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Medics save Brady's life.


MOORS murderer Ian Brady "died" after suffering a fit in hospital - but was brought back to life by medics, it emerged last night.

The heart of the 74-year-old killer stopped for several minutes but was jump-started with a defibrilator, his mental health advisor Jackie Powell revealed.

It was against Brady's wishes. He had demanded that his life not be saved, and had been campaigning for years for the right to starve himself to death.

The drama happened in the summer at Ashworth top security hospital on Merseyside but details had been hushed up by the authorities.

Since he was saved, his continued imprisonment and treatment has cost the taxpayer an estimated PS100,000, part of the PS7.3 million bill for holding him in a secure hospital since 1985.

"He should be dead," said Mr Powell. "They should have let him go."

Brady is said to have collapsed during an interview with a psychiatrist while being prepared for his appearance at a mental health tribunal.

He had been planning to argue that he was sane and should be transferred to prison, where he could not be legally prevented from starving himself.

"He was in the interview room on the ward where he was being held," said Mr Powell, who has represented Brady for 14 years and has visited him more than 100 times. "He was answering questions from a psychiatrist appointed by the mental health board.

"His solicitor, Richard Nicholas, was in the room. Brady was seated at a table then suddenly he started having what appeared to be small convulsions.

"At first they thought it was just hiccups but they rapidly grew more severe. Suddenly, he collapsed and went into a full seizure.

"He lost consciousness for several minutes.

"Help was called and several doctors and nurses rushed in. His heart had stopped.

"He was dead. "That should have been that. He had told the hospital doctors years ago that he did not wish ever to be resuscitated. He put it in writing.

"They knew that, but they still used defibrilator on him."

The fit was so severe that it broke two of the Moors murderer's vertebrae, and he was taken under armed guard to the nearby Aintree Hospital.

Brady, who also suffers from a degenerative spine condition, returned to Ashworth two days later. "He does not recall the seizure," said Mr Powell. "He was furious that they had saved him. This is the one thing that he has always said he does not want."

Brady was jailed for life in 1966 after he was found guilty of murdering three children with girlfriend Myra Hindley.

The pair have also been blamed for two other child murders. Hindley died from pneumonia and heart disease in 2002 at the age of 60.


SEIZURE: Moors murderer Ian Brady.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 7, 2012
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