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Meet Wotsit, Cheeto, Frazzle and Quaver!

MEET Chester Zoo's cute penguin chicks - Wotsit, Cheeto, Frazzle and Quaver.

The four Humboldt penguin chicks have been named by staff after their favourite crisps.

The first chick, born on Easter Sunday, was named Wotsit, followed by Quaver on Sunday, Frazzle on Monday and Cheeto, who was born on Tuesday.

Penguin keeper Anne Morris said: "With more mouths to feed, more food is required and so we're providing the parents extra fish so that they can keep the little ones well fed.

"It's vital that chicks take onboard enough nourishment each and every day in these early stages and so, in order to keep a close eye on their development, we weigh them on our tiny scales.

"So far, our new arrivals are doing very, very well and so they won't stay so small for long. In the next few weeks, we expect them to more than triple in size and weight."

Humboldt penguins come from coastal regions of Peru and Chile and are a threatened species.



Picking up a penguin - or two: new zoo arrivals Quaver and Cheeto

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 7, 2016
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