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Meet 1987's crop of new roses.

Meet 1987's crop of new roses

Something old, something new, and somethingunusual describes this year's crop of new roses. "Old' are classic colors, though improved in versions such as "Rodeo Drive.' "New' is the "Spanish orange' color category created by "New Year'. And the buttery tan flowers of the climber "Butterscotch' are unusual.

Described here are eight new roses--sixhybrid teas, a grandiflora, and a climber. Hybrid teas, the roses that produce "perfect' flowers on long stems, still come out on top with seven introductions this year.

Grandifloras are similar to hybrid teasbut usually develop into larger plants and produce flowers in clusters.

All these roses are widely available, exceptfor "Cary Grant', which can be mail-ordered. You can plant now through May in mild-winter areas, late March through May in cold-winter areas.

The three 1987 All-America Rose Selections--"Bonica' (a shrub rose), "New Year' (a grandiflora), and "Sheer Bliss' (the seventh hybrid tea introduced this year)--are pictured and described on pages 108 and 109 of the January Sunset.

Six hybrid teas

"Beverly Hills'. Named for ArmstrongRoses' Beverly Hills Collection, this produces large (to 4 1/2-inch), bright salmon-orange flowers. Evenly colored petals have deeply rolled edges, creating at least two points or tips for each of the 30 to 40 petals. Buds open symmetrically on long stems. The bush grows vigorously to 4 to 5 feet. Glossy leaves have good disease resistance.

"Cary Grant'. Spicy-scented and vermilion-flowered,this is one of the most fragrant of this year's offerings. Petals roll as they unfold, revealing creamy yellow reverse sides. Flowers are large, sometimes 5 inches across, and full; they appear on long, strong stems. The plant is a vigorous upright grower, eventually reaching 5 to 7 feet. Leaves are glossy and very dark green. Hybridized by Alain Meilland, it's available from Wayside Gardens, Hodges, S.C. 29695. Catalog is $1.

"Party Time'. The large flowers (4 inchesin diameter), borne on very long stems, are an ever-varying blend of yellow, edged with deep rose-red. They are said to last very well either on the plant or after cutting. Fragrance is modest. Buds are large and round. The bush is vigorous and upright growing. Leaves are semiglossy and very disease resistant. The plant was hybridized by O.L. Weeks.

"Polo Club'. From Armstrong's BeverlyHills Collection, this has flowers that are primarily bright yellow, but with varying degrees of red bleeding from petal tips toward the center. Often appearing in clusters, lightly fragrant flowers develop on long stems that the good for cutting. Vigorous, tall plants can reach 5 to 6 feet high. Glossy leaves are dark green.

"Rodeo Drive'. Also from the BeverlyHills Collection, this has wide, cup-shaped flowers with broad, ruffled petals in pure red. Long-stemmed flowers are produced in unusual abundance and resist fading better than most reds. The upright plant is of medium height, about 4 1/2 feet, with dark, glossy green leaves.

"Summer Dream'. This is Jackson & Perkins'Rose of the Year. Huge, 6- to 7-inch-diameter flowers are mostly shell pink, concentrating to orange at top center, yellow at bottom center. Lightly fragrant, free-blooming flowers come in clusters on long stems. They stand out against a background of dark, glossy, mildew-resistant leaves. The plant is vigorous, reaching 5 feet or more.

A climber and a grandiflora

"Butterscotch'. Flowers on this climberare abundant through the season, large (to 4 1/2 inches), well formed, and long-lasting on the plant or cut. But the color is what's remarkable: petals are a light golden brown with a half-moon of yellow at the base; the yellow ages after two or three days to a warm tan. Canes grow 8 to 15 feet long.

"Waiheke'. This grandiflora is from SamMcGredy in New Zealand. Petals are brilliant pink on top, white on the reverse. Long-lasting, slightly fragrant flowers are 3 to 3 1/2 inches across on long stems. Disease resistant, the plant is low to medium height (about 3 1/2 feet) with waxy, glossy leaves.

Photo: Grandiflora rose(above) bears flowers singly or in long-stemmed clusters. Flowers resemble hybrid tea's (left)
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Date:Mar 1, 1987
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