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Meet Mr Right this Christmas.

Byline: By Jennifer Bradbury

If you want to make sure you get someone under the mistletoe this festive season, learn to flirt. Jennifer Bradbury reports

Some people are born flirts who effortlessly catch their target's eye across a crowded room, flutter their eyelashes and seduce with some witty repartee. Christmas parties must be fun for them.

For the rest of us, flirting is a tricky business - even with the aid of mistletoe, touchy-feely party games and alcohol-laden festive cocktails.

But this year, there's no need to blush helplessly and wilt like a wallflower when the object of your desires walks through the door.

With the aid of those seduction experts from the hit TV show Sex And The City - Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, who almost always get their man - you can become a festive flirting sensation.

Flirt coach Elizabeth Clark has compiled a top 10 of flirting tips by watching the show's Season 5, recently released on DVD. Here are her hot tips for success:

1. THINK POSITIVE - All the best ones aren't taken.

2. DRESS FOR FLIRTING SUCCESS - Men are naturally attracted to shape and vibrant colour. Knowing that it cost hundreds of pounds and is the latest creation won't do it for them, but high heels and a flattering fit will.

3. STAR QUALITY - What makes the girls so head-turning is they have great posture and movement. Mimic Sam's back-straight, chest-out and head-up swagger and you'll be rewarded with 180 degree swivels.

4. WHO IS AVAILABLE - The girls are top cruisers for available eye candy, and they expertly find available men by scanning the room looking for single guys doing the same.

5. HAIR PLAY --Carrie is the queen of preening and hair-tossing, which gives off the sex hormone pheromones.

6. CATCH THEIR EYE - The girls lure the guys over with their expert use of eye contact. They're very different in their styles, Sam's is direct and steady, Carrie's is slightly coy, Charlotte's is wide-eyed and Miranda's is friendly. To execute, they all adopt the `look, hold contact, drop, look back and approach' tactic.

7. SEIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES - When they've spotted their man they go for it before anyone else gets a look in.

8. SMILE - The girls know the mileage in a smile. It lets their men know they're interested, they like them and they'd like the encounter to continue.

9. HANG ON HIS EVERY WORD - Men love to be the centre of attention, so listen to what he has to say, look him in the eye and smile. If you're looking around the room, it will give him the impression you're not interested in him.

10. THE TOUCH - It's generally accepted that the person to get the first touch in has declared their hand. Lean your body towards him so you're close enough to touch but haven't invaded his personal space. If his body language is mirroring yours, he'll have leaned in too. Change the tonality in your voice and see if his changes. Put your arms (or legs if you're sitting) where he can `accidentally' brush against them. If he's still giving off all the right signals but hasn't touched, just lean over and touch him on the arm or leg.

Clark says there are three main steps involved in successful flirtation: see and be seen, including eye contact, smiling and eyebrow-raising; the approach, including giving and taking compliments, and mirroring body language, including leaning towards each other and touching.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 8, 2003
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