony and I have known each other forever -we grew up in the same village but I was a couple of years older than him. It wasn't until he got older that I realised how lovely he was. We went out one night and got together. Fifteen years later we have 3 kids and 2 dogs and have been engaged for 12 years.

Katie Lockton & James Carter Longford Village We met in July 2013, whilst we were both helping out as instructors with the Air Cadets. We moved in together in March 2014.

We can't imagine life without each other!

Katie Hession & Andrew Gaynor Katie Thomas & Andrew Gadsby Chelmsley Wood Nuneaton It started from nowehere back in Feb 2012. He made me laugh so much, we spoke everyday and met a few times, then by April 2012 we thought let's go for it! We went on 3 holidays Andy and I met nearly 9 years ago. We have 3 beautiful children and we met on a night out. We both work and have by the time it was July 2012 and we were so in love! Now we have an amazing daughter who's 2 and just like Daddy! We're trying to save for our own house and wedding but things just keep popping up, but we keep each other calm and happy and are very much still in love as day 1! x busy lives. We're currently saving for our dream wedding but the pot is empty! We love each other dearly and want to show the world.

Kelly Ones & Darren Robinson Kerry Moore & Kieron Adams Keresley Holbrooks We defied the odds and are an online dating success story! We've been in love for 3 wonderful years. 2014 was very tough when we lost two babies, but it's made us stronger than ever. A dream wedding would be a lovely way to celebrate how far we've come together.

Myself and Darren met through mutual friends; that was the day mine and my children's world became complete. We have been together and part of a wonderful loving family for 9 years now.

Good luck to all Good luck to all Kirstie Kelly & Michelle Pitchford Coventry our dream wedding our dream wedding couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at YOU CAN HELP: Just pick one of our couples and save your tokens for them, then after April 11 send them to us at; Wedding Competition, Coventry Telegraph, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF, making sure to write the names of your chosen couple clearly on the front of the envelope I was walking in the park with my little dog when Kirstie was in the park with her children who took a liking to my dog. From there the story begins and we have been together for the last 8 years. We are looking to get married, but money holds us back at the moment.

Kirsty Welland & Stephen Donovan Kirsty Wilton & Rob Lee Radford Earlsdon We met 6.5 years ago when I started working in the casino he worked in. He was in a relationship and I quickly entered in to one too. A couple of years later, his broke down and mine went a little complicated when my partner moved away and we became good friends. I ended my relationship after 4 years and Rob was still single. Mutual friends invited us both on a holiday with them and the rest as they say is history. That was 2.5 years ago and we still work together too.

Stephen and I met in 2001 in year 7 at school. Shortly after meeting we got together and haven't looked back since. We are now 25 with two children and going stronger then ever. We have been engaged for two years and are currently planning our wedding.

Kyrie Gallagher & Wayne Kernaghan Latifah Lea & Bilal Hussain Coventry Coventry Me and my partner have been together 6 years. We met through an old friend that we both knew from school, which turned out to be his best friend. We fell in love pretty much straight away. We have a little 2 year old boy and have been engaged for two months. This would be a perfect beginning for the rest of our lives; money has never been the most important thing to us but love is, and this would mean the world to me and my partner, the start of the rest of our lives together.

We've been together for years and have two beautiful kids. We wanted to get married but just dont have the money.

Katy Fensome & Alex Brown Chapelfields We first met at Sixth Form but didn't meet again until we were 28 through work friends. Things moved quickly and we were living together within 3 months. We have now been together over 5 years; we got engaged in Tenerife coming up to 2 years ago, but put the wedding plans on hold as we had our lovely daughter Isabella who is now 8 months old.

Kerry Tucker & Duncan Lawson Croft Pool Me and Duncan met on the 8th November 2013 in a club in Bedworth. We instantly fell in love and he asked me to marry him on 7th November 2014. We plan to marry on 7th of November this year.

Kirstie Walker & Tim Evans Saltdean We met on an online date and clicked straight away! We've been together for 8 years now!

Nuneaton Steven and I will have been together 8 years in May 2015. We first met at a friend's birthday get together, then started dating 2 weeks later. We live together in our own home.

Laura Somers & David Simpkins Stoke I was looking for my friend on Ansty Road and he was looking for his friend -we found them together at the same time and that's how we met and exchanged numbers. Now we've been togetherfor nine years this year and have two children.

Laura Grant & Steven Archer Laura Weir & Adam Hudson Cheylesmore Kingstanding We met at secondary school when we were 13. We dated each other for a little bit, split up, then got back together. At 18 we split up again and went our separate ways. We both started families but it never worked. We met back up and have been together for two years now. We are not letting go of each other this time.

We were friends for a while before we dated and have now been together nearly 8 years. We've been engaged for 3 months and can't wait to plan our wedding! The picture is from the night we got engaged.

Laura Powers & Tim White Laura Swan & Bradley Jones Coventry Derby We fell in love at a young age but did nothing about it. until two years ago when we started talking again and became an item. Last year we were going to have a baby but sadly lost it at 20 weeks. Bradley saved my life by mouth to moauth after an operation and now we're expecting again -only 16 weeks left! He works to provide for us -we're using all our savings to move to a bigger house before baby is here. Please help, it's a dream we couldn't make true for years!

Laura and Tim are my sister and brother in law. They've been together ten years today (28 feb) and have an 8 year old son together. Tim is originally from Hartlepool and met Laura in a Coventry city centre pub after pretending to be Laura's boyfriend as another bloke was hassling her! Tim was working here and travels across the UK/Europe and isn't home as often as he would like to be.

Leanne Taylor & Kieran Meredith Leanne Connor & Ben Philipson Coventry Radford I first met Ben was I was 13 and Ben was 19. We got on really well but I was too young for a relationship. We lost touch over the years until just before my 18th birthday when Ben asked me on a date. 7 years and a son together later and we are desperate to We've been together for 11 years; we met in Ikon of all places and it was love at first sight! We have 3 beautiful children and all I want is to spend the rest of my life with Kieran!

Leisha Blakeway & Benjamin Smith Lianne Baldwin & Thomas Rawlings Coundon Nuneaton Me and Tom met at Godiva Festival 2007. I pinched Tom's flip flops and he walked the rest of the festival bare foot! We now have two beautiful little girls aged 6 and 3. We have been together for 8 years this July.

We met each other while we were at school and have been together for 5 years. We recently got engaged in Budapest and can't wait to get married!

Lindsay Herrington & Joshua Hosea Lindsay Coleman & David Benson Courthouse Green Priors Marston We met at a New Year party in 2012 and it was love at first sight. There was a 10 year age gap and he lived 200 miles away in Dorset, but we didn't let that get in the way! He spent every penny he had traveling up on the train every weekend to see me and my daughter, then after only 2 months he moved in! 3 years later we have another beautiful daughter who's 18 months old! Winning this wedding would make all our dreams come true and make us the happiest family ever!

We have been together for 10 years after meeting in a pub and we have a son called Zak. We both work full time and work hard to keep our heads above water like everyone else.

Laura Bull & Paul Cannon Potters Green Paul and I met on a dating web site called Plenty of Fish about 3 1/2 years ago. He proposed last August in Spain and I was so happy. We were expecting our first baby boy and he was born on 26 November and is called Jack. We have had our house now for just over 2 years but still have so much that needs doing to it. We would love to get married sooner rather than later.

Leanne Houghton & Rob Loughran Nuneaton We met at a fancy dress Halloween party October 31st 2008 at University. Rob was dressed as a skeleton man and i was a devil. We hit it offstraight away and ended up spending everyday together! We love each other very much and 6 years later, Rob proposed to me on Jan 17th (the day before my birthday!) Leanne Parker & James Whitley Nuneaton We've been together for 12 years, engaged for 10 and have 3 children together. Our eyes met across a crowded bar and we fell in love lol.

Linda Woolridge & Michael Cant Whoberley We first met 30 years ago in the Canley Club. We dated for 8 months then went our separate ways until I messaged Michael on Facebook in 2011. He never replied for months until the day he did, which was the day my mum died of COPD. Michael has that too. We are soulmates.

Lisa Kirkby & Colin Ray Whitmore Park We met after Colin tricked me into giving him my number on Facebook 4 years ago today. We are both divorced and met through Facebook as we went to the same secondary school. I never realised that Colin fancied me all those years ago.

Lisa Chapman & Adam Davies Louise Morris & Neil Littlewood Nuneaton Eastern Green We met online after both of us were messed around by previous partners. We have been together now for over 4 years and have a beautiful 15 month old daughter along with our 3 other step children. Our new motto is "And they lived happily ever after" and so we do!

We have been together for 3 years. We met on a random night in Scholars and instantly fell in love after a night of air guitar and Lambrini. We got engaged last summer at sunset in Ibiza and have been planning our dream wedding since :) Louise Hayden & Lewis Walsh Lucy Wilson & Chris Tandy Longford Tile Hill We met in 2001 at secondary school and started dating in 2004. Lewis leftfor an apprenticeship at college, the relationship ended, and we barely spoke during the next few years due to jealous partners. We became reunited in 2012 at a party thrown by Lewis that i attended at the last minute.

I met Chris when he worked in Old Orleans while I was studying at Coventry. We have been together for 5 years and got engaged in October 2014. We have a son who will be 1 in April. Chris and I proposed to each other at the most inappropriate times, i.e. when changing a smelly nappy. Chris finally said yes when I proposed to him in the shower.

Lucy Williams & Colin Ball Lyndsy Brown & David Matthews Castle Vale Binley We've known each other most of our lives. We started working together 13 years ago, then started dating 11 years ago. Now we've been engaged for nearly 5 years and have a 3 year We first met at Sainsburys where we both worked and we have been together 5 years in August.

Maria Gardner & Dior Angus Marie Keogh & John Burbury Coventry Bedworth We met on Facebook in 2008.

We met 2 and a half years ago through a friend. We got engaged in Paris last year on the love lock bridge, but now we have to wait 4 or 5 years to save for the wedding as we are still young and trying to pay for our first house. We would love to win this amazing prize for the best day of our lives!

I lived in Northumberland and he lives in Bedworth. I moved here 5 years ago with my 2 teenagers and we now have our own daughter who is 2 & half. would love to be married to the most amazing man in my life as I lost my dad last January.

Michaela Gilder & Carl Sutcliffe Michelle Devaney & Richard Henderson Coventry Coventry Carl lived next door to my uncle and when I used to visit he started noticing me. After a few weeks he plucked up the courage to talk to me and we've now been together for 13 years, with two beautiful girls. The rest is history!

We have been together for 10 years and engaged for 7. We have two children and getting married will be the last box to tick.

Louise Carpenter & Steve Harvey Broughton Astley We met on POF 2 and a half years ago, a proper love story.

Lucy Clarke & Ryan Harkin Edgbaston He was in the Navy and I lived in Liverpool. Through the power of social media (Facebook!) we discovered Ryan's best mate in the Navy had many mutual friends with me and was from the same small North Devon town. 5 years later we're still going strong!

Mandy Kane & Paul Bell Coventry We met working for the same company, Paul in Belfast and I in Nuneaton. Speaking on the phone we fell in love with each other's accents. Paul came to Nuneaton where we had a lovely weekend together. This year we will have been together for eleven years.

Natalie Poole & David Morley Natasha Townsley & Richard Nisbet Walsall Wood Eastlang Road Rich and I met 12 years ago in the Campbell pub in town. We now have two beautiful daughters. We have had two wedding dates cancelled over the past two years and have lost everything. Firstly Rich's mum passed away and then a year later my dad. We would love to get married and make our's and our daughters' dreams come true. I look after my disabled mother and Rich faces redundancy, so a wedding couldn't be farther away.

We have been friends for years. David came to be Santa at my business and we went out for a drink to say thank you. We've been together ever since, for 6 years now and we've got two children. I love David with all my life; he is my best friend and soul mate.

Nikki-Jay Preston & John Wyllie Noemi Bognar & Chris Wood Birmingham Wellesbourne I first met John on an online dating website: he was a squaddie, that had to mean trouble, right? We got talking and finally met up in July 2013. We hit it offand fell in love quite quickly. In 2014 we found out we were expecting our now 4 month old just as he was posted to Germany. We regularly went months between seeing each other. We're now finally reunited and living as a family unit, still very much in love and happily planning our future outside the army.

We met while out with friends and have now been together for over five years. Now I have a new job close by Noemi so we could live together, as before it was a bit of a distance. Then just after this in October we got engaged in Disneyland Paris!

Rachael Negro & Sean Whittaker Rachel Lawrence & Jake Smith Coventry Leamington Spa We met in Coventry when I was visiting from London. We had a long distance relationship for a year then I moved back to Cov and commuted to London for a year until I got a transfer. We got engaged on New Year's Eve Jake and I met in 2007 -I laughed at his hideous shoes. I lived away so didn't keep in touch until Jake pursued me 5 years later. I agreed to go out with him despite his ugly shoe sense. He asked me to marry him in 2013 whilst I was Rebecca Nightingale & Adam Abbott Rebecca Ferry & Stephen Flavell Finham Keresley We met at a service station on the M5 in November 2010. I worked in direct sales and sold him a makeup set! He then asked if my number came within the makeup tips book. He told me I could have sold him anything that day.

Me and Steve met at the gym 6 years ago, nothing too romantic, just a few dates here and there. Since then we have a house and two beautiful children together. He's just been promoted to a detective for Warwickshire police and I'm currently training to be a teacher.

Rebecca Wheeler & Kevin Cox Rebecca Perkins & Aaron Young Nuneaton Birmingham Kevin and I have been together for 9 years and engaged for 8 years. We have 2 beautiful girls aged 9 months and 3 years. We met in London and moved to Nuneaton where I grew up to be with my family. We struggled to buy a house. We both work 60 hours a week to provide for our family but we just can't afford to get married yet.

We met on a chat website -we'd started talking a few months prior but he never remembered me. Then 6 months later we met up and fell in love as soon as I saw him. Now 3 years later we are still driving each other mad, like an old married couple!

Nickaela Ashmore & Conor Moseley Wyken We first spoke online and a few days later we saw each other at a nightclub and it went from there! It's been 3 and half years now, and we've been engaged for 6 months and are saving for a wedding and mortgage. We cannot wait to get our own home as a married couple!

Paula Woodward & Neil Watts Coventry We met on a dating site. It's the best thing to happen to me -I love him and we've been together for 2 years!

Good luck to all Good luck to all our dream wedding our dream wedding couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at couples! Follow the competition at: Take a look at the amazing prize at YOU CAN HELP: Just pick one of our couples and save your tokens for them, then after April 11 send them to us at; Wedding Competition, Coventry Telegraph, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF, making sure to write the names of your chosen couple clearly on the front of the envelope Rebecca Nicholls & Karl Hennessey Bedworth Me and Karl met four years ago at work! He took me on our first date to the beach, very romantic! We got engaged on a cliffside in Portugal in front of a tourist train of people. Every day is a day full of laughter and new memories!

Rosy Curtis-Ring & Reiss Armstrong Bournville We met at work 6 years ago.

I knew the second he opened the door to me he was my one.
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