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Meet our Western Home Awards jury.

Early in June, the seven people we picture will gather at Sunset's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, to jury the 15th biennial Western Home Awards, cosponsored by the American Institute of Architects and Sunset Magazine. Through the program, the jury and then Sunset editors will examine the very best in Western residential architecture.

Past award-winners have underscored the West's leadership in the art of residential architecture. We're confident this round will unveil more exciting houses and recognize new design talents. You'll see results of the jury's deliberations in the October Sunset, when we'll show the winning houses to 5 million readers.

Here's the jury for the 1985-86 awards:

Tina Beebe. A multitalented designer, she has studied, taught, and consulted on color and its effect on space perception for a decade. In 1974, she helped architects Charles Moore and Richard Chylinski win a Western Home Award for the Burns house (painted with 26 exterior colors). Her current work includes the color palettes for Beverly Hills Civic Center and the Portland Center of Performing Arts.

William P. Bruder. At his studio 40 miles north of Phoenix, architect Bruder designs houses primarily for the desert environment. Although he often uses concrete block and sheet metal, his buildings have an organic quality stemming from an architectural philosophy he describes as "functional fine art based on site and user needs." He has won two Western Home Awards.

Conrad Buff III. For 30 years, the firm of Buff & Hensman has been designing award-winning houses. They won their first of four Western Home Awards in 1959. Though most of their work has been in Southern California, one of their most famous commissions was the new governor's mansion in Sacramento. Buff graduated from USC, where he also taught for 10 years.

Richard Cardwell. Partner in the architectural firm Cardwell/Thomas & Associates, he has devoted much of his work to restoration and adaptive re-use of historic buildings. He won a 1983-84 WHA Honor Award for a sensitive remodel of a 1906 farmhouse. Another of his winners, a contemporary vacation house, was featured on Sunset's May 1976 cover.

E. Fay Jones. We invited Fay Jones to come West because of his international reputation for designing exquisite houses. Educated at the University of Arkansas and Rice University, he also served an apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright. He has served as a teacher, as a chairman, and as dean of architecture at the University of Arkansas.

Richard B. Morrall. During almost 15 years as a Sunset editor, he's visited and written about hundreds of Western houses. Building editor since 1979, he has served on several other design juries; this will be his third term as a WHA juror.

Daniel Soloman. When he's not teaching architecture at UC Berkeley, he's designing award-winning buildings. His office wall displays six Western Home Awards. A native San Franciscan, he has done renovations, remodels, commercial buildings, multifamily housing, custom houses, and city planning.

Entries must be the work of registered architects in the 13 Western states. The program rules and an entry form are included in the brochure that has been mailed to more than 8,000 architects. If you're a registered Western architect and did not receive one, or if you're a builder, developer, or homeowner and would like one, please write to AIA-Sunset Magazine, Box 2345, Menlo Park, Calif. 94025. Application deadline is May 1; entry deadline is May 24. Entry fee is $50.
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Date:May 1, 1985
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