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Meditate with Urmila: Unlock the heart for balance.

Summary: Heart chakra energy relates to the functioning of the lungs and immunity

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The heart is the easiest route to reach others. Feelings of connectedness and disconnectedness arise from the heart. This is the first organ to develop in a foetus; the brain forms later.

The heart chakra is the link between our physical and spiritual realms. At this 'seat of love', we can unlock many mysteries of life. The heart space holds the key to joy, compassion, discernment, kindness and patience. The feelings of harmony, peace and purity emanate from this centre, so does understanding, clarity and forgiveness. When these 11 qualities of the heart are well-blossomed, one lives in a continuous happy state of life, evoking the 12th quality of the heart: Bliss ...

The element associated with the heart centre is air. Air is representative of the "winds" of change, implying that a balanced energy at this centre has the power to evaporate limiting energies associated with lower chakras (the root and the sacral) such as fear, guilt, shame, anger and isolation among others.

The heart has the tendency to 'slow' down when it is not open to receiving changes. In the name of being organised, people tend to become inflexible, even rigid. This is when an individual starts to resist learning and shutting down the vital "air" of life. Keeping a childlike innocence allows openness, which leads to more revelations, acceptance and joy.

The heart chakra energy relates to the functioning of the heart, lungs, respiratory system and immunity. The thymus gland governs this centre and promotes development of cells of the immune system.

Heart Tales

At an emotional level, an imbalanced energy at this centre can cause feelings of abandonment, betrayal and emotional numbness. Feelings of emptiness, resentment and fanatism limit the flow of 'pran' or life force. When the energy of the heart centre is balanced, an individual feels more connected to self, the Creator and people. There is an attitude of honour and respect to all things that life bestows.

When people complain of a "broken" heart, or a "heavy" heart, know that some of the qualities of the heart are not open and functioning well. Some emotions can cause blockages. For example, grief is an emotion that sits at the heart centre.

This is a strong emotion. One might ask, what is the purpose of grief? Why do we grieve? Actually, this emotion is a gateway, a channel to explore the connection one has or had with someone. The emotional system of grief is a mechanism of the heart to allow dealing with a loss or sadness.

It is a coping mechanism for processing a deep upset to allow healing to take place. A time frame is important. For, when one is not allowed to grieve or when enough time is not given to express sorrow, the scars remain open, causing blockages in the heart centre.

Forgiveness is another petal in the flower of the heart. Forgiveness doesn't come easy to most.

Why is this so?

It's because non-forgiveness acts as a shield, a guard to protect a hurting heart from further abuse.

In abuse, for instance, forgiveness feels like giving away some of the self to the other, undesirably so.

One may feel like giving away one's own power and feeling weaker.

Forgiveness, however, when imparted in the truest sense, implies power claimed back.

The "for-giver" in this scenario, is healed, is ready to move and is free. Forgiveness here isn't so much an act of courage in the traditional sense, as it is an act of discernment and compassion. Compassion is another aspect a healed heart.

The most healing way to forgive is: not to give the same treatment to a person that s/he is inflicting.

Love conquers all

The strongest emotion that surpasses all others is love, housed at the heart. Love is present in all forms of life, animate or inanimate, higher consciousness or lower.

Animals respond to love, plants do, marine life does, crystals reciprocate love. You also tend to 'fall in love' with some 'things', a piece of jewellery or car for example; as they 'talk' back to you.

Love is the fundamental building block of all creation.

Did you know that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart? Your heart can perk up with love or sink without love. The quality of signals that your heart sends to the brain, establishes how you feel. It is not the other way around.

Know that all creations of nature are born out of love, including you.

Today, when you sit to meditate on the heart chakra, imagine reaching out to others, heart to heart, and sending your love and compassion to people you love and to people you don't.

Thank them for their contribution in your journey of growth and in karmic cycles. In forgiveness, lies your freedom.

-- Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at

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