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Meet George Washington.


You know him as the old guy on the one-dollar bill, our first president.

But now you can learn a lot more about Washington at a brand new museum at his plantation in Virginia.

You can meet he Father of Our Country as he really as he really was, thanks to scientific techniques like those used by anthropologists (scientists who study human delevelopment), historians, and even crime-scene technicians like those on police shows like "C.S.I."

At the museum, which just opened last fall, are three very realistic figures of Washington. The first shows him as a young 19-year-old surveyor in the American wilderness. The next one shows him as a tough-minded Revolutionary general. The last one shows him as a distinguished statesman being sworn in as our first president.

But there's a lot more to the new museum than the three lifelike figures. The museum is divided more or less into a kids' side and a grown-up side. And the kids' side is packed with the kind of booms, bells, and whistles that kids love.


After visiting a C.S.I.-style lab to learn about the science involved, you'll pretty much just follow along as Washington lives his life. You'll see him in the wilderness, encountering French and Indian foes. During the Revolution, you'll be able to visit a freezing soldier's hut to get a feel for what it was like at Valley Forge.


Movies, interactive exhibits, carefully designed models of battlefields will all take you along on the amazing journey that Washington lived, but for you, a lot of it will be computerized.

"When you hear cannon-fire, your seat will rumble. When you see snow, snow will fall on you. Fog will rise from the floor," says Mount Vernon staff member Emily Coleman-Dibella.

It's all aimed at showing you what Washington's life was really like, so you'll know he was to our country.

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