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Medipak - the life saving concept.

The real essence of marketing a product, that too in pharmaceutical branch, is the art of quality control. The role of management is another major factor that contributes to the success of a concern. MEDIPAK excels in both.

Dr. Khalid J. Chowdhry, Chairman and Chief Executive, established MEDIPAK in 1985 with the dedication to protect and improve the precious gift of human life. He claims to be the pioneer and trend setter in Pakistan in the field of intravenous therapy, which brings life-saving intravenous infusion solution to the millions whose lives sustain on these fluids when everything else fails.

MEDIPAK today is the market leader in Pakistan and is a major national pharmaceutical concern manufacturing life-saving products of international quality. With an aim to maintain the quality of these products, MEDIPAK has manufactured and introduced specially designed infusion giving sets, which are of GMP standards. The quality standard at MEDIPAK can be judged by the fact that they strictly adhere to the standards laid down by F.D.A., USA and the British pharmacopoeia. Medical grade plastics are used and packing materials are carefully selected. At MEDIPAK plant, complete sterility is warranted, eliminating contamination by micro-organism or particulate matter. Highest standard of sterilization during the manufacturing process is MEDIPAK's most important distinguishing features. An impregnable sterilization system is been observed in the sensitive areas.

"The life-saving concept" is sustenance, well-being and vitality of human life. This, says Dr. Khalid J.. Chowdhry, reflects the philosophy of MEDIPAK. "Our commitment is to provide better healthcare products. We at MEDIPAK have achieved this level of qualitative excellence through innovation and leading-edge technology by collaboration with major multinational organizations, like FRESENIUS of GERMANY". Further elaborating he maintained that the active involvement in the diffusion of scientific knowledge and desire for success is opening new doors for innovative technology. "We at MEDIPAK, foresee ourselves as trend setters in health and biotechnology industry in Pakistan".
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Title Annotation:pharmaceutical company
Author:Hameed, Fazal
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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