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Medicine capsules.

* Can going to the doctor make a child sick? It's not likely, according to a Harvard Medical School report in the Aug. 15 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OFMEDICINE. Researchers compared the frequency of infectious illness among 127 young children in the weel following an office visit for well-baby care with an equal number of children who had not been to their doctors during that period. They found an equal incidence of illness.

* University of California at San Diego researchers report in the August ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE that the detergent polysorbate 60 does not reverse male baldness, though 25 percent of the 141 men in the trial perceived an improvement. Finnish researchers had previously reported success in an uncontrolled clinical trial. Minoxidil, a high blood pressure drug, remains under investigation as a hair regnerator.
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Title Annotation:recent medical research
Publication:Science News
Date:Aug 24, 1985
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