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Meet John Delaney.

OK, we don't know what the Dem prez field will really look like when the NH prez primary is finally held in 2020. But it's pretty safe to say that the winner will likely not be the person who wins the endorsement of failed NHGOP guv candidate (etc.) Jim Rubens.

But that seems to be the road Maryland Dem congressperson John Delaney is bent on taking.

JR, it turns out, is holding (on 1/19) a meet-and-greet for JD - a man JR describes as "a pragmatic, get-the-job-done, left centrist" who "to his credit," has "founded two NYSE-listed companies and seems particularly adept at cross-partisan coalition building."

Sure, JD has some had some biz success and made plenty of dough - he's been listed as the third-richest member of Congress But maybe some fact-checking - or at least some opinion-checking - is in order.

Back in '06, Forbes magazine called Delaney a "loan shark," saying that, through his CapitalSource Bank, he "made a bundle lending money at high rates to small businesses." (To check out the whole article, visit

And "he's also pretty good at avoiding taxes," said Forbes - he turned the bank into a real estate investment trust to cut his tax bill. (Well, maybe that qualifies him to be prez, considering the current occupant's track record.)

And to add insult to injury, the bank made a bundle during the financial crisis and mortgage meltdown by purchasing thousands of liens in Cuyahoga County in Ohio - and then foreclosing on the homeowners.

As for the "cross-partisan coalition building," perhaps a recent example can be seen in the form of a mailer sent to NH voters touting JD*s electability as prez. The content? A column written by nunuther than George Will, the conservative Never Trumper.

Somehow if s hard to imagine that swaying an NH Dem primary voter - although maybe JD thinks he can skim some Kasich voters, if and when the ex-Ohio guv decides to take on Prez Trump in the GOP primary.

But then those Cuyahoga foreclosures might come into play.

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