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Meditaions for the season.

QUANTUM GRACE: THE SUNDAY READINGS By Judy Cannato Ave Maria Press, 160 pages, $9.95

"We are dust, stardust, if we are to believe the insights of the new physics," writes Judy Cannato in her introduction to Quantum Grace. Cannato, a spiritual director at St. Joseph Center in Cleveland, uses quantum physics as a lens for reflection on the readings for the Sundays of Lent in each cycle (A, B, C) and also for the Lenten Feasts of St. Joseph and the Annunciation.

IN THE LIGHT OF THE MESSENGERS: LENTEN REFLECTIONS By Joan Chittister Benetvision, 66 pages, $6

For each week of Lent, Sr. Joan Chittister reflects on a particular "messenger" from the Gospels who played an important role in Jesus' life and Passion. Peter, Mary of Nazareth, the friends of Lazarus, Veronica, Mary Magdalene,

John and the Risen Christ himself "model for us what it takes to find God in the midst of our own busy, confused, but deeply sincere lives." This booklet is also available in bulk discounts.

A SEASON FOR THE SPIRIT: READINGS FOR THE DAYS OF LENT By Martin L. Smith Seabury Classics, 189 pages, $14

Each year, the leader of the Anglican Communion sponsors a Lent book to be used as a devotional tool. A Season for the Spirit was commissioned in 1991 by then-Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie and has remained in print by popular demand. In his preface, author Martin L. Smith, an Episcopal priest and retreat leader, reflects on the book's new status as a "classic." Season consists of a theological reflection, a prayer to the Holy Spirit and a suggestion for further meditation for each day of Lent.
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Date:Mar 4, 2005
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